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‘Consciousness’ + ‘the Now’ = Reality!

July 9, 2013

How do I ‘live’, ‘move’, and have my ‘being’? I would suggest that I live my life as ‘successive moments of Now’. For purposes of this missive, the pronoun “I” will be used in a uni-plural sense. This means that the word “I” applies to everyone reading this missive. If I am a Conscious (self-aware) person, I would assert that the Now Moment is about as ‘certain’ as any experience of life. Any of my Expectations for the Future are always somewhat uncertain and unknown. All my Memories from the Past are also somewhat uncertain and questionable. So to create some certainty in life I need to focus on the Now Moment (how I live my life from moment to moment). I am a Conscious (aware) person Now (this precise moment) and my continuing Consciousness is experienced always in the Now Moment. This is as CERTAIN as it gets! Give these concepts some reflection as you read this missive!

We experience life as ‘successive moments of Now! The ‘past’ and ‘future’ are mere imagination! Thinking and acting in the Now creates a meaningful reality for our daily experiences.

My Past memories are always derived from a Conscious Now Moment. And this goes for my Future expectations also. There is no escape from the Now Moment! When I arise in the morning I arise in a Now Moment. When I retire from a days work I do so in a Now Moment. When I choose to speculate on a stock within our global markets, I do so in the Now Moment. When I go to Starbucks for coffee I am doing so in the Now (and successive moments of Now). I think and reason in the Now Moment. I write my blog in the Now Moment (and successive moments of Now). All of my Reality is experienced within the Now. This means that the Now is as close to Reality as I get. Being human is being Conscious in the Now Moment and successive moments of Now. I see no other alternative! What implications does this reality have on our thinking?

The nearest to ‘certainty’ is the Now Moment! All else is uncertain and changing! What happens in the Now is what is important for decision-making. Life is lived as ‘successive moments of Now!

All our global digital markets are now Real-time (now) markets. Trading and investing can be done 24/7 and in Real-time. The concept of Real-time emerged from our speed of light electronic machines which now execute our financial transactions. Today, I can purchase futures, stocks, currencies, government securities, and all kinds of derivatives via the electronic computer (and within real-time). Practically all these financial instruments are now virtual instruments (images and digits within my computer screen). My computer is the tool that I use to execute my trades and speculations. All computers are now high-speed machines even though most hedge funds, Central Banks, and commercial proprietary trading can be accomplished via HFT (ultra high-speed computers). Latency is minimal via these HFT computers when compared to my Dell Laptop computer. This gives some advantage to traders with these HFT computers. The closer to Now I can become, the better for my decision-making!

Digitization and Computerization has created our Global Real-time markets! Call anywhere on the planet! Trade anywhere on our planet! Talk anywhere on our planet! What a change from prior periods of history!

Some important changes which have occurred in recent years which have created our Real-time (Now) markets are the digitization of our money units within a virtual environment. Today, our global markets are mostly electronic and driven by our speed of light computer transactions. Money, today, can be circulated electronically on a global basis (all via an interconnected network). Money, today, can be created by the decision of a banking Authority (out of one’s Consciousness). Money can then be transferred and distributed via our electronic computers to any recipient who is part of our real-time Global Networks. The speed of our markets today are mostly instantaneous (near the speed of light). This is a major change for our global financial markets. The concept of NOW is ubiquitous globally! Today, we need to THINK in the NOW!

Pulses of pure light (photons) allow us to communicate at the speed of light. This creates our Real-time experience! The internet has changed our planet and created a New Paradigm for Economics!

Whether I live in the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, or Timbuktu, I can communicate mostly in Real-time (now). The reality of our Internet has changed our World permanently. Finance and economics have evolved into a Global interconnected marketplace. The old Nation State economic system is giving way to this NEW GLOBAL INTERCONNECTED MARKETPLACE. I do not think this reality will change. This means that we NOW need to think within a new paradigm about finance and economics. The Global Village is a new Real-time Reality for everyone. All our institutions are becoming Global and Interconnected. The following are just a sample for you to consider: The WTO (, the IMF (, the BIS (, the WB (, the ILO (, and the OECD (

The Global IMF (International Monetary Fund) has changed the World of Finance! This organization started with the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944. It now is entangled with all Global finance issues! Some 188 countries are members. 

The Central Bank of our planet (the BIS), Basel, Switzerland. This organization involves some 60 Central Banks who act to influence Global economics and finance. This money cartel rules via monetary issues!

The World Trade Organization and other global institutions have changed our economic/financial world! This organization replaces GATT in 1995. Some 159 countries are members of the WTO.

Our World Wide Web has created the Global Village. A new economic paradigm has emerged as a result! Our world of economics is now Global and totally interconnected. The NWO is here (in substance)!

Our political Authorities have developed Global Organizations and Global Networks for our global citizens. All this is emerging rapidly into the NWO ( Alternative ‘names’ for this new world order are Global Governance, Global Democracy, Global Monetary Regime, etc. What we NOW need to recognize is that we live with a growing trend towards a New World Order and a New Paradigm for Economics and Finance. A new Real-time digital world of money, finance, and economics has emerged. Who is AWARE and what does this mean for our future moments of Now?

The elite of this world desire a New World Order for our Planet. Who will Rule this New World Order?

I sincerely doubt that any of the above can RULE this planet! But someone will need to be the Ruler? Who?

The big transition to this New Paradigm (for finance, economics, politics, and philosophy) could happen rapidly and suddenly. Paul Volcker says the following: “A global economy requires a global currency.” – Paul Volcker, former Chair of the US Federal Reserve.[1]  The next 5-7 years could reveal this Reality to everyone. Watch the markets and watch as this TRANSITION takes place. A global single currency is emerging: Central Bankers will likely play a key role during this transition. Watch the Money Cartel as they attempt to Change our World of finance and economics to reflect their rulership and control!  Enjoy and stay alert! I am:

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