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I ‘Smell’ an Emerging ‘Black Swan’ event!

June 15, 2013

The decision of the Obama Administration to escalate the situation in Syria could be the Black Swan event of 2013. History (and human nature) demonstrates that wars of ‘ideology’ and ‘beliefs’ are unwinnable wars. Wars over beliefs have raged since the dawn of human civilization. The best example of a fruitless effort to win this type of war was WWII. Hitler and his political team (backed by his team of scientists and religionists) felt that a war to end war could be waged (with the victor Ruling the Planet). Hitler imaged himself as the Final Fuehrer. Hitler waged his war (often referred to as The Final Solution) for some 6 years and then committed suicide as he became aware of his imminent defeat. After WWII the victor that emerged was America (the United States of America). Since 1945 America has mostly ruled this planet.

Since our Founding in 1776 as One Nation, we now have expanded our reach to the entire Planet!

America, with a Judeo/Christian belief system, has emerged as the single most powerful economic nation and also the single most powerful political nation on our Planet. Since the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944-46, America emerged as the Banker for the Planet. Our currency unit, the dollar, became the coveted Reserve Currency for the World. With some 70% of all the official supplies of gold in our possession, America could create their own economic destiny. Since WWII, America has consumed some 20-25% of the World’s Resources with a population of 4-5% of the total World’s population. With our military victory over the Axis powers of Hitler, et al, America had the foundation for creating a one-world Empire (with democracy and freedom for everyone as the eventual goal). We (along with our European backers) have now been pursuing this goal for some 68 years.

The American $ has ruled over World Commerce since 1945!

As of 2013, our goal and efforts to make the World in our Image (with our core beliefs), has reached a terminal phase. We still have some 900 military bases around the Planet in some 130 countries (this according to Ron Paul, Congressman from Texas). We rule the Seas and control the shipping lanes which transport our products. To complete our Rulership over this Planet, we now need to conquer all those belief systems which hinder our goal to create Democracy and Freedom for everyone. Our final enemy now appears to be the ideological beliefs of Islam, Fundamental Islam, the Muslim Jihad Movement, and forces of Marxian Socialism (the Russian style of Communism). If we can conquer these enemies, we could theoretically create our One World Order and One World Financial System, with our beliefs as Supreme. Isn’t this the goal of our political leaders? Ask Henry Kissinger if you doubt this scenario.

Human nature suggests that our goal to Rule this Planet via a philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’ (that which is now being followed) is a self-defeating philosophy. We live in a World where there can be ONLY one winner. Belief systems will fight to the end so that ONE belief system emerges Supreme. The Final Solution to mankind’s role on this Planet is for ONE belief system to conquer all. The military role (in accomplishing our goal) is to create a mindset of ‘submission’ in the MIND of those who oppose our determined effort to Rule. We must continue to WAR against anyone and everyone who attempts to change our beliefs and/or our destiny for Rulership. God, we believe is on our side. The next event that is now emerging is the Middle East conflict and especially the civil war in Syria. Will this event be a ‘Black Swan’ Event which changes everything?

The American Stock Market could be the Harbinger which sets in motion the Black Swan Event!

The decision by the Obama Administration to physically back the rebels who desire to overthrow Assad of Syria, could be the emerging Black Swan event of 2013. This civil war is a war between ideologies which are basically political/religious in nature. Why would the Obama political team desire to enter this no-win situation? At the end of the day, both the rebels and the Assad forces seem to hate America and their efforts to influence events. The beliefs of America are NOT the beliefs of most political/religious forces within this Middle East region. In fact, the majority of leaders in this region seem to view America as the ‘Great Satan’ with Israel (America’s proxy) as the ‘little satan’. Can this image of America create a peaceful solution to the ideological differences? Does human nature allow for an American Win in this region of our Planet? I don’t think so!

The political/religious regimes in the Middle East will not bow to American hegemony!

Ideological warfare goes to the core of human nature! It’s a no-win situation!

Let’s watch the news and observe what happens as the coming Black Swan Event emerges. The Syrian/Assad/Rebel situation appears to be a hopeless pursuance for the Obama Administration and their team of ideologues. It is very unlikely to lead to any peaceful or positive outcome. The issue is HUMAN NATURE and the spiritual nature of the human MIND. Fighting the ‘ideas’ within the MIND”S of strong believers (such as in the Middle East) can only lead to more war and chaos. Yes, it will help those who desire that GOLD increase in price. But it will not lead to a better World for mankind. This emerging Black Swan event is worth watching and following. I ‘smell’ a rat in the woodpile! I am:

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  1. August 4, 2013 10:57 am

    Please share, mail, make this go viral

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