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How Do People in the Marketplace ‘THINK’?

May 18, 2013

The philosophy of Dualism is foundational to understanding money and economics (that is my philosophical view). Few, however, understand their own thinking (it seems). Why is the Philosophy of Dualism foundational? Why did Plato and Descartes understand reality better than most of Western Science. The key to understanding Dualism and how people in the marketplace THINK is to watch how prices are established at a Supermarket or at Wal-Mart. Prices are not units of Brain activity (neuronal activity) as some assume. Rather, prices are units of mental activity (derivations of the human mind). I am a Conscious human being with a MIND. I would suggest that you are also this type of person (even though you may be unaware of your own Consciousness). Let’s give some thought to the Philosophy of Dualism. What is it?

Look at the above imagery. Notice that the Cat is an object within nature (our Universe). The ‘image’ of the Cat, however, is revealed within my/your MIND. This is Dualism. Any object in nature is observed by a Conscious Mind…and the process of observation is derived from MENTAL activity. Can I observe without a MIND or Consciousness? I don’t think so! All of us have a mind and this allows us to observe objects within nature (our outer Universe). What do we observe when we go into a Supermarket  or a store like Wal-Mart? I would suggest that we observe all kinds of objects which the store desires to sell. We then internalize these ‘images’ within our mind and proceed to the check-out counter (after filling our shopping cart). What does this reveal about people and the marketplace?

Dualism is how we THINK in the marketplace. We observe objects and then internalize the images. We then proceed with purchasing a cart-full of these objects. What do we evaluate as we do our shopping? I would suggest that most of us evaluate the ‘prices’ of each item that we place in our cart. We ask ourselves, is this ‘price’ fair and balanced? Can I get a discount from the price posted? What do other stores ask for similar items? We use our MINDS (our experience and logic) to ascertain the fairness and reasonableness of each item that we desire to purchase. In other words we discern a ‘value’ for the items we purchase. This is Dualism in action! Let’s define Dualism for our understanding!



  1. The division of something conceptually into two opposed or contrasted aspects, or the state of being so divided.
  2. A theory or system of thought that regards a domain of reality in terms of two independent principles, esp. mind and matter (Cartesian…

Notice that this definition clearly shows that there are TWO realms of reality within the Philosophy of Dualism. Realm #1 is the  observation (an item of matter) and realm #2 is the image within our mind (a separate realm of reality). I would suggest that economics is based upon this Philosophy of Dualism. Money originated because people in a marketplace desired to ‘value’ each item sold, exchanged, or purchased. And since ‘value’ is a concept and image within our individual mind’s, this creates the Dualism or the Two Realms of reality.

                   Additional images of Dualism and its opposite Monism can be discerned in the following images:

Dualism assumes a MIND separate from MATTER. Monism assumes a unity of both (what most of Western Science assumes). Economics, however, is based mostly on the philosophy of Dualism.

Money emerges from Mind and then an item from nature (Matter) is chosen as the standard of value. The chosen standard becomes ‘money’ as long as traders have confidence in the standard.

Another option for discerning our dualistic nature is to separate one’s spiritual consciousness from the material objects which we observe. Consciousness is awareness and presence in the now. Most of us recognize that Consciousness is non-material, metaphysical, and/or spiritual. 

The Philosopher, Plato, explained the mindset of Dualism for our Western thinking. He most likely received this view of reality from his mentor, Socrates. Later the Philosopher, DesCartes, popularized this philosophy for additional consideration.

Historically the concept of ‘price’ has been viewed as objective and material. This view seemed natural when money units were silver and gold coins (or paper notes with a physical backing). Prices were more stable and predictable under the gold/silver standard. Today, prices are mental and derived from our virtual (digital) currency unit. Value has always been subjective as this concept varies from person to person. Today’s pricing process reveals the reality of Dualism in the marketplace. Prices are non-material whereas goods are material.

DesCartes popularized Dualsim but Socrates (mentor to Plato) probably was the originator of the concept and this view of reality. Socrates was rejected by the establishment of his time as he challenged all their ‘fixed’ ideas of reality. Rather than give into the political process of his time he chose to take hemlock (a poison) rather than compromise his views which he derived from the market via questions.

Quantitative Easing (QE) reveals the Dualistic thinking of our Fed Chairman. Where did Ben get the $600 billion for QE2? What happened is that Ben derived this number from his metaphysical MIND and then had his Computer Desk Manager (at the New York Federal Reserve Bank) type this number into the computer screen to increase the System Open Market Account (now a virtual account within the computer screen). Our use of digital money units allows this policy to work. We could call it “think and grow rich”. Ben calls this process money for ‘asset purchases’. I call this operation ‘official counterfeiting’. You decide!

Money units now flow from the top (the creators) to the bottom (the people). As money units are created ‘out of nothing’ (ex nihilo), these units (via fractional reserve banking) can increase numerically some 9 times or more. This velocity of money (the money multiplier) reveals the mindset of Dualism in action. Select minds create money from their consciousness and people receive loans (credit) to expand growth within our economy.

The process of creating money units ‘out of nothing’ results in a growing National Debt on our accounting books. This debt is now stored as virtual digits within our Treasury’s Computer Screen (their accounting book). Central Banks do not ‘print’ our money today…they create virtual digits (within the computer screen) for our money. Our Treasury Department then borrows these digits for their spending. The spread between tax collections and spending creates a Deficit (which then accumulates yearly). There is no solution that will eliminate this Debt except an eventual default (National Bankruptcy)…as our money units are debt units.

Because our money is imaginary, our debt is also imaginary. Imaginary debt, however, still must be eliminated when it can not be serviced. America and the World is nearing this threshold level. The philosophy of Dualism would suggest that our Debt and our Accounting Records could be wiped clean via a ‘write-off’. In fact the entire World Debt could be ‘wiped clean’ via a global write-off. All our money units are (in reality ) virtual and within the Computer Screen. A Global ‘delete’ of these digits could be a solution down the road. Money is an ‘illusion’ of our MINDS.

Give this missive some of your serious reflection! I am:

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