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Why do we NOW need a New Global Economic/Political ‘SYSTEM’?

June 6, 2013

Kingdom Economics is based on the idea that ‘people’ (the 7 billion now occupying the planet) must come first in any new political/economic System. The people’s welfare, survival, growth, destiny, and potential must be given priority over MONEY, POWER, RULES, EDICTS, and LAWS. Today, we live under a corrupt form of Centralized policymaking. Select elites, who occupy positions of Power and Control over the masses, administer their policies, rules, and laws to maintain their perpetual control over the masses. We no longer have the Decentralized form of Capitalism which America started out with under the direction of our Founders. Today, Capitalism has evolved into various CENTRALIZED power centers who desire to maintain their continuing positions of Power and Control over the many. We now need to THINK in terms of a NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL SYSTEM for our planet. Kingdom Economics is ONE great alternative!

7 billion who desire change!

Here is a definition of the word SYSTEM (economics):  An economic system is a mechanism (social institution) which deals with the productiondistribution and consumption of goods and services in a particular society. The economic system is composed of peopleinstitutions and their relationships to resources, such as the convention of property. It addresses the problems of economics, like the allocation and scarcity of resources. Political institutions follow economic!

Our current System (economic and political) has become corrupt and un-American. We now need a NEW SYSTEM for our Planet! What centralized Power Centers need to be abolished going forward? Many of us would agree that one of the most corrupt Centralized institutions in the United States is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This same type of institution is present in most countries on our planet. Centralization of power and control (in time) leads to increasing corruption, manipulation, and criminal activity by those in Authority positions. The IRS (this bureaucracy) has evolved into this type of corrupt institution and now needs to be abolished! It will not self-abolish. We (the people) must act to abolish this corrupt institution!

Another corrupt Centralized institution is our Federal Reserve Banking System. This institution has evolved into mostly a one man dictatorship over all our economic policy. Since the financial crash of 2008, the Fed has been exposed as the ONLY temporary saviour for the TOO BIG TO FAIL institutions. Bailouts and free loans have kept our financial system from crashing to date. But is this Centralized Power Center viable for the longer term? Can Ben and his cohorts continue to manipulate and distort our economy over the longer term without another major CRISIS developing? Personally, I don’t think so! The Fed has a history of political and financial corruption which most Americans have not understood. A lack of transparency (designed within the Federal Reserve Act of 1913) covers their operations from any serious audit or transparent inspection.  We now need to think in terms of abolishing this Centralized Power Center. Evidence to review: and also

Paul Warburg claims that we will ‘have a world government’ whether you like it or not! Paul was the  intellectual Mind behind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. We now have a Centralized Global Banking Cartel ruling our planet!

Jews and also many Gentiles have desired the elite to rule over the common man!

Our Founding Fathers were clear in their warnings that a Centralized Bank would create power in the hands of a few. Power leads to corruption, manipulation, and a furtherance of Power over the people. Thomas Jefferson and many others warned us that Centralized Power eventually leads to slavery for the people. We now have reached this reality within our Centers of Financial Power. We need to abolish the Federal Reserve System and restore our monetary system to that which our Founders designed.

Jefferson understood how Power corrupts and creates ‘slaves’ of the many!

Keep in mind that a Centralized Banking Institution may work for a time and create prosperity for a time, but once the System breaks down (as is now happening via debt) then the entire Globe is vulnerable to collapse and chaos. Centralized systems may seem viable to many elites, but our Founding Fathers knew better. Centralization leads to Control by the few (today mostly ONE unelected bureaucrat) and once a serious mistake in policy is made (as is very likely with ONE person in Control), the consequences are System-wide and Global. This is not the type of System that our Founding Fathers desired for America. Jefferson and our other Founders recognized the dangers of select elites getting Control over the people. This eventually leads to corruption (favors for the 1%) and a form of subservience for the masses (the 99%). Is this SOUND philosophy?

Another corrupt institution which now receives less than 15% support from the American people is our CONGRESS. This institution has evolved into a ‘good old boys’ club which furthers the interests of their lobbyists at the expense of the general welfare of the people. Lobbyists and special Money Interests control this Power Center and their policies. Many of the laws emanating from this body are now designed to perpetuate a government of the elite at the expense of the common man. The principles of our Constitution are not followed. Reinterpretations of key words allow these elites to design their schemes so that our Court System supports their version of what our Constitution says. Examples are: the ObamaCare programs and our unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act. Watch: and also  Kicking the can down the road seems like their ONLY compromise pursued.

When there is no viable solution:  just kick the can down the road!

Both Republicans and Democrats are losing credibility and voter support!

Additionally, we need to scale down our desire to Rule the Planet via our ‘Might makes Right’ philosophy. America started out as one Nation among many. Our Founders desired that our Government remain limited and without entangling alliances with others. All this philosophy was abandoned during and after WWI. The Centralized schemers created new institutions for controlling human nature. The League of Nations emerged after WWI and then the United Nations emerged after WWII.  America emerged as the policeman for the planet (after WWII) to enforce and perpetuate the principles of these Centralized organizations. Today, the United States is hated by more countries because of their desire to RULE over others. America started out as pristine, pure, and moral Social Contract. Today, we are viewed by many as The Great Satan (with Israel as the ‘little’ satan). This image can not lead us to a better world. We now need to scale down our entire program of dominance and control over others. Our effort, going forward, needs to focus upon our OWN internal problems. How can we solve the World’s problems when our own HOUSE is collapsing??? It’s impossible!!!

United States has some 700 military bases on this planet! Why? (evidence of why debt can not be repaid)!

Another institution which has become corrupt and mostly unconstitutional is our Executive Branch of Government. The elected leaders and administrators of this Branch now follow a plan and goal to create a One World Political and Economic System administered by select elites and following principles of the United Nations. All our Global Institutions, such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Center, and the International Banking Cartel (our Central Banks) are now perpetuating the idea of a One World Political and Financial System under the Control of select elites. This trend (in motion since the end of WWII) is becoming ubiquitous globally given our interconnected computer financial system. Today, our World has evolved into a Global Interconnected System of virtual currencies controlled by select Central Banks and their surrogates. This is turning into a corrupt System which favors the 1% (the elites) at the expense of the common man (the 99%).

Who would you choose to RULE over the many?

Can any one of these or other elites create a better World for the many?

Henry Kissinger desires that everyone be Ruled by select elites! Why?

Gordon Brown also desires the elites to Rule over our Planet! Why?

Why has Centralization of Money created this outcome? We now have Central Banksters ruling over Economics and our future prosperity!

Some political leaders who desire this One World Political Economic System for our planet appear to be:  the George Bush family, Henry Kissinger (and many who follow his philosophy), Gordon Brown (prior Prime Minister of Great Britain), George Soros (Billionaire and his followers), David Rockefeller (and his Council of Foreign Relations), Barack Obama (he and many within his Administration), Paul and James Warburg (including many of our current Federal Reserve policy makers), and countless other elites who seem to think that a favored class can administer our freedoms and prosperity (going forward) for the benefit of everyone (all 7 billion people on this planet). Is this realistic and practical given our history of political and economic governance these past 6000 years? Can an elite class govern the many via their rules, laws, and edicts? Personally, I don’t think so! Human Government always leads to favoritism, corruption, and slavery for the many (contrary to all those who desire to control their own lives and destiny). Our own experience these past 236 years provides clear evidence that the elite can not govern the many!

The American Founding Fathers desired that the ‘individual’ evolve and self-govern!

We now need to think more seriously about the core issues of human nature. Man (based on 6000 years of human history) can not govern man via fixed rules, laws, and edicts. Some 6000 years of human Civilization has demonstrated that this is not realistic. America was founded on the premise that the individual must govern himself/herself. SELF GOVERNMENT is the ONLY realistic solution to the paradox of the elite controlling the many. Self Government (under the Authority of our Creator) is what our Declaration of Independence promotes for America and the World. So is it possible for ME to govern myself and relate to others in a positive manner? That is the question! Do I need elite leaders and administrators to mandate rules, laws, and edicts over ME (and the other 7 billion people on this planet)? Can man now evolve into a SELF GOVERNING humane person (one who contributes to the prosperity, general welfare,  and growth of the many)? Our Founding Fathers desired this outcome! Isn’t NOW the time to promote this type of outcome? Let’s THINK about SELF GOVERNMENT (under our Creator) going forward!

When the System no longer is working for the Many, it is time to ‘rethink’ our First Principles!

America is One Nation under God. We now need One Planet under God!

 American Capitalism (and individual freedom) is over when the few Rule over the Many!

Yes, we need to think in terms of a New System for the Planet…not just the USA!

First Principles are the key to developing a New Worldview for our Planet!

Who desires to be the FIRST individual to sponsor the above philosophy for our Planet? Change occurs gradually and continually if those who understand (those with wisdom and sound judgment) participate and promote meaningful change! Who would like to promote a Planet of Self-governing Individuals? Who would like to shed the Control, Deceptions, and Manipulation of those in Centralized positions of POWER. Who would like to promote and expand the philosophy of our Founding Fathers (putting the ‘individual’ prior to the STATE)? We started our experiment in 1776 with ‘individualism’ and ‘freedom’ (and decentralized economics). The Declaration of Independence outlined our collective Worldview.

What words from this philosophical document are now relevant going forward:  We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Think about the message of this missive. Who would like to be the FIRST to support the above Worldview? If you discern the importance within this missive, then take the time to think about Sponsorship. The goal is an eventual planet of Self-governing ‘individuals’ to replace our current corrupt System of human Authorities! For further updates on the issues of the day (monetary, religious, and political) go to: and subscribe to the blog. Let’s get others thinking about creating a NEW SYSTEM (of self-governing individuals) for this Planet. Our current non-System is collapsing in front of our eyes! Can a better System emerge for the many?  I think so! If good men (women) do nothing, then we deserve to be slaves!!! Think about a NEW GLOBAL SYSTEM (of equals)! One Planet under the Creator! Enjoy and pass this message on!

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