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‘Money’, ‘Time’, ‘Value’ – are Human Inventions!

July 15, 2013

Many pundits seem to think that ‘money’ is some natural commodity from our earth (which is self-evident to everyone). This is only partly valid (but mostly a deception or myth). In reality, ‘money’ is an idea of the human mind which then becomes a reality to solve a real perceived problem (in other words ‘money’ is invented). The problem which ‘money’ attempts to solve is the problem of VALUE. Value derives from the human MIND. What is the ‘value’ of an item which we desire to exchange, sell, purchase, denominate, or store (that is the issue under Capitalism)? All kinds of objects from nature can serve as a ‘tool’ for valuation (beads, shells, nails, etc.).

Money, Value, and Time derive from the human Consciousness (Mind)! A Dualistic philosophy!

History demonstrates that ‘money’ is INVENTED from the human MIND and then is used as a ‘tool’ to solve a real economic problem. This same situation is relevant for the concept of ‘time’. ‘Time’ is an idea of the human MIND which we use to solve a real functional problem which we perceive as needing a solution. Time, Value, and Money do not exist (physically) in Space/time (our outer Universe)! Yet these concepts are important for progress and prosperity. Few seem to discern this important reality! Concepts of our MIND’S are derived phenomena!

Money emerged from a problem in the marketplace. Human beings derived this concept to resolve the issue of VALUE!

To understand the concepts of ‘money’, ‘time’, and ‘value’, I would suggest that we need to understand the philosophy of Dualism. Dualism proposes that we all live within TWO realms of reality. One realm is our ‘inner’ spiritual realm (the mind) and the other realm is our ‘outer’ physical realm (that which we observe). Many pundits, scientists, philosophers, theologians, and thinkers like to assume that reality is totally within ONE realm. This mindset is called MONISM. Monism assumes that reality can be described as a ‘philosophy of everything’ within our material universe. The key concept within Monism is the word ‘material’. Alternative words are ‘physical’ and ‘existent’. To a Monist, everything is physical, material, and a THING from nature. Is this philosophy realistic when we think about ‘money’, ‘value’, ‘time’, and ‘economics’? Personally, I don’t think so! Dualism is foundational to economic thinking!

Dualism proposes that we live within TWO realms of reality! Consciousness is separate and distinct from the Brain and neuronal activity! The ‘image’ above the brain derives from mind!

What a Monist misses, philosophically, is our inner reality called Consciousness. What is Consciousness (we could not speak or think without our Consciousness)? Is my Consciousness some ‘thing’ from our material world? Is my Consciousness a material object within Space/time (a unit of matter/energy)? Does my Consciousness ‘exist’ as a thing (which is material)? Just what is my/your Consciousness? That is the issue which I would like to explore. If you want to delve into this issue seriously, you might want to visit this website and focus on the philosophy of Consciousness as expressed by various experts: This website provides information and serious philosophy from the viewpoint of both Monists, Materialists, Non-materialists, and Dualists. You can develop your own understanding after digesting the ideas presented.


Monism proposes that our Brains/Minds/Consciousness are all interconnected as ONE reality! This makes concepts like ‘money’, ‘value’, and ‘time’ THINGS which exist (materialism)!

My personal view is that the concepts of ‘time’, ‘value’, and ‘money’ are non-material concepts which derive from the human MIND (a non-material entity). This means that these concepts should NOT be viewed as ‘things’ which EXIST within Space/time. Money is (in reality) a ‘no thing’ idea! Value is a ‘no thing’ idea! Time is a ‘no thing’ idea! ‘No thing’ ideas derive from our non-material Consciousness or Mind. This philosophy is important to understand if we desire to understand the history of money, value, and time. Human beings ‘invent’ or ‘derive’ these concepts from their non-material Consciousness and then apply these concepts to experiences that are meaningful (economics, seasons, farming, etc.).

The human MIND is most likely ‘outside’ our Brain and our neuronal activity! Imagine an Aura or Halo above the Brain!

Let’s apply these concepts to real events in the NOW. Today, we have Central Bankers who create our money units from their Consciousness (think Ben Bernanke and QE). These money units (in reality) do not EXIST within Space/time (our Universe). Rather, these units are ‘invented’ and/or ‘derived’ from the MIND. These units are then created within our computer screens as digits, images, and numbers. The digital units then circulate from computer to computer and mobile device to mobile device to solve the problem of VALUE or valuation. Prices which we witness on goods in the marketplace are derivations of VALUE. Human beings derive these ‘prices’ and then ‘place’ these numbers on our GOODS.

Bernanke’s QE operations derive from his Consciousness or Mind! He thinks up the QE quantities! This reality demonstrates Dualism in action!

All these prices are IMAGINARY…but they serve to resolve the human concept of VALUE (a subjective perception). This means that ‘prices’ are imaginary and ‘value’ is imaginary (perceptions of our Consciousness or Mind). Today, our prices get manipulated due to our Centralized policies called QE and also due to the nature of our technology (computers, algorithms, and Casino type trading strategies). Policymakers, in select positions of Authority, create our ‘money’ units Out-of-Nothing. This demonstrates that our money units and prices are subjective derivations (inventions of the mind). These types of units can VANISH (disappear) when we experience a serious ‘value destruction’. This is coming soon!

Money created ‘out of thin air’! Bernanke gets his QE amounts from his inner self (Consciousness)!

The concept of ‘time’ was invented some 4500 years prior to today (probably in Egypt). This concept (time) is a unit of our Consciousness which solves the issue or function of day/night and our seasons. As farmers along the Nile Valley it was useful to ‘invent’ and/or ‘derive’ this concept called TIME to solve these issues. Time does not EXIST in Space/time. Rather, Time, evolved from MOTION (a real phenomena) and then it denoted UNITS of motion (minutes, hours, etc.). As we spin with the Planet and revolve around our SUN, the concept of ‘time’ provides a meaningful role in our lives. Today, we think of the ‘time’ value of money. What is this?

Time derives from MOTION. Our planet and solar system revolve around our Galaxy! What time is it? How about NOW, NOW, NOW!

Keynesian economics has developed this concept that we call the Time Value of Money. This concept had relevance prior to QE and real-time finance. Today, the concept to understand is called REAL-TIME. Our digitization of money has created our speed of light transactions and the real-time concept. Today, we think SHORT term which makes the TIME VALUE of MONEY mostly obsolete. In conclusion, now is the time to think anew about our financial system. The system is basically unsound and collapsing. To understand these changes you need NOT think differently. Don’t ‘look up’ or ‘look out’ for understanding…rather ‘look in’ and ‘look within’. That is my view and opinion. Enjoy! I am:

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