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Words, Emotions, and Psychology Move the Markets! Why?

June 17, 2013

Who is aware that our money units are now ‘UNITS’ of CONSCIOUSNESS? Money units are now mostly non-material units of the mind. The American dollar is now merely a ‘name’, ‘number’, and ‘symbol’. There is no substance or materiality to our currency unit called the ‘dollar’. Our Central Bank now creates this non-material unit just by thinking up ‘numbers’ and then typing these ‘numbers’ into the computer screen. This means that mental phenomena, ‘numbers’, are being used to price all goods and services in our economy. The ‘numbers’ are created by our Banks via policy decisions. Big Ben Bernanke now creates $trillions of mental units via his QE operations. Ben just thinks up a quantity (say $85 billion/month) and then types these ‘numbers’ into his Central Bank Computer…which increases his checking account. The official name for this process is called: money for ‘asset purchases’ and/or QE for ‘quantitative easing’. Money units now emerge from the MIND of mostly ONE bureaucrat who occupies a special position of Authority. THINK and TYPE is our new monetary system!

Money units derive from Consciousness!

Bankers now ‘type’ numbers into the computer screen to create our money units!

Furthermore, all the global trading of money units are now mostly a subjective/emotional experience. The American financial system has evolved into a Casino type operation where bets are made by traders to affect ‘prices’ and ‘asset values’ in real-time. Words spoken by select official policymakers can move the markets UP hundreds of points and later DOWN hundreds of points. Our markets are now merely ‘numbers’ in the computer screen which are traded, exchanged, invested, and manipulated by our high-speed electronic computers. Envision the markets as traders with a computer in their lap. The internet has created this new trading phenomena. Centralization of money has allowed select elites to create new money units from their CONSCIOUSNESS. What does this mean for our future? What meaning does ‘money’ have when there is no discipline within the System?

Traders can use ‘algorithms’ and high-speed computers to purchase and sell financial products at near the speed of light!

The entire global financial system is now subjective, emotional, and vulnerable to psychological collapse. Since all our money units are now mostly inside Cyberspace (the computer screen) this means that our financial system is really a VIRTUAL experience. We now mostly use our credit cards, on-line banking accounts, and mobile devices to buy, sell, and invest these non-material money units. This game of money has become an emotional, psychological, and spiritual experience of our Consciousness. If our Power Grid were shut down all our money units would vanish in Cyberspace until the power was restored. The old monetary regime of paper notes, metal coins, and physical deposits have been replaced with our new non-material computer digits (a type of information flow which we experience within our computer screens).

Our global financial system is now experienced within Cyberspace (virtual reality)!

The nature of today’s monetary regime (now global) is such that a Worldwide monetary collapse could happen in milliseconds. Traders could set their trading algorithms to respond to a negative signal (say a unique decision from some political authority)  and our electronic stock markets could all crash simultaneously. We now live in an interconnected global market where electronic computers do most of the trading. And most trading is now done via mathematical algorithms and similar formulae. The underwater submarine fibre-optic cable system has created our new interconnected global markets. Money is now non-material and the subjective emotions of the markets will produce our volatile/emotional markets and their results. Money has evolved into non-material ‘names’, ‘numbers’, and ‘symbols’…displayed within our computer screens…as a result of pulses of light (photons) transmitted via fiber-optic cables from computer to computer at near the speed of light.

Computers and ‘numbers’ represent our new global monetary regime!

Look all around you and see if you can observe our new invisible monetary regime. Observation of this new regime is impossible as the entire regime is now WITHIN our CONSCIOUSNESS. We now live in TWO realms of reality and few perceive these two realms. Read my prior missive on the philosophy of Dualism to understand these two realms of reality. Watch the markets and notice all the ‘numbers’ on your TV and Computer screen. Non-material ‘numbers’ now represent our financial system. Our entire financial system is emotional, subjective, and vulnerable to collapse (at some point down the road). Each of us experiences our markets within our personal subjective Consciousness. Enjoy! I am:

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