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Awareness and Psychology will Change the Markets…Soon!

June 23, 2013

A deceived trader, investor, or speculator will act on false information and discover much later…why. The markets are now changing rapidly due to our speed of light, interconnected, global trading system. Computers and the global interconnected fiber-optic infrastructure (a recent technology) now drives our stock, currency, futures, and derivative markets. The new concept of trading is REAL-TIME (now). Most markets can now be accessed 24/7 and most trading volume is accomplished via HFT and ALGORITHMIC trading. Our markets are becoming electronic, global, and mostly real-time events. I can now speculate, invest, and/or trade on all types of financial products from any location on our planet. A NEW world has emerged in just the past 15 years!

This new world of trading, etc. is creating a new AWARENESS for traders, et al. Trading can now be done without any human input (in real-time). Our electronic markets now allow math-based algorithms to act as software for executing trades and/or futures contracts (this can be done in milliseconds as executions are now near the speed of light). As a trader, I can program my computer to execute a short sale (for example) on a commodity like gold given a specific signal from metadata within the larger global geopolitical arena. I can execute a buy order on multiple combinations (thousands) of stocks or ETF’s with a similar algorithm which acts on new metadata from the real-time markets. All this can be accomplished while I’m at Starbucks having my cup of coffee. What a change from prior open out-cry markets. How did all this emerge and where is this leading?

The huge CHANGE which has occurred in recent years is the digitization of our money units. Central Banks like to deceive financial pundits and the public with images of their PAPER currencies. We watch all the paper notes spinning off the printing press machines and then ASSUME that this PAPER is our money in circulation. In reality, however, this imagery from the printing press is mostly a DECEPTION. Today, in our Western World, only some 4% of monetary transactions are executed via paper or coins. The vast majority of transactions are now DIGITAL and within our computer screens. The deception of seeing ‘paper notes’ coming off the printing press leads many to the conclusion that there is a huge PAPER market for stocks, currencies, futures, options, and derivatives. This is mostly false (a deception of the mind)! Our markets are now mostly electronic and our money is a ‘digit(s)’ within the computer screen!

This image deceives most financial pundits into thinking that all our ‘money’ is physical and material! In reality, only some 4% of money transactions (in the Western World) are accomplished with these paper notes! Some 96% of our money units are ‘invisible’ creations which appear as an image in the computer screen. ‘Digitization’ is a new word for today’s money creation process (not ‘printing’)!

In reality, our money units are now INVISIBLE and mostly within our Consciousness. Our Central Banks and most commercial banks now create digital money units from their CONSCIOUSNESS (also called ‘out of nothing’ or ‘out of thin air’). As human beings we all like to SEE or Visualize money as a physical item. The imagery of paper notes coming off a printing press leads us to assume that money is a ‘paper’ note. This deception misleads the many into false psychological decisions when they invest and trade. Money is now mostly (96%) an invisible unit which originates from the MIND’S of our Central and Commercial Bankers. Bankers then TYPE digits into their computer screen to represent their inner mental quantitative concepts. What a change from the old days of physical/material money units (paper notes and metal coins)!

Bankers create money ‘out of nothing’ and then collect ‘interest’ on their quantitative creations! Nice scheme for the Banks! Lend and then Receive! Borrow and Pay interest to your Bank! It’s no wonder that the Central Banks RULE this planet!

All these new changes to our financial system has NOT been fully internalized by most financial pundits. Most still think and talk in terms of PAPER markets and Central Bank PRINTING of paper notes. This lack of awareness has caused deceptive and false interpretations for investors, speculators, and the general public when they execute their choices in real-time. Gradually, the astute trader, however, is becoming AWARE that our markets have changed dramatically and that our money units have become invisible units of NOTHING. We now need to THINK in terms of ‘imaginary’ money units within the computer screen. We now need to THINK in terms of digitization of money units by our Central Banks (QE is a digitization process and operation). Ben Bernanke now creates ‘digits’ (typed-in numbers to his trading desk computer screen) after thinking up his QE numbers. Who is aware that Ben creates our money from his CONSCIOUSNESS and/or ‘out of nothing’…or ex nihilo’?

Ben thinks up a QE quantity (say $85 billion/month) and then has his right-hand man (Dudley) type-in this quantity to the Computer Screen at the New York Fed! Does this sound like Counterfeiting or Honest/Sound monetary administration? Is this leading to Growth, Prosperity, and Economic Progress?

Valuations by appraisers are now done in real-time via a digitization process within the computer screen. All our IRA and 401(k) accounts are now digital accounts within the computer screen. Most bank accounts are now digital accounts. Few banks have a VAULT for storage of paper notes and coins today. Walk into any bank today and observe all the computer terminals at work. Watch all the digital calculations and manipulations being done by bank employee’s. Behind the scenes are elite bank administrators who create new digital accounts for a client who desires a loan. Loans can now be extended with minimal or zero reserve requirements (in fact many loans are just typed-in accounting credits within an on-line account…as no reserve requirement is necessary). Banks can create money ‘out of their consciousness’ and/or ‘out of nothing’. What a change from the old days! Today we need to think in terms of VIRTUAL money and VIRTUAL reality!

Remember the huge banking VAULTS from the past? These are now obsolete and empty as our money is now a ‘digit’ within the computer screen.

The new vault for storing money is the computer screen. Virtual money within Cyberspace represents today’s reality!

So where is all this new technology and digitization leading and what consequences could develop from this new speed of light monetary (digital) system? Real-time digital markets are creating a mindset of DAY TRADING for our markets. Most traders now trade for a set period (the day) and then close all their executions at the end of day. They watch the money flows on their computer screen, execute their trades (sometimes for only seconds or minutes), and then get into all CASH by the end of their trading session. Traders are recognizing that money is now a ‘digit’ in the computer screen. These ‘digits’ are really imaginary units of nothing. They appear real (even though virtual) as we observe numbers in our computer accounts (within the computer screen). All this appears real and physical…but, in reality this is all an ILLUSION of our mind’s.

Think of money as vanishing into bits/bytes (units of information). Our physical Universe is devoid of any real money! This means that ‘money’ is mostly as ‘illusion’ within our collective metaphysical mind’s!

Few people seem to be able to differentiate between an ‘imaginary’ image and a ‘real’ physical image. Are you aware that our ‘digits’ in the computer screen are ‘virtual’ and/or ‘imaginary’? Are you aware that our legal tender money is now mostly units of NOTHING (a figment within our MIND). Yes, money units are now mostly ‘mental abstractions’ and/or ‘units of consciousness’ (no thing units). We no longer have GOLD backing any of these imaginary units and when DEFLATION in values occurs these imaginary units DISAPPEAR (vanish) into ‘money heaven’ (our collective immaterial consciousness). Who is AWARE of all these changes which have recently occurred? All this is leading to an emotional monetary collapse…down the road. We could witness the beginning of this collapse in 2013. Watch the markets for signs of panic and new negative emotions from the trading community. Watch gold/silver for indications that a real safe haven is desired.  I am:

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