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Is Big Ben ‘Deceived’ and Unaware of his Deception? Is this Possible?

July 18, 2013

Can I be deceived and also be unaware that I am deceived? I think so! The history of man demonstrates that large groups of intelligent human beings have been deceived about the nature of reality (misinformed and unaware of true reality) for long periods of time. This lack of awareness and self-deception (in real-time) can be a powerful ‘drug’ within our mind’s and imagination. The obvious example could be those who (in the past) thought and believed that our earth was flat. This belief goes back only a few hundred years. Science and teaching has now dispelled this deception in the minds of most everyone. Today, we realize that our earth is a round object which spins and revolves within mostly empty space/time. Deception tends to diminish with new knowledge and new teaching. But does deception vanish from the human mind?

The flat earth society may still exist in some parts of our planet. This was a powerful deception (for hundreds of years) but it seemed real to most at one time! The logic seemed reasonable for many with a limited perspective of reality! As our perspective expanded over time this image was revealed as a delusion!

Reality today is that our Planet is round. We now have hundreds of earth satellites orbiting our Planet. Who can hide from this reality? We now need to create a global economic system for this Planet based on this new reality! Our natural resources are needed for all 7 billion humans on this Planet!

Deception, however, is a powerful reality in today’s world. Some additional deceptions of the past include groups of people who believed that our SUN was a God or Spirit. People viewed this object in the sky as mysterious and possibly a God and/or Ruler. Others viewed certain planets (like Jupiter) as a specific God with certain powers, etc. The difference between deception and reality is not obvious or absolute. Today (2013), we have millions of intelligent Christians who believe that they will defy gravity (via a rapture) and meet their god (God) in the clouds (above). This belief (espoused by powerful media promoters and preachers) is so powerful that books and movies have been made to program the populace that this is a real-time reality. Who can discern if this is a deception of the imagination or a future reality? Our mind’s create powerful visualizations!

Intelligent Humans in Egypt (around 2500 B.C.) concluded that the Sun was a God (their God was given the ‘name’ Ra)! Was this their reality? Who is to say that their reality was a deception at that time? Why did this reality vanish over time? What replaced this view of reality? What God’s are popular today?

This image reveals a powerful visualization of one’s spiritual imagination…yet totally real to many believers today! Defying gravity seems like a great event to experience! But is this a deception or reality? Who can discern reality from deception? Is belief stronger than scientific evidence? What is ‘faith’?

This image reveals the 2nd coming. Millions (maybe billions) believe that this represents a future reality. Beliefs are powerful aspects of our imagination. Who can discern what is reality and what is deception? Our MIND’S create our beliefs and our views of reality! Who has an absolute perspective on the concept of ‘Reality’? Why does the vast majority of mankind refuse to live in the NOW moment! Why?

Now let’s ask this question: Could Ben Bernanke, the FOMC, and most of our Politicians  within our Congress be DECEIVED about our MONEY. Do any of these administrators and policymakers understand the NATURE of our money today?Are they AWARE that Ben Bernanke and his FOMC Committee are creating our ‘dollar’ Out-of-Thin Air (also called ‘out of nothing’ and ‘ex nihilo’)? Do these administrators and leaders discern what the words ‘out of thin air’ means? How can MONEY (our digital and/or paper dollar)  be created ‘out of thin air’? Do these words make any SENSE? Just what is ‘thin air’ and what do we mean by ‘created’? Let’s get some clarification on this operation which Big Ben (our Fed Chairman) seems to be implementing for our country and world. What we now call QE1, 2, 3, etc. What is the reality and NATURE of our money today?

Does Ben actually ‘print’ paper notes when he creates his QE dollars today in real-time? Actually, NO! Today, Ben just thinks up a QE quantity in his MIND and then the Fed’s Computer Account (called the SOMA) is increased by typing in the QE quantity. I call this creating our ‘dollar’ from his Consciousness and then virtualizing his thinking via the Fed’s Computer. Ben calls this Asset Purchases! What a ‘shell game’! What a deception! Who is asking the question:  Where does Big Ben get his QE $ from?

Intelligent bankers (including Big Ben Bernanke) have the ‘power’ and ‘authority’ to call (it’s a word game) their money creation both a LOAN and an ASSET. Accounting numbers get typed to a digital ledger to represent their ‘thin air’ creations. It’s basically a game of words and deceptive logic. When I was a child we called this type of logic a SHELL GAME! Who can discern this ‘shell game’ called money creation? Can you discern the ‘slight of hand’? Should money emerge from a person’s metaphysical MIND?

Can paper notes (dollars) actually emerge from the computer screen. What does this deceptive image reveal? In reality, money units today are ‘digital’ numbers within the ‘virtual’ computer screen! These digital ‘numbers’ are (in reality) imaginary units with no permanent substance or location within space/time. They are created ‘ex nihilo’ by select bankers! Is this a Constitutional operation? Does anyone care?

Today’s money is VIRTUAL and Digitized within our computer screen after POWER is turned on. This new ‘money’ allows our Central Banks to RULE this planet via our electronic global interconnected markets. WE (the people) become ‘slaves’ of computer digits! Select administrators will RULE over all economic activity at some point down the road! Is this the American Way? Beware!

Historically, our money units were physical items from nature. From 1776 to 1971 our money units were mostly objects or items from our earth. We all exchanged silver coins, gold coins, paper notes as our primary money units. These units were not ‘created out of thin air’ (Consciousness). Silver was mined and then minted into our coins. Gold was mined and then minted into gold coins. Paper notes were engraved (with images) and then printed for our use in the marketplace. Basically, our money units were ‘things’ which we could feel, see, smell, and hold in our hands. Our money was ‘produced’ from nature and circulated as items that we could exchange with others (for ‘value’). When we made a ‘deposit’ in the bank we witnessed the deposit leaving our hands. This was our MONEY for most of our history. What happened? Why are Central Bankers now RULING over all our money? Why can an unelected policymaker, like Ben Bernanke, create $trillions of imaginary units from his MIND (with no opposition from any of our elected representatives)? Are all our representatives sleeping? Or is their a bigger story that is mostly untold?

This image reveals historical money (now some 4% of all money units in circulation). After the emergence of the computer (1985 – 2013) these units have been replaced with ‘digits’ within the computer screen (now 96% of all money units in circulation are virtual digits). Are you aware that our money is VIRTUAL? What does this mean going forward?

Our current dollar has been digitized (made virtual) and this allows new units to be created ‘out of thin air’! Bankers and our Fed can now create new units from their Consciousness (imagination) and then digitize the units so that they APPEAR within a computer screen (as real money). This digitization has changed our money and will change our global interconnected computer (machine driven) economy going forward! Beware! We are heading for a Global Centralized Money Ruling Authority!

In conclusion, let’s see if we can understand what Big Ben Bernanke is doing today with and to our ‘dollar’…via asking some questions about him and this QE operations. Is Big Ben aware of what he is doing? Does he understand that he is creating our ‘dollar’ from his MIND and/or Consciousness (also called ‘out of thin air’)? Does he understand that our ‘dollar’ is now a VIRTUAL imaginary unit (a no thing unit with no physical substance)? Why is our Bureau of Engraving and Printing no longer used for Ben’s QE operations ($trillions have been created by mostly this ONE person and his computer with no approval from the American people)? Why doesn’t Ben report to the American people about what he is doing with our ‘dollar’? Why all the secrecy and word deception from our FOMC policymakers? Do any of the 12 voting members understand what they are doing with and to our ‘dollar’? Isn’t the creation of our ‘dollar’ from one’s metaphysical MIND a form of ‘counterfeiting’? Is Ben aware of what he is doing to our ‘dollar’ or is he DECEIVED and unaware? Are all the FOMC members DECEIVED? What do you think?


Is it time to throw out the money changers? How can virtual/imaginary money lead to freedom, prosperity, and growth? How can a Centralized money creation process by mostly ONE person lead to prosperity?

I think we need to ask better question to our elected leaders and see if they discern what is happening to the NATURE of our money? Why not write and email your elected representative and ask them some questions about money? Isn’t NOW the time for some answers from our elected representatives? Are they AWARE or DECEIVED? Do any of our representatives understand our Constitution and its message about money? Personally, I sense that most Americans are deceived and uninformed about our monetary system. The process of money creation and the history of our money has not been taught in our schools of higher education. Few seem to understand money and its deceptive history! That’s my missive for today. Enjoy! I am:

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  1. Joe permalink
    July 19, 2013 1:45 pm

    Ben knows exactly what he is doing. And it certainly is not for the good of the public or the country. Don’t kid your self. Nobody could possibly be this stupid. This is planned


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