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America – “conceived in Liberty and dedicated to…what”?

July 1, 2013

Two centuries, three decades, plus seven years since our Declaration of Independence defined our core Values. Thursday, July 4, 2013 is another Day of Independence for our Nation. America was conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that ALL men (male/female) are created EQUAL. We have now pursued this goal (also called democracy) for some 237 years…and we have attempted to impose our ‘values’ (freedom and liberty) upon the entire Planet. In addition, we have created a huge financial and unconstitutional entity called the Fed (1913) which now limits our freedoms via centralized and dictatorial monetary policies. Let’s briefly assess our progress since our founding. Are we securing these core ‘values’ (freedom, liberty, and equality) for ourselves and the people on this Planet? What is happening today? Is the Dream of Jefferson and Lincoln being implemented so as to lead us to our GOAL? Let’s briefly review!

This wisdom suggests that our government should NOT be in the business of creating dependencies and our monetary system should be decentralized and free from the elite’s control. After 237 years we now have a corrupt and dictatorial system (called the Fed). Have we made any real meaningful progress?

We now have some 900 military bases around our globe and we impose our policies and values upon the entire Planet. Does this situation sound like the wisdom of Jefferson or our other Founders? What are we doing? Where are our policies leading? Can a NWO really create a better world for the many?

Jefferson was the key founder of our monetary system. He chose silver as the foundation for our Dollar. He defined the ‘name’ Dollar as 371.25 grains of silver. He did not like paper money, Central Banks, or elite Centers of Power (our Fed or centralized monetary control centers)! His wisdom was followed mostly until 1913. On 12/23/13, our deluded Congress passed the corrupt Federal Reserve Act. Jefferson would ‘roll over’ in his grave if aware of this decision by our Congress.

We now bow to the Central Bank of all Central Banks (the Bank for International Settlements). Central Bankers and the ‘insiders’ who rule over money have secured their control over the common man. Would Jefferson support any of our policies pertaining to finance, money, and globalization?

The above wisdom changed with the Creation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the installation of the Income Tax on all Americans (also in 1913).  Have we now been ‘defeated’ from the wisdom of Jefferson and all those who signed our Declaration of Independence? Are we heading for enslavement under the Authority and Control of a few dominant men in select Centers of Power?

America has abandoned the Wisdom of Jefferson and we now live with a dictatorial, corrupt, and centralized financial system which is making economic slaves of the many (48 million on food stamps, 22 million unemployed or under employed, digital money units, unsustainable debt, virtual electronic trading within a Casino type financial environment, and a system of unelected elites ruling over our planet (using money as their tool). Does this sound like America?

With 900 military bases around the planet, computerized drones killing anyone viewed as a ‘terrorist’, secret surveillance of all Americans via a Big Data policy within the NSA (National Security Agency)…including European dignitaries…, secret surveillance of Americans via the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), a system of digitized money created (out of nothing) and from mostly a few elite and unelected men, and a huge unpayable debt which is unsustainable…are we practicing WISDOM or FOLLY?

Does our Declaration of Independence have any meaning or relevance TODAY? Some 237 years after our founding have we made any meaningful progress towards our GOALS (freedom, liberty, democracy, security, peace, happiness, economic prosperity)? Do we now need a NEW REVOLUTION or will a NWO solve these issues? What are we DOING and WHERE are events leading?

Abraham Lincoln is also viewed as an American leader with Wisdom. His Gettysburg Address was/is fundamental to our American values. Is our Government now ‘of’ the people?

Take the time to review some of this wisdom from the past. History tends not to repeat totally, but it does tend to rhime. Enjoy the Fourth! I am:

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  1. Sandra permalink
    July 1, 2013 10:09 pm

    I love all your post, I read and pass on “Kingdom economics to all my family and friends. G-d bless you, happy 4th!

    Sent from my iPhone


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