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Is Ben Bernanke – a Monist (philosophically)?

July 17, 2013

The mindset (and philosophy) of Ben Bernanke seems opposite (in many ways) from my Dualistic mindset. This means that Ben is most likely a Monist, philosophically. This also means that Ben probably is unaware that he is creating our ‘dollar’ (now a digit in the computer screen)…’Out of his Consciousness’ (his non-physical Mind). After listening to our Fed Chairman for some 7 years, I now discern that Ben views our money as REAL and material (our digital dollar exists). This makes Ben a Monist or Materialist (philosophically). What is a Monist?

Ben purchases ASSETS…But from where does he get his MONEY ($$$)? How does he view himself? Is he a Monist? Is he aware that he is creating his QE $ from his Consciousness (imagination)?

A Monist generally views matter/energy and derivations from physical particles as Ultimate Reality (including one’s Brain and one’s thinking). This makes units of money such as our digital dollar physical and real. Is this valid in our real-time world (today)? Do we live in TWO realms of reality or ONE?

Do numbers and math derive from Brain activity or Mind activity (Consciousness)? Where does the ‘number’ 4 originate from? Is the ‘number’ 4 a real object within Space/Time? Could ‘numbers’ be imaginary units of the Mind?

Ben’s Worldview (if a Monist) assumes that ‘symbols’, ‘names’, and ‘numbers’ (that which makes up finance and accounting today) are real ‘things’ which exist within Space/time. This would be logical for any Monist to assume. My Worldview, being a Dualist, assumes that whatever derives from my Consciousness or Mind is non-physical and/or imaginary (if no outer object is denoted by the ‘name’ or ‘word’). This is quite a difference if we think seriously about these two philosophies. A Monist and a Dualist might (most likely would) ‘see’ reality differently!

Are accounting numbers derived from our non-physical Consciousness or do these units of math exist as independent things or objects? What is a ‘number’ (in reality)?

A Monist philosophy assumes that the Brain is central to all decision-making. The Brain, to a Monist, is a material organ with trillions of living/material cells. The Brain and neuron activity, therefore, determines thinking and all the results which emerge from one’s thinking. This means that today’s money (derived from Consciousness) and created as digits in the computer screen are REAL objects or things which exist (not ‘imaginary’ units as I assume and believe). The mindset of a Monist is somewhat different from a Dualist and this leads to different assumptions about reality and decision-making. Ben Shalom Bernanke is most likely a Monist in his thinking and philosophy. He does not view his QE operations as ‘money from heaven’ (as I). Furthermore, he more than likely views our digital dollar as a material ‘thing’ which EXISTS (in Space/time).

Is our Brain the Source of Central Bank money creation? Does the Brain explain Consciousness or QE operations? What activates our Brains?

Does money, love, words, concepts, symbols, images derive from one’s Brain or one’s Mind? Where is Consciousness and thought generation derived from? Where do our ideas derive from?

From my point of view, Ben is deceived and unaware of his deception. But from his own view, Ben probably sees our digital dollar as real/physical and, therefore, a ‘thing’ which exists permanently. I, however, see symbols, numbers, and names as derivations from my MIND and/or Consciousness (therefore non-physical and imaginary). These symbols and numbers will vanish and disappear given a serious deflation in values (which I envision happening). In other words, I see our accounting and financial system as a ‘imaginary House of Cards’ which will collapse in due time and return to its origin (our inner conscious mind). To me, numbers (also called Math) are derived phenomena (from one’s Mind) and are therefore unstable as viable units of money. To me, we live in an ‘imaginary’ World of mental abstractions (called dollars, euros, yen, pounds, etc.).

Is our digital dollar as viewed within the computer screen a real ‘thing’ or ‘object’ which EXISTS (independent of the human Mind)? If so, where is it located within our physical/observable Universe?

Also, all the digital money units now circulating globally are ‘imaginary’ units of the Mind. These units do NOT exist as Real physical phenomena. I discern this reality by witnessing what is Real in the NOW (present moment). Right Now, I derive the words I am writing from my Consciousness. Right Now, I witness the ‘numbers’ in my computer accounts as ‘imaginary’ digits. Right Now, I look out at our greater physical Universe, and do not witness any such THING as money or a digital dollar within my observation. Right Now, I do not witness any physical location for any of the QE dollars which Ben Bernanke has created. Where did Ben obtain his QE dollars ($trillions of units since he started the operation in 2009)? Are any of these UNITS (called dollars) located within our Space/time Universe? Where?

Where within our Space/Time Universe is our digital Dollar located? Where is a ‘thing’ such as Money located? Where is a ‘thing’ such as Value located? And where is a ‘thing’ such as Time located?

Are most people on this Planet living in Plato’s allegorical Cave (unaware of what is Real)? Do any of the Cave Dwellers desire to turn-around and seek to Exit? Are our money units today much like the ‘shadows on the wall’ of Plato’s allegorical Cave? What do you think?

Have you heard of the term, ‘Plato’s allegorical Cave’? This philosophy suggests that most people (possibly some 99% of humanity) live via the ‘shadows’ which ‘appear’ on the ‘walls’ of a Cave. Shadows appear as REAL objects if we allow these images on the wall to be interpreted as REAL. Most people prefer to live with a philosophy of ‘shadows’ rather than turning around and exiting the allegorical Cave. Why? Is our ‘imaginary’ money that important?

Does this image remind you of many (on this Planet) who fear change (and prefer the shadows on the wall)? Does anyone desire to turn-around?

To EXIT the Cave (and the shadows on the wall) means SEEING the light of Reality differently! Leaving the comfort of the ‘shadows’ on the wall (our imaginary money economy) is too difficult for the 99% to contemplate. This may be WHY most people and many financial pundits refuse to TURN AROUND and seek to EXIT this allegorical Cave. Give this thought some reflection at your leisure. The metaphor seems appropriate to me. Enjoy! I am:

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