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The Money Masters – Final End Game Is???

May 10, 2013

The history of the Money Masters provides the best history of how our World Works…which I have witnessed in my 70 years on this planet. Everyone needs to watch this 3 + hour video for the history and the intrigue as well as the schemes and deceptions these Money Masters used to control political/economic events. Money has ruled this planet for the past 300 + years. This video is the most comprehensive overview of the mindset of these Money Masters. Watch at:

Real-time ‘Control’ over all humanity on planet Earth appears to be the end time goal of The Money Masters (according to history and current events). The main current institutional players to watch as the End Game plays out  are:

1. International Monetary Fund:  (Christine Lagarde, Managing Director)

2. World Bank:  (Jim Youg Kim, President)

3. Bank of International Settlements:  (Jaime Caruana, General Manager)

4. World Trade Organization:   (Pascal Lamy, Director)

5.  Federal Reserve Bank of USA:  (Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman)

6.  Bank of England:  (Sir Meryvn King, Governor)

7. Council of Foreign Relations:  (Richard Haass, President)

8.  European Union and the Euro:  (Marco Buti, Director General)

A review of the above websites will provide you with current information on what the Money Masters are doing and planning for this planet. Control over the planet is mostly in the hands of these organizations and their leaders. This collective will play out their roles and make sure that their interests prevail. There may be a few other organizations and persons who also may play important roles during this end game scenario.

People like George Soros and others with similar positions of power and money may have influence on future events. The website for events promoted by George is: George is quite active in promoting a New World Order for our planet. Another Central Bank to watch which could affect the bond markets going forward is the Peoples Bank of China: China is now the 3rd largest economy on our planet. It is also the largest producer of gold and China seems to desire to gain hegemony over the global economy.

Our World is governed by politicians and select power brokers which have influence over our politicians. Those who own the GOLD make the rules. Today, our Central Banks own some 67% of all the official supplies of gold. It is likely that our Central Banks and the Authorities who work with these entities will create the final NWO (New World Order) for planet Earth. You and I have little input, control, or relevance. Our votes are mostly meaningless going forward. All we can do at this point is Watch, Pray, and stay Alert.

The video above does suggest that the World’s Money Masters most likely played a significant role in the attempted killing of President Andrew Jackson during his term in office in 1835, the assassination of  President James Garfield in 1881, the poisoning of President Harding in 1923,  and also the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Some also claim that the monetary ideas of Jack Kennedy may have led to his assassination in 1963. Attempting to change the CONTROL… which the Money Masters maintain over this planet does lead to consequences.  Watch the Money Masters Video via the link above. The history and intrigue are similar to a Shakespeare tragedy. I am:

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