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I am now a ‘Slave’ to Computer Money (digits) and our Central Bank!

June 14, 2013

I am not a free person when the ‘digits’ within the computer screen (money) CONTROLS my economic behavior and my future. Today, we have a global monetary system which makes the vast majority of human beings ‘slaves’ to the computer money which one receives at the discretion of our political/financial Authorities. There are now some 50 million Americans living in poverty. There are some 48 million living on food stamps. And there are some 22 million unemployed or underemployed. All around our planet, there are some 6 billion people who live under the concept of ‘dependency’.  This means that the vast majority of Americans and foreigners are living from pay-day to pay-day (month to month) and without any real freedom to grow, prosper, and develop their potential. Doesn’t this sound like ‘slavery’ (for the many)? Is this a Free Market System (which liberates people) as portrayed by our Founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence (1776)? I don’t think so!

Most people today are running in place (just to survive) with no real personal progress!

Today, I receive my social security funds via a direct deposit from the Treasury’s computer. This makes me dependent upon these computer digits for my survival. Most Americans who live on social security are really ‘slaves’ to this computer money that our political authorities create to keep people subservient and dependent. As the Baby Boom generation fully retires in the coming years, more and more Americans become ‘slaves’ to the System. We become dependent upon Government for our food, clothing, shelter, transportation and our health care. Does not this make many of us ‘slaves’ of this Governmental System? Are we not ‘dependent’ upon the vicissitudes of our politicians and our financial policymakers for our survival? How can this be viewed as FREEDOM and PROGRESS? Where is this leading for the common person on this planet?

When I think about my own personal situation, I witness my dependency on our corrupt Governmental system and I notice my lack of real personal Freedom. Money and the computer technologies make me dependent and subservient. Shouldn’t the computer and all our vast electronic technologies be servants of the people rather than MASTERS? How can the vast majority of human beings on this planet gain Freedom, Liberty, and Happiness while being total ‘slaves’ to a System of Dependency (computer money, financial manipulation of the markets, and more entitlements from superior Authorities who live off all this human ‘slavery’).  Today, the 1% rule this planet (via their computer digits…called money) and the 99% live off those who rule (food stamps, disability payments, entitlement payments, and publicly administered hand-outs).

What happens when everyone becomes dependent and our economy collapses from lack of new production? Can dependency create a better and more prosperous planet?

Go to: and witness the growing $trillions being spent on entitlements? Is the trend sustainable and is it promoting human freedom and prosperity?

Those who have accumulated a huge oversupply of computer digits (money in their personal accounts) may ‘feel’ that they are free and happy. But are we really free and happy when the vast majority of human beings are unfree and dependent? Will a world of a few wealthy people (say 1%) create a growing, prosperous, and happy world for our planet? Will the 99% who become dependent desire this stagnant future and remain contributors to our growth and prosperity? Is it better to teach people how to fish or to just give people fish to eat (from the public treasury)? Don’t we have enough history and experience to show that dependency does not promote the ideals that we desire for our planet?

Isn’t our Constitution a ‘joke’ when its ideals are not promoted by our leaders?

The other area of concern for our future Freedom’s on this planet is our Centralized Banking System. We now have just a few elite policymakers (on our planet) who CONTROL and manipulate the entire global financial system. All this control and manipulation is due to our Centralized Computer Monetary System. Let’s just think about the American Central Bank and its CONTROL over all Americans. Today, everyone is constantly talking about Big Ben and his QE operations. This ONE person has acquired control over the entire American economy via his Centralized Authority and his policies of QE (quantitative easing and/or official counterfeiting of our digital dollar). Is this a philosophy that will lead to global prosperity, individual freedom, and personal happiness for the many? Why do we now have ONE person (unelected) as our Monetary Dictator?

Everyone watches what Big Ben says, writes, and does! Is a single person capable of creating a more prosperous and growing American economy for everyone? Is this real Capitalism? Do our economic values and/or our Constitution support this type of ONE man financial operation?

It would appear to me that I am now a ‘slave’ to a Centralized economic system and a Centralized group of government entitlement programs (and a select group of elites in positions of power). I have become a ‘slave’ of the System and a Dependent servant of the State. Is this the type of Freedom that I desire for myself and my posterity? Why has this happened to me and must I remain a ‘slave’ for my entire life? Today, only a few elite have the personal wealth and capability to avoid the controls and dependencies which our Government has imposed on the many. Those with excessive accumulations of computer digits (also called money) can create private seclusions in Argentina, Chile, Australia, Mexico, and similar locations to avoid the WRATH of governmental control and government policies. Is this the future for mankind?

Monetary wealth has favored the Big and Well Connected over the common working man (he who produces the wealth)!

Capitalism is a misnomer for today’s Financial System!

What is now needed is for people to understand the System which now governs this planet. Basically, we have just a few select elites who RULE this planet. Central banks and their administrators are the most powerful cartel which RULES over us all. Watch the news and notice the focus upon all the actions and machinations of our Central Banks. In the USA we have Big Ben Bernanke. In Europe they have Powerful Mario Draghi. In England they have a new bureaucrat, Mr. Mark Carney (replacing Sir Mervyn King), etc. Central bankers and their hidden supporters are now ruling over the 99%. How can this create freedom and happiness for the many? Don’t we all become ‘slaves’ of these select elites? Do not these elites with the aid of their computers CONTROL the many? Yes, I am a SLAVE (but aware of my condition). Give this missive some thought at your leisure. I am:

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