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Today’s ‘Money’ = Units of Consciousness (spirit)!

July 11, 2013

Ben Shalom Bernanke and his thinking (spirit) creates our index markets today! Ben speaks and the markets (indexes) react. Ben thinks up new QE options (real or imagined) and the markets (indexes) react. Ben is now our FED (essentially) and also our real-time MARKETS (in essence). We might call Ben our benevolent Dictator over our economy. What a change from periods prior to 2008. Ben’s creativity has changed all the global markets and created a following that is unprecedented within all of recorded history. One person with a specific position of Authority can affect finance, money, economics, politics, and history. Our Dow Index is currently at 15,460 and some predict 17,000 by the end of 2013. Who has this power to move markets with WORDS and EMOTION? Let’s get to know this person whom the markets call Ben Shalom Bernanke. Who is he and what is this organization that we call THE FED!

Today, money units (dollars) emerge from Ben’s Consciousness/his Spirit). Who understands this reality? The other reality is the concept of Virtual (imaginary) Money. Today, our money units are mere ‘Units of Imagination’ (immaterial/non-physical/virtual/spiritual units) derived from the MIND of mostly ONE person (who has a special position of Authority). Ben Shalom Bernanke is this person. Ben and his committee, called the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), has the power and authority to create our MONEY via their THINKING. This means that money units now emerge from Consciousness. Consciousness is what many call THE MIND. Ben can now THINK up numbers (legal tender dollars) within his MIND and then execute his thinking via the Fed’s Computer (also called the New York Fed’s Trading Desk). How does this happen? Let’s understand!

QE today emerges from Central Bankers Consciousness and then is typed (keyed) into the Computer! There is no ‘printing’ of money today (as implied above). Computer ‘digits’ have replaced ‘printing’. Who is AWARE? Why is this significant going forward?

Assume that I am the Fed Chairman for purposes of this missive. What happens after I think up a quantity (say a QE quantity of $85 billion) for stimulating our economy. What then happens? I then present this idea to my ‘group think’ committee (the FOMC) to get their approval of this quantity. After approval, I then send a directive (written or via email) to my Trading Desk manager at the New York Federal Reserve Bank for execution. My manager (currently William Dudley) then types into the Trading Desk Computer the quantity specified in the directive (say $85 billion…called dollars). This process creates new legal tender dollars (now digital $) in the official Fed banking account (called the SOMA or System Open Market Account). In other words, new money emerges magically from merely typing numbers into the computer (no printing is required today). This new digital money can now be used for new Asset Purchases or similar. Who understands?

William (Bill) Dudley has oversight over the New York Fed’s Trading Desk. Who gave him all this power and influence over our markets? Does he report to our Congress with re: to his operations?

Ben and his Committee can now monetize our government borrowing (currently some 80% of net new borrowing by our Treasury is purchased by Ben, et al). Ben can create legal tender dollars and purchase government debt and also mortgage debt with no COST to anyone. This process of creating new money units from one’s Consciousness is without any governmental COST. Money emerges from Ben’s thinking (spirit) and magically emerges in his SOMA checking account. Ben can now create $trillions via his THINKING…and via our new Digital Computer Accounts. Ben can fund our government and their borrowing. Ben can fund the mortgage market. Ben can increase his Balance Sheet with no appropriation or oversight from our Congress. Money, today, emerges from Consciousness and/or Out of Nothing! Isn’t this interesting?

The Fed’s Balance Sheet has increased some $2.6 trillion since 2008. Interest earned from Ben’s QE policies create some $82 billion (2012) for our Treasury. Imaginary money creation (QE) creates digital dollars for our Treasury. Why pay any taxes to our Treasury when Ben can create QE for everyone?

What an amazing process we now enjoy for perpetuating economic growth and continual increases in our imaginary Index Markets (Dow, et al). Money emerges from the THINKING of mostly ONE PERSON who occupies a unique and special position of AUTHORITY. Ben Shalom Bernanke is our Fed (in essence) and also our financial MARKETS (per today). Ben is our benevolent Dictator who assures our economic survival going forward (at least for a few additional months). Ben will probably pass on his Authority in January, 2014, to another unelected bureaucrat. Will the parade (Ponzi Scheme) continue indefinitely? Can money from ‘heaven’ (the human spirit) create continual prosperity for the American people and the World (indefinitely)?

Ben reports to Congress but is ‘independent’ from Congress and the American people (with respect to his real-time operations). Where does the ‘loyalty’ of the Fed Chairman rest when ‘push comes to shove’? What happened in 2008-09?

Only time will tell. The markets could at some point reject all this ‘imaginary’ money from heaven and choose another option. It is impossible to predict what will happen going forward. As of today, however, MONEY emerges mostly from ONE PERSON. Ben Shalom Bernanke is our benevolent Dictator and many hope that his ‘monetary opium’ will keep us on a HIGH for the remainder of 2013 and longer. Today, our Dow is 15,460 and has increased some 17.99% since the beginning of 2013. Who is making all this money from heaven? Will this ‘wealth effect’ continue (ad infinitum)? Some say YES…others say NO! The key in my opinion is the idea called market CONFIDENCE. The markets are ‘imaginary’ and ’emotional’ today. When will this emotion change? What are some implications of today’s money units for our future?

Our machine driven markets now use HFT computers and real-time Algorithms to execute their trades. Monetary transactions are executed at near the speed of light. Our markets can change in milliseconds if Confidence changes! Can our Fed perpetuate ‘confidence’ indefinitely?

Today, all our Debt is virtual (imaginary). Today, all our Prices are virtual (imaginary). Today, all our currencies (dollar, euro, pound, yen, etc. are virtual (imaginary). We live in an IMAGINARY WORLD (which few discern). Take the time to look outside after you read this missive. Notice the cars, houses, streets, trees, moon, sun, stars, etc. Where are the money units which we spend and save? Where does Ben get his QE funds for all his trillions of ASSET PURCHASES? Look at your computer screen (now) and ask yourself if my/your digital money units are real and lasting?


Is it time to purchase some real physical money (say silver and gold coins) for the coming monetary collapse? How will our digital money play out as our world becomes more interconnected and electronic? What does our Constitution suggest for our money units? Enjoy and stay alert in the coming weeks and months! Change is coming rapidly! I am:

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  1. alkalipphet permalink
    January 29, 2014 6:05 pm

    hi ben i created my money through my spirit a e does pay for me so what should i do next cos belive it god way of making blessing.


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