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My Challenge to You: What ‘is’ the $1.00 today???

May 14, 2013

Is it ‘imaginary’ as I claim or is it a ‘thing’ which exists? I will assert that our digital $1.00 and all digital currency units (on our planet) are really ‘imaginary’ (non-physical) units of NOTHING. We could say that all the digital currencies presently being traded and exchanged within the computer screens (on all currency markets) are really ‘no thing(s)’ or units of nothing. This means that the pound, euro, yen, franc, peso, rial, ruble, yuan, krona, all the various dollar units, etc. are ALL units of nothing (imaginary). This is my Challenge to anyone who reads this missive. Contact me ( if you think otherwise! We can debate the issue!

What really created this view of our dollar ($1.00) and what does it mean to use an imaginary unit for the measurement, calculation, and/or derivation of VALUE for all assets in the marketplace. Are you AWARE that the purpose of each currency unit is to measure, estimate, calculate, and/or derive VALUE for a created asset or item of collateral in the marketplace. Consumers also use currency units (dollars, etc.) for their purchase of goods and services in the marketplace. We use these currency units to derive what we perceive as ‘the value’ of an item that we wish to sell, purchase, exchange, barter, or invest in. In other words, money has a purpose and this purpose is related mostly to the ‘valuation’ process.

The best way to understand this purpose is to THINK about a barter transaction. I have an iPad 5 and you have a Wal-Mart watch. We desire to exchange these items and negotiate the exchange transaction in a fair and equitable manner. What happens? The difference in ‘value’ between my iPad 5 and your Wal-Mart watch becomes the issue? If we have no currency units to exchange we must internally reach some agreement on this issue of ‘value’ difference. We can then proceed with the exchange. If we have some currency unit (say paper Peso’s in our pocket) we can settle our exchange via this currency unit (assuming we have faith and confidence that this currency unit will purchase that which we are THINKING in our mind).

Notice that money is a ‘tool’ that helps us reach agreements on the differences in perceived ‘value’ in any transaction. But what is ‘value’ in reality? I would assert that ‘value’ is a concept within my mind and also a concept within your mind. This concept does not EXIST in spacetime. Rather, it is my subjective concept and your subjective concept. Capitalism requires that we negotiate ‘value’ differences in a marketplace. We have developed currencies to accomplish this operation which we call ‘valuation’. If a currency unit is to accomplish this operation of ‘valuation’ fairly and ‘honestly’ then we need faith and confidence in our currency unit. Capitalism works when we collectively have this ‘faith’ and ‘confidence’.

Today, however, we have what I would call Banksters who are creating our currency units ‘out of nothing’. Let’s examine the currency unit we call the $1.00 (dollar). What is it? Where does it come from? Does it exist? Is it a thing? Does this unit that we call the $ (dollar) measure or calculate ‘value’ fairly’ and ‘objectively’ over time? The ‘time value of money’ is the core of our Capitalistic monetary system. Steve Forbes says that we need a ‘dollar’ that is stable, sound, physical and which is reliable (like a ruler or watch) and which can then measure ‘value’ consistently over time. I don’t think he understands that our current ‘dollar’, however,  is imaginary (a ‘no thing’ unit)…but he does understand the role of a SOUND and STABLE currency unit.

The best way to understand our $1.00 is to think about how it is ‘created’. First of all, is there such a ‘thing’ as DOLLAR within our physical spacetime universe? Does the ‘name’, DOLLAR, denote a ‘thing’ which exists in our universe? I would assert NO! There is no such THING anywhere on our planet, in our planet, over our planet, or within outer space (above our planet). The concept of DOLLAR starts out as a UNIT of my/your Consciousness (mind). And our Consciousness (mind) is NOT a ‘thing’. My/your BRAIN is a ‘thing’…but not our MIND! Let’s differentiate between BRAIN and MIND!

This is the distinction that I am asserting. The DOLLAR is a unit of my/your Consciousness (mind). This means that this unit is really ‘no thing’! It means that this unit is non-physical! It means that this unit is metaphysical! It means that this unit is NOTHING! And it means that this unit is CREATED ‘out of nothing’. A unit that is created ‘out of nothing’ could also be called IMAGINARY (similar to the ‘tooth fairy’ or ‘santa claus’). Now let’s ask: How do our Banksters create our dollars today? Do they dig them up from the earth (as we did with silver and gold)? Do they print them from paper and then create physical notes for you and I to exchange? Just what is the process for creating our DOLLAR(s) today?

What really happens today (globally) is that CENTRAL Banks (key policymakers which I call Banksters) create currency units from their metaphysical MINDS. Let’s think about America’s key policymaker at what we call the U.S. Fed (Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America). How did Ben Bernanke (from 2008 to today) create all his $trillions of QE $1.00’s? Ben has created QE1, QE2,QE3, and QE4. Currently, Ben is creating some $85 billion of digital dollars every month (this accumulates to $1,020,000,000,000 in one year). Think about this! Ben is officially ‘counterfeiting’ our dollar to the tune of over a $trillion in ONE YEAR ($85 B. a month). How does HE accomplish this ‘counterfeiting’ process? Do you KNOW?

The process which I call ‘official counterfeiting’ of our $ is done today via the Computer Keyboard. Ben, today, just sends a directive (pursuant to his claim to Authority under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913) to his Computer Desk Manager at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, N.Y., and then this Manager merely ‘types’ into the Computer Keyboard the numbers (which are supposed to represent dollars for a round of QE)  into the official Fed Checking Account (called the SOMA or System Open Market Account). What a neat TRICK (really a ‘shell game’ on the American people). Ben now creates $ ‘out of nothing’ and he obtains these ‘imaginary’ dollars from his THINKING (also called Consciousness or Mind).

Imagine if you and I could create our dollars in this manner. I could increase my checking account daily by whatever number I desired…you could do likewise. Is any of this legal, proper, sound, or stable…for the longer term? What has happened in recent years should not be viewed as a Conspiracy (to my way of thinking). But it should be viewed as illegal, unsound, a distortion of reality, and a process which leads to a collapse of VALUES in time. What Ben and other Federal Reserve Banksters are doing is distorting all asset ‘values’ in the marketplace with their QE and Fractional Reserve Lending operations. Their money units are now digital units (bits and bytes) which are really merely an EXTENSION of their metaphysical minds (flows of information). These money flows are really imaginary/subjective flows which have no long-term stability or existence.

When a market downturn develops (as it will in time) all these ‘imaginary’ money flows will be revealed for what they are…NOTHING! Take a look at your personal accounts in your own computer. Do the numbers in these accounts exist in spacetime? Are they located in space on or within (on) our planet? Where are these units in your computer screen? Where are the units in your BANK (now a Computer Bank operating in Cyber-space)? Where are the units in your iPad screen or similar mobile device? Are you AWARE that these units are merely bits and bytes (mere information flows for you to look at and think about). If we THINK that we have real money in these accounts then we assume that these units EXIST. But do they EXIST in reality? I don’t think so!

My Challenge to the reader of this missive is to prove me wrong! See if you can find, locate, or discover you own digital dollars in your own virtual accounts. If you can, then contact me for further discussion. My assumption is that our $ today is ‘imaginary’, ‘virtual’,  ‘nothing’, ‘no thing’, and resides within my/your metaphysical consciousness (the images of which we observe on a computer screen). It’s really ALL an ‘illusion’ of my/your MIND! Where is this leading (assuming that my view of reality is correct)? How about a DISAPPEARANCE into Money Heaven of all virtual currency units (after the coming monetary collapse). Look outside (now) and enjoy the real scenery of nature! Money is now an ‘illusion’!

All our DEBT is now virtual and ‘imaginary’! All our accounting units are now virtual and ‘imaginary’! All our on-line savings and checking accounts are now virtual and ‘imaginary’! All the forex currency transactions are virtual and ‘imaginary’ transactions! All asset values are virtual and ‘imaginary’. All global currency units (digital units such as euro’s, pounds, yen, pesos, krona, SDR’s, etc.) are now virtual and ‘imaginary! We live in and with ‘imaginary’ money and ‘imaginary’ trading. Is this Capitalism? I don’t think our university or college professors are presenting this information to their students today. Personally, I have learned most of this information via my own effort. The internet has been my best source of information!

What is needed today is for each person to THINK for themselves. Derive your own conclusions on these issues of money. We live in a new real-time world of INFORMATION (the WWW). All you need is to seek out this information via the internet. Go to YouTube Search and then to Google Search for your education. I think you will get closer to truth and reality via this methodology. Think for yourself and develop your own skills and awareness. We are fortunate to enjoy the World Wide Web which is now our best Source for sharing information globally! Enjoy and Watch the markets for radical change down the road. I am:

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