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The ‘Brain’ + ‘Spirit’ = ‘Consciousness’!

July 6, 2013

If we desire to understand ‘money’ we need to understand Consciousness. Recently, U.S. President Barack Obama announced plans to spend millions on mapping the human brain. He labeled this effort “the next great American project similar to going to the moon”. But is there a largely unrealized component within (or outside) our Brain which is invisible, immaterial, and non-physical? Is this invisible component separate from our Brain and unrecognized by most of Science and Philosophy? Can a mapping of the human Brain lead to an understanding of our Consciousness? Consciousness seems to be what we need to understand (even more than the details of our Brains). What is the Missing Dimension which our neuroscientists seem to ignore? Let’s focus on this issue!

The human Brain is physical/material (composed of matter/energy) but our Consciousness is invisible and non-physical (a spiritual component).

Understanding the details of the human Brain is very important for understanding my/your bodily movements and my/your physical activities…but is the human Brain the source of such important details as our words, concepts, visual images, judgments, beliefs, goals, thoughts, and decision-making? Where do these invisible realities derive from? While doing research on the activities and decision-making of our Federal Reserve System and studying the history of our money, I have concluded that these issues (the invisible dimension) transcends any type of Brain activity. We now need to understand this invisible concept that we call ‘Consciousness’!

The philosophy of Dualism proposes that one’s ‘self” can be separated into two realms (that which is inner and that which is outer). The inner part is fundamental for understanding the outer. Money derives from the inner and then evolves into an outer object from nature. This is how silver/gold emerged as our historical money units. The ‘name’ dollar emerged as a unit after silver was chosen as money.

The key to understanding the actions of our Fed (and our current monetary system) is to understand the deeper issue of Consciousness. Let’s ask some questions. Where does ‘money’ originate from and what is the Source of the money creation process? How are most digital Demand Deposits created today? Do our commercial banks create digital money units from their Consciousness (when making a loan)? Who creates QE dollars (what we call quantitative easing) and where do these units derive from? Why has the balance sheet of our Fed increased from $800 billion (2008) to $3.2 trillion (today)? Where did all these money units derive from? Are any of these units physical/material items? That is the issue for this missive.

Notice all the digits on this computer screen. How did these units become our money? Do these units create sound and stable prices within the greater marketplace? Why are these units Virtual or Non-Physical?

When I look out my door at our Universe, I do not observe ‘money’ anyplace within our Space/Time universe. So where did ‘money’ derive from? When I look outside at nature, I do not observe a thing called ‘the digital dollar’. So where does our current digital dollar derive from? When I observe the stock market price volatility in real-time on my TV screen or laptop, I ask myself ‘where’ does this volatility (change in prices) derive from? When I watch the ‘price’ of gold increase from $35 to $800 (1971-1980) or from $250 to $1900 (1980-2011) I ask why is a physical gold coin (which does not change in weight or looks) go from one ‘price’ to the ‘next’? Why does this single coin (say a 1 oz. maple leaf coin) command such huge changes in value/price?

The weight of a gold coin is constant but the PRICE fluctuates in real-time continually. Why? What causes these volatile price changes from moment to moment? Does Consciousness and Mindset play a role in these price changes? Could the ‘price’ of gold (1 oz) reach $5000 or could it go to $zero?

All these questions and more give me the viewpoint that there is much more to reality than my Brain activity. I sense that my inner Consciousness plays a huge role in all the above questions. When I think about the issue of QE, I ask myself…where did Ben Bernanke obtain all the trillions of digital dollars which he created after the 2008 financial crisis? Bloomberg News has reported that some $16 trillion of digital units were created to fund all the unique loan facilities which emerged after this crisis. Then I noticed that additional trillions of digital $’s  emerged on the balance sheet of the Fed after this crisis. Where did all these new units come from? Can ‘money’ emerge from one’s invisible Consciousness? Is ‘money’ created ‘ex nihilo’, out of nothing? How does this work?

From where does Ben Bernanke obtain his QE dollars? Are these units derived from his Consciousness (prior to being digitized)? What happens if QE is discontinued by our Fed? What are virtual money units?

What I have discovered is that our entire monetary system has evolved and changed from prior periods due to many changes in our technology and our centralization of finance. My belief that our Bureau of Engraving and Printing was behind all this money creation was shattered when I heard Ben Bernanke state publicly (on CBS 60 minutes) that he is NOT printing any money today for his financial interventions. Rather, Ben stated that he is now just digitizing new money units via his (the Fed’s) computer. He stated that he now just ‘types’ into the computer whatever QE number he desires and new money emerges (like magic) at NO COST and NO PRINTING. This is the NEW paradigm which has emerged from our new electronic technology. What is Ben conveying with this message?


Ben Bernanke says on 60 Minutes that he is NOT printing money today. The Fed now has a computer and this means our money (dollars) get created via the computer keyboard. Digits emerge from punching computer keys. There is no cost to the taxpayer. Could Ben create money to replace all our taxes?

So what has happened within our financial system that we now need to understand? I would suggest that the key (core) change is that our money has become virtual, digitized, and that its creation now comes from the Consciousness of our Bankers…both commercial bankers who now can create bank deposits via their Consciousness (via new loans)…and Central Bankers who can now create unlimited digital units (dollars, yen, euros, pounds, etc.) via their Consciousness. Money today can and is created ‘ex nihilo’…out of nothing! What a change from the old days where we exchanged physical money units to create our prices in the marketplace. Today, prices are initiated by bankers via their Consciousness (a decision of the Mind) and then digitized within the virtual computer screen. Virtual reality has replaced Observational reality when it comes to our MONEY. Who is aware of this?

Money emerges from Consciousness (ex nihilo). Where is this leading going forward? Whose Consciousness will create money units in the future? Could a global centralized Fed emerge for our planet?

What has this new paradigm within economics and finance created going forward? Why is gold and silver no longer a part of our financial legal tender system? Why is all of finance now Centralized within a Global Banking Hierarchy? Have you noticed that the key elites are now the Central Bankers of this World? Why is our Central Banker, Ben Bernanke, getting all the attention from traders, investors, politicians, financial pundits, and the global media today? Why has QE become the central theme which everyone discusses as we talk about our economy and its direction? The huge change in our money units now relates to the issue of Central Banking and their decision-making. And the core issue in their money creation (via their Consciousness in real-time).

The Three most powerful Central Bankers (Euro, Dollar, Yuan). What will this Trinity think up going forward? Could a global digital currency emerge for our planet? It seems logical to me!

In conclusion, I would suggest that we now need to understand the concept of Consciousness? What is this invisible factor? Why is it important? How is Consciousness different from Brain activity. Whose Consciousness is most important when we speak of money and monetary issues? Can invisible money work for our global financial system? Can virtual reality replace observational reality when it comes to money? Is gold, silver, and paper now obsolete going forward? Where does centralization of money take us going forward? Is a One World Financial System emerging for the entire planet? Are digital money units here to stay? Give these issues some philosophical reflection. I continue to do so! Enjoy! I am:

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