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$5,000 is bid for a Gold ‘Maple Leaf’ (1 oz)! Why?

June 30, 2013

Yes, the gold Maple Leaf (and similar coins) will get bids of $5,000 or more in the near future. This coin has psychological appeal to many and also has historical and material appeal for those who understand money. My sense is that gold enthusiasts, traders, speculators, including a growing group of retail investors will bid this COIN to these levels (probably in 2014). Why would anyone want to bid (via computer executions or in fiat symbols) a Gold Coin to these levels? The key is AWARENESS of the money unit that we now use for bidding and its nature. Are you AWARE that all our global money units today are mostly IMAGINARY units (some 96% of all money transactions are now accomplished via units of nothing which derive from Consciousness)? Ask yourself this question: Does a gold Maple Leaf Coin (one ounce of pure AU) seem like a superior ‘Store’ of Value when compared to 5,000 units of QE $$$, created ‘out of nothing’, by Ben Shalom Bernanke (note: I use Ben as the proxy for our Fed and its FOMC committee)? Take the time to ponder over this QUESTION!

The one ounce Maple Leaf exists in space/time and represents the foundation of money (under Capitalism)! The PRICE which we BID for this coin is our ‘imaginary’ (psychological) view of VALUE for this coin. VALUE is psychological, however, this COIN is Material/Physical! The PRICE of $5,000 is an IMAGINARY number (today’s money units create our ‘prices’)! Watch the psychological VALUE of this coin grow over time!

Few seem to understand that our money units are now ‘imaginary’ and immaterial (mere units of consciousness). These immaterial units work as long as the public is mostly UNAWARE of their nature and as long as INFLATION (general overall price inflation) continues. Today, we witness a general overall increase in ‘prices’ of most products within our economy. This situation creates the ILLUSION that our ‘prices’ are real and permanent over time. In reality, however, ‘prices’ are derived phenomena using money units which are mostly imaginary units of consciousness. This reality goes unnoticed by the masses and most financial pundits. Almost everyone assumes that the digits within our computer screens are real and lasting.

The Morgan Silver Dollar is not a digit nor is it an imaginary QE $$$ (Ben’s creations from nothing). This object has a current ‘price’ (in our imaginary money units) of about $40 (the spot price of AG, however, is only about $19 today). My sense is that bidding by seekers of this coin will create a ‘price’ (in our imaginary fiat money units) of $150 in the near future. Watch the psychological VALUE grow for this coin!

These digits, however, are really VIRTUAL units of nothing. The digits emerge from pulses of light sent from computer to computer. Electrical energy (at frequencies near the speed of light) produce these virtual images within our computer screen. Many assume that these images are tangible, physical, and permanent. This, however, is a DECEPTION. When a serious DEFLATION occurs (which is now emerging rapidly), these pulses of light (digits) will VANISH and DISAPPEAR into money heaven (a return to our metaphysical Consciousness from which they originated). Are you AWARE that Ben Shalom Bernanke creates our money units (called the ‘dollar’) from his Consciousness? The units then emerge into our computer screens AFTER being typed into the computer. Ben’s QE operations (now some $85 billion per month) originate from his thinking (also called his Consciousness). They then emerge as digits within our computer screen.

Bits and bytes (the code) create our money digits which we observe as images in the computer screen. Ben and Company (our Fed) can now create unlimited quantities of these units (called dollars) for our economy. Why are we borrowing from foreigners or paying any taxes to our government. Why not let Ben & Company fund all spending? It’s as easy as ‘typing’ numbers into the computer screen!

If Ben is creating ‘imaginary’ $$$ from his Consciousness and typing digits into the computer screen to represent his creations, what does this represent? Why pay TAXES when Ben can create all these money units via his Authority as Fed Chairman? Why borrow money from China when Ben can punch in money numbers into his Computer for our Government’s deficits? Have you noticed how the Fed’s Balance Sheet expands from month to month? Will this ‘official’ counterfeiting bring us prosperity and happiness?

These ‘numbers’ which Ben creates from his Consciousness (which he thinks up via QE operations and/or Official Counterfeiting) are immaterial units of NOTHING (no thing units). Ben derives his QE quantities from his THINKING (his metaphysical MIND). This means that our money units today are immaterial units which have no permanency over the longer term. A serious DEFLATIONARY experience (also called VALUE DESTRUCTION) causes these metaphysical units to VANISH. If this is valid, then wouldn’t a GOLD ‘MAPLE LEAF’ COIN be much superior as a real STORE of VALUE (for my/your savings)?

These money units exist within Space/Time and originated from mining, minting, and then engraving. Today, our Central Banks on this planet create ‘symbols’ and ‘numbers’ from their Consciousness (and call these immaterial units – MONEY). Where is this leading and will Computer Digits rule over everyone in time? Give some thought to the ‘nature’ of today’s money units! Where is this leading?

GOLD and SILVER coins are not metaphysical items. These objects from Space/Time are real/physical/material. They emerge from mining, minting, and then engraving. They represent the history and psychology of CAPITALISM (which has vanished from our global economy). So when one compares the Gold Maple Leaf (or similar silver/gold coins) to the QE manipulations of our FED (Ben and Company), doesn’t it make sense that these items will retain some PURCHASING POWER in the coming Deflationary environment that is emerging? Think about what’s COMING in the near future! Our DEBT is unpayable. Our DEFICITS are continuing. The Global Monetary System now functions with these UNITS of NOTHING (called dollars, euros, pounds, yen, rubles, yuan, etc.).

Mining for silver/gold is hard work and high risk. Yet the foundational purpose was to produce our money units (gold and silver coins) for our Capitalistic economy (1792-1971). This process has now been replaced (1973) with immaterial money units created from Consciousness and displayed as virtual digits in the computer screen. Can we call our current economic non-system Capitalism? I don’t think so! Gold and Silver do still have psychological VALUE, however! They continue as a STORE of VALUE!

To verify this philosophy, ask yourself these questions: 1. What is our ‘dollar’ today? Where is our ‘dollar’ today? Can anyone find, observe, or discover this unit in Space/Time? Can anyone HOLD this unit in one’s HAND? What is Constitutional money suppose to be? What is the difference between an ‘imaginary’ money unit (Ben’s QE $$$) and a one ounce ‘gold coin? Does a one ounce gold coin exist (outside) one’s mind? Do the QE $$$ of Ben and Company exist (outside) one’s mind? What is a Virtual $ within the computer screen? Is Virtual Reality different from Space/Time Reality? These are some questions to ponder as you think about the concept we call STORE of VALUE. Why is our Global Monetary System mostly an ILLUSION today? Gold/Silver, however, is NOT an illusion!  Enjoy! I am:

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