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One Person ‘Rules’ Over Finance and Money! Guess Who?

June 18, 2013

Tomorrow (June 19, 2013), the decision of mostly ONE person will determine if the American Stock Markets continue Upward and/or change direction Downward. Who has this POWER to move the American markets and indirectly the Global markets with their decision-making, words, and psychology?  Who has more power over our financial destiny than anyone on this planet? I would suggest this person is (as of today):

This American policymaker, Ben Shalom Bernanke, created the concept of QE! He has the Authority to create our ‘dollar’ (now a mental abstraction) from his private thinking. Keep in mind that our ‘dollar’ is now a mental abstraction (a ‘no thing’ unit). The unit does not exist in Space/time (our physical universe)! Our ‘dollar’ now derives from the Consciousness of mostly ONE policymaker and his approving committee. 

The likelihood is that this policymaker will desire for the markets to continue their upward spiral into Bubble Territory as the opposite would be intolerable (a market crash). Also, Ben can maintain his positive image and support by keeping the QE $’s flowing into the System. We now know that the absence of QE is likely to cause a market crash, so QE to infinity must be maintained as long as the FOMC committee agrees with Ben’s policies. The other key player in the QE drama is most likely the President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank and also a permanent voting member of the FOMC. Who is this person?

William (Bill) Dudley has the most input when it comes to monetary policy. Bill also oversees the Trading Desk for the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) and works with some 18 select Primary Dealers to administer monetary policy. The SOMA or System Open Market Account is administered at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Bill was appointed to his position in 2009 after our prior Secretary of Treasury, Tim Geithner, left this identical position (note the musical chairs).

We live in a World which is directed and governed by select elite policymakers. All this has evolved since the creation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The management of our markets is now Centralized and Administered by just a few elite and unelected bureaucrats. The concept is that these elite can manage the System better than the common man in the street. Main Street is now controlled and manipulated by select personnel within the Wall Street Establishment. Politicians get to choose these elite from a list of names supplied by the Establishment insiders. This gives the uninformed American voter the perception that these elite are selected by their elected representatives. In reality, this is an illusion! We Americans are controlled and manipulated by a System of insiders (most who do not represent our views or philosophy).

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 changed our markets and created our Centralized Banking System of today! All Americans need to learn about this institution and its prior history. Our future depends on it!

The consequences of the 1913 Act (passed by a deluded Congress on the night prior to Christmas Eve) has changed our economic System from a decentralized system of free market participants to a centralized system of select elites. The Capitalism which emerged after our Founding and which created our initial prosperity, freedom, and personal sense of destiny was stripped via one Act of Congress in the year of 1913. President Woodrow Wilson who signed this Act into Law later regretted this decision.

The history which led up to the signing of this ACT reveals the corrupt philosophy of those (a few elite within the money cartel clan) who perpetrated this Federal Reserve System upon the American people!

To understand the history of how the Federal Reserve System emerged one needs to read the report prepared by G. Edward Griffin. American’s who understand this history will likely desire to abolish this corrupt financial dictatorship over the markets. Take the time to read this book and/or listen to some YouTube videos on this story. I think you will discern why we now need to ABOLISH the Fed and it’s manipulation over our markets.

This book reveals the history and the corrupt philosophy of the Money Cartel Founders who imposed the ‘idea’ of a Central Bank upon the American people!

Today, there is a growing understanding of how our Federal Reserve System operates and why this institution is Unconstitutional and Unamerican. Would the American people vote for a ONE person dictatorship over all monetary policy? Would the American people vote for a money unit (dollar) which is created from the MIND of mostly ONE person? Who understands that our money units are now created ‘out of nothing’ and typed into existence via the electronic computer?

What Big Ben and his FOMC are doing is creating ‘imaginary’ money from their THINKING! Will this lead to prosperity, growth, and price stability going forward? Can mere monetary symbols (derived from consciousness), typed into the electronic computer screen, produce future wealth and prosperity for our Global society? If so, then why not allow Ben to pay all our taxes via this official counterfeiting (QE) of our dollar? What’s the difference?

Are you aware that the Fed has not had a transparent AUDIT since its Founding in 1913? Why are those who operate this private institution afraid of transparency and a complete comprehensive AUDIT? Isn’t this type of secrecy anathema to American values? What are they hiding from the American people?

Continue to watch the markets and the decisions emerging from the Federal Open Market Committee. The key person who started the QE operations will likely desire to leave his position of Authority prior to the END of this operation. This means that we could witness continuing QE for the remainder of 2013. The END of QE (what I call ‘official counterfeiting’ of our dollar) will likely have dire consequences for all Global markets. Watch and stay alert! I am:

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