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Money and Banksters ‘Rule’ this planet we call Earth!

May 11, 2013

From a human perspective, I would propose that some 18 banksters, loyal to the philosophy of the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) have the most ‘power’, ‘influence’, and ‘operational control’ over the lives of our 7 billion planetary citizens. None of these banksters have been elected by the ‘people’ on this planet to represent them. None stand for public election. None report transparently to the people. Let’s discover who ‘rules’ this planet (from a human perspective).

The BIS operation started back in 1930 under the auspices of the Rothschild family (see the history at Wikipedia).  It had connections to the Gestapo and also other unholy alliances from the beginning. Is this the type of institution that should RULE our planet? What is their mission and goal for us earthlings? Do they reveal openly what they are planning and scheming? What is their legal structure? The BIS is now wholly owned by BIS members (some 60 central banks) but still operates in the private market as a counterparty, asset manager,  and lender,  for central banks and international financial institutions.[

In other words, the BIS is owned and operated as a private institution under the auspices of some 60 private banking institutions who control the ownership and the operations. The members meet in secret and then devise their monetary schemes for the entire planet. Presently, there are some 18 key banksters who make up the decision-making structure of this powerful international body. Let’s meet these 18 powerful private individuals as reported at their website at: … and effective as of May 3, 2013. Who are they and who chose them to ‘rule’?

1.  William C. Dudley, USA…President and CEO of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, a private bank

2.  Ben Shalom Bernanke, USA, Chairman of the Board, Federal Reserve System, a private entity

3.  Mervyn King, Governor of Bank of England, London, England

4.  Mark Carney, newly appointed Governor of Bank of England, London, England

5.  Agustin Carstens, Mexico City, Mexico

6.  Luc Coene, Brussels, Belgium

7.  Andreas Dombret, Frankfurt, Germany

8.  Mario Draghi, Governor of the European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

9.  Stefan Ingves, Stockholm, Sweden

10. Thomas Jordan, Zurich, Switzerland

11. Klaas Knot, Amsterdam, Netherlands

12. Fabio Panetta, Rome, Italy

13. Baron Guy Quaden, Brussels, Belgium

14. Paul Tucker, London, England

15. Ignazio Visco, Rome, Italy

16. Jens Weidmann, Frankfurt, Germany

17. Zhou Xiaochuan, Governor of the Peoples Bank of China, Beijing, China

18. Christian Noyer, Chairman of the Board, Paris, France

Comment: two women are alternates (one is Janet L. Yellen, San Francisco, CA. who is being groomed to possibly replace Ben Shalom Bernanke as Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, USA in 2014). Note: the musical chairs!

The above meet and plan and then devise schemes to manipulate the Global Economy for the planet. None are elected by the citizens of our planet and none openly reveal what they are planning, scheming, and devising for their National economies. These 18 (mostly anonymous private/public individuals) rule over the planet’s monetary system! Did anyone (from our elected representatives) openly and transparently choose all the QE operations which are now ubiquitous for manipulating our current monetary system today? Who chooses these financial operations (centralized manipulations that affect everyone) and which then force the global markets to react? Did any American citizens or European citizens participate in the decision-making for these operations? I don’t think so! How did this type of controlling and ruling structure evolve?

Keep in mind that MONEY rules over all (we all need money for our survival) on this planet. The old saying is correct, “he who has the gold rules”. The BIS has 150 tons of gold and it has members who have some 67% of all the official gold on the planet. What ‘rules’ our planet? Answer: Money. Who ‘rules’ our planet? Answer: select unelected, private, secret, bankster type, individuals who have their own AGENDA and PLAN to foster upon the 7 billion earthlings (who have no voice in the matter). Does any of this make any common sense? How did this type of non-system evolve? Who is behind this clandestine operation?

The video which reveals much of the history behind our monetary machinations is called The Money Masters. This video provides us with some history for our understanding. The other video which provides comprehensive information on the bankster families and their clandestine operations is also well worth watching.

1. The Money Masters Video:

2. The Bankster Families Video:

Take the time to get educated on what is now happening on our planet. Economics affects us all. Many of us THINK that our monetary administrators are looking out for the common man. This, however, is far from truth. What we now have are secret groups which have a secret AGENDA for this planet. We can call it NWO or New World Order. The secret planners and schemers are devising to set themselves up as RULERS over this planet. What is NWO but a plan to RULE over everyone (all 7 billion citizens of planet Earth) via a CENTRALIZED Monetary System and CENTRALIZED Political System. Do we want to be SLAVES of select human administrators who administer us from BASEL, SWITZERLAND? I don’t!

The entire history of ‘money’ is a clandestine tragedy. In reality, ‘money’ does not exist in nature, yet it has become the controlling medium for elite strong men to ‘rule’ this planet. Today, our ‘money’ is CREATED ‘out of nothing’. Think about this! Money is an ‘idea’ which emerged from a barter society. Today, it has evolved into a unit of ‘nothing’! Banksters, today, create virtual numbers (digits in the computer screen) from their ‘thinking’ and then select favored entities to distribute and manipulate this medium. The unit we call the ‘dollar’ is now a unit of consciousness (nothing). This goes for all the global currencies. We now have digital units created by banksters (from their mind) for the manipulation of the global markets. Who understands?

Watch the videos and then watch the monetary and political events as they evolve on this planet. In summary:  MONEY rules this planet and BANKSTERS rule over our money. The above 18 rulers may not include all the clandestine insiders. There could be many others who are unknown to all of us. But the above do have ‘operational’ power via the positions they hold. Our planet is now ruled by Central Planners and Central Banksters (mostly in secret and via interests that transcend the common man’s interests). Pass this information on to others. Learn and enjoy from watching these videos! I am:

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