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The ‘coming’ Crash – all will occur within the Computer Screen!

June 11, 2013

Few seem to understand that money is now digital and within the computer screen. This means that a future ‘crash’ of the markets will occur within Cyberspace, also called virtual reality. Today, some 97% of all money transactions are electronic…for our Western World. There are still a few countries which use paper currencies for money transactions (say Zimbabwe and similar). The vast majority of Western countries, however, have converted to the computer screen for all banking and money transactions. Money, today,  is created and distributed at near the speed of light and mostly 24/7. Real-time is the new concept for our global interconnected computer  markets. Most of us no longer carry paper or metal as our currency units. All the new mobile devices (smart phones, laptops, and similar) have replaced the old paper monetary system for our monetary transactions. I now even buy my coffee at Starbucks via my mobile smart phone app. What a change from all prior history.

Note that money is now a symbol, number, and name ($1.00) and its all within the computer screen. All this has evolved in just the past 15 years. The computer has created a new global monetary system for our planet. 

Cash is now a ‘name’ for  electronic digits. What are electronic ‘digits’? These digits derive from the bits and bytes (1’s and 0’s) which create the flow of information for the computer to process.

All my savings are now within the memory of my bank’s computer screen. Also my IRA and 401K accounts are virtual accounts. My social security is now a direct deposit from the Treasury’s computer to my bank’s computer (all done via a mathematical algorithm). My stocks, ETF’s, and currency speculations are now accomplished via a click of the computer mouse. Have you noticed that all the government accounts are now also virtual accounts. Practically all accounting transactions are now debits and credits within a virtual account (the computer screen). Our entire Western financial system has now been converted to electronic money. HFT (high frequency trading) is now ubiquitous globally. All our Central banks now create digital units (called dollars, etc.) via their in-house computers (their Trading Desk). What a change from prior history…and who can envision the implications of this new electronic monetary system? Will mankind become a ‘slave’ to the computer and its operations?

Sitting at a computer terminal, laptop, or mobile device can cause the value of financial instruments to change instantaneously (the speed of light sets the limit). Most trading volume is now done via high-speed computer transactions…with algorithms operating as the program.

As I watch the daily stock markets around our planet, I notice the volatility of all this virtual money changing in value from moment to moment. As I watch the currency markets, I notice the change in the index values of each currency in real-time. As I watch the actions of traders in real-time, I notice all the algorithms which do the execution of these trades. Today, a computer can be programmed with an algorithm to sell short (or buy long) at the command of a signal. A non-human command (programmed within a high-speed computer) can sell or buy millions of shares, options, or currencies in milliseconds (with no real-time human action). What made all this possible and where is this leading?

The completion of the underwater submarine fiber-optic cable system has created our global internet and our global monetary system. I can now send signals from my home computer to any connected computer on this planet (in seconds or less). If I am a Central Banker, I can create computer digits as money (call them dollars, euros, pounds, yen, etc.) and manipulate the value of financial assets throughout the entire planet (all via computer programs). I can manipulate interest rates via QE operations. I can use my Central bank trading desk to manipulate select prices of assets (say gold, silver, oil, etc.) in real-time. I can program my trading desk computer via an algorithm to send money directly from my Central Bank account to any recipient account which is connected to my network. I can effect change in the emotions of traders and the public by merely ‘speaking’ (publicly) about my intentions for the future (e.g. tapering of QE). What a great system for controlling and/or manipulating all the global markets!

The computer now controls human beings globally. Are we slaves of our own technology? Is it wise for a computer to rule over living human beings (and control their behavior)?

The coming financial crash which is now emerging rapidly will occur mostly within our computer screens. We are not wheeling bushels of paper currencies to the grocery store today (as in Weimar Germany or Zimbabwe of the past). We now can be cut off from all our money units (investments and savings) merely by a decision of the global financial Authorities. Our computer account can be locked and/or closed with the click of a computer mouse. All our money can be frozen in Cyberspace with the flick of computer key. A power outage can restrict our access to funds. Select political/financial Authorities can control all financial transactions within a marketplace…when push comes to shove. Think of the next crash…as a CRASH within the COMPUTER SCREEN. Nothing like this has been experienced in all of prior human history!

Traders and the public will watch the computer and TV screen as the CRASH of the century occurs. Did a ‘flash’ crash occur? Why? What triggered the event? Who should we blame? Where is my money after this crash?

What is likely to happen in the not to distant future is a type of ‘flash’ crash which will continue until all the excess is destroyed from the financial markets. Traders and their herding instincts can cause this CRASH within milliseconds. Authorities will likely attempt to stop the downward momentum via their circuit breaker policies. After the coming crash, most will wake-up to the virtual nature of our financial markets and our virtual money units. All this is coming down the road. It is impossible to predict when. It is easy,however, to envision the nature of this crash…all within our computer and TV screen. What a vulnerable financial system we now experience. The old days of hauling bushels of paper notes to a store for the purchase of goods is history. Today, all markets are interconnected with monetary transactions, speculations, and trading done mostly in real-time.

Banksters now create our money ‘out of nothing’  – their policy decisions! This new phenomena allows select banksters to manipulate all the markets electronically. What is QE except an official manipulation of the markets to accomplish some official (policy) outcome?

This image from the past is not possible given todays digital currencies. Ben (our Fed Chairman) is not dropping helicopter money (paper notes) for us to use for our spending.

Money disappears when a CRASH occurs! Your broker’s account could be frozen by the regulators and/or banking authorities.

Hundreds of books (from experts in all markets) now warn the public that a financial collapse is coming!

Many have already prepared for the collapse that is emerging! The media calls these people ‘preppers’. The ‘preppers’ view themselves as survivors when supplies run short.

Central Banks and their policies could set off the coming financial collapse! The Central Banks now control all our electronic money flows. They can increase/decrease these flows with the click of their computer mouse. 

Watch your TV screen and your Computer screen for the coming financial CRASH. After it happens, all that changes is that all our computer money is frozen and/or disappears with the crash of the markets. Money, today, is mostly virtual and imaginary. Few have prepared themselves for a barter marketplace. The wise are purchasing silver/gold coins for this eventuality. After the crash your money units disappear into Cyberspace (and stock market losses disappear into money heaven). The emergence of ONE financial Authority is likely after this coming CRASH. All markets are now interconnected and affect each other. The establishment authorities would like a single Central Bank for our planet (where everyone is subservient to computer control for buying/selling).

Unelected banksters meet in secret to administer their global financial policies. The victims are the common people on this planet who must follow these policies (or suffer the consequences)

The World’s Bank for all Central Banks is the BIS in Basel, Switzerland. Everyone on planet Earth (now some 7 billion) are subject to the policies and schemes of this global financial institution. Does this sound like Free Market Capitalism? How does anyone challenge this hierarchical System of Power?

We witness this reality now as our financial World is global and interconnected. We could call this the emerging BEAST of Revelation! The computer will then CONTROL all financial transactions and human beings could become slaves of this electronic BEAST (the financial computer and new virtual technologies). Watch and stay alert for rapid change after the coming financial Crash of the Century. Money and politics RULES this planet. Those in control will likely view the common man as subservient to their electronic technologies. You and I could then be slaves of the Beast System! This trend seems inevitable, unless enough people wake-up to these trends (now in motion). That is my missive for today. I am:

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