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Who is Most Powerful ‘Money Manipulator’ on our Planet?

May 11, 2013

It is NOT Ben Shalom Bernanke. Rather it is the unelected adviser and insider (to Ben and all Central Bankers) at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Mr. William C. Dudley. Who is this guy? Let’s focus on this unelected bureaucrat and insider who gets very little media attention and whom most Americans do not know. What is his background and to what policy committees is he a member?  Why is HE the most powerful unelected insider and manipulator of global financial markets? What are his Values? Where are his Loyalties? Let’s picture this guy via his image in Google Images (lock this image in your mind):

William (Bill) Dudley is President and CEO of the powerful New York Federal Reserve Bank. He assumed this authoritative position on January 22, 2009. He replaced Timothy Geithner who assumed the position of Secretary of Treasury under the Obama Administration (and who then chose Bill as his replacement). Bill managed the Fed’s System Open Market Account (the check book for the Fed) from 2007-2009. He also oversees the foreign exchange trading operations and the special account services to foreign central banks. From 1986 to 2007, Bill was a partner and managing director of Goldman Sachs and also served as chief economist for some 10 years. From 1981-83, Bill was an Economist to the Federal Reserve Board.

In 2012 Bill assumed another select and powerful position at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Bill became the Chairman of the Global Financial Systems Committee which monitors global financial markets. Bill also is on the Board of Directors of the BIS giving him exceptional influence on all global Central Bank issues. The mission of the BIS is to serve all Central Banks and to act as the Bank to Central Banks. Notice that we now live in a GLOBAL Financial System!

Some 18 select and powerful Central Bankers make up the Board of Directors at the BIS (including Ben Shalom Bernanke of the USA, Mervyn King and Mark Carney from Great Britain, Mario Draghi from the European Central Bank, and Zhou Xiaochuan of the Peoples Bank of China). Overall, there are some 60 Central Banks which are participating with the BIS and their global financial actions (now mostly manipulations) in Basel, Switzerland. Do any Americans understand any of this? Why do we have unelected and private employed banksters directing all our financial affairs? Does anyone realize the self-interest and the unholy loyalties that these select banksters have over our lives and finances? How can they represent OUR interests?

Let’s think about the effects (and influence) this ONE person has on all Americans and also the entire Planet. Bill has not been voted into his insider positions by the American people or any citizens of our Planet. Bill has not been appointed to his positions by any elected representative of the American people (rather he was selected by Tim Geithner, another questionable character, to his current position). Bill’s personal values and loyalties are totally UNKNOWN to the American people. What are his beliefs and how does he view our Constitution and the values of our Founders?

Furthermore, Bill has the insider knowledge and influence (that affects the entire planet) by being CEO and President of the most powerful Bank in the World, The New York Federal Reserve. Bill gets to act as a ‘permanent member of the powerful FOMC committee because of his insider knowledge. He was probably the key policymaker which promoted the concept of QE (the official counterfeiting of our currency unit). He has his nose into the European monetary affairs by being the Chairman of the Global Financial Systems committee at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Read these recent comments from Bill delivered on April 22, 2013:

Bill says:  I view the task of transitioning to a pan-European banking union with the ECB as the primary
overseer of the European banking system as a critically important next step. Successfully
moving to a pan-European banking union would generate a large number of benefits:
• It would demonstrate a commitment toward greater integration that would enhance
the credibility that monetary union is indeed irreversible.
• It would help to sever the link between the fiscal position of individual governments
and the health of their banks.
• By eliminating the scope for national bias, it would strengthen market confidence
that large hidden losses are not likely to be buried within the banking system.
• It would move against fragmentation and promote re-integration of the European
banking system.
• It would help to make monetary policy more effective in supporting activity in the
peripheral countries. A critical problem in Europe right now is that private borrowing
costs are very low in countries like Germany where the economy is operating close
to full capacity, but quite high in countries like Italy and Spain – which are struggling
in terms of economic performance. The monetary policy transmission channels in
Europe are impaired. Banking union would make them work better.
• It would underscore the fact that a euro is a euro and will remain a euro throughout
Europe, reducing perceptions of redenomination risk. This would make depositors
less prone to move their funds from the periphery to the core and strengthen the
resiliency of the system against shocks.
• It would help foster greater integration of the European economy, with potentially
significant macroeconomic benefits. Website:

Where is all this leading? It seems obvious, to me, that persons like Bill Dudley (and all the other unelected MONEY MASTERS who now make up the Central Banks on this planet) are controlling and influencing ALL financial issues on this planet. NONE of these manipulators have the approval of the PEOPLE on this planet. Few Americans know this guy called William C. Dudley. Who is he and what are his VALUES? To whom does he represent? Why is he now working with the International manipulators (the BIS) to effect policy for Americans? Where are his LOYALTIES?

Why does he have all this POWER and INFLUENCE? Could it be because our Congress made a huge mistake back in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913? This ACT (a fraudulent action upon the American people when you understand the history) ignored the clear words in our Constitution with regard to all our money issues. Congress, not a PRIVATE centralized BANK, is suppose to regulate and create our MONEY. Does anyone UNDERSTAND these issues? Now is the time to get yourself educated on what is happening to America and our Planet. Everyone needs to watch this VIDEO for understanding our history on the issues of MONEY. Watch and learn:

Here is an important image to internalize to understand WHO controls US? Think about those ‘insiders’ within this building who meet in secret to plan, manipulate, and determine ECONOMIC policies which affect you and I!!! Did we choose these insiders to represent US??? Who Did (watch the video)?

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