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How The World Works – Conspiracy or Deception?

May 9, 2013

The best overview (video) of the corrupt U.S.A Federal Reserve Bank is now in the open for your consideration. Watch this history of money, banking, and politics…and then decide for yourself who RULES this planet. Keep in mind that the Conspirators may actually be servants of ‘Higher Invisible Powers’. A conspiracy of men is one possibility (if you adopt an Atheistic philosophy of life) or there could be a greater…invisible…deception at work (if you adopt a metaphysical philosophy of life)? You must decide! I think you know my view!

This video is comprehensive and a rather long watch, but it will educate you on what we NOW experience with our FED (the Bernanke, Draghi, King, Kuroda counterfeiting policies and much more). This video education in NOT taught in any institution of higher learning which I am aware of. You must desire to understand HUMAN NATURE and PSYCHOLOGY to watch this video! You will also  need to think seriously about the causes of ‘human nature’ and the causes of ‘human psychology’ if you dig into this video. The implications are profound! Watch and then THINK about ‘human nature’, ‘politics’, ‘shell games’, ‘word deceptions’, and the possibility of a Higher Invisible Power underlying all reality!

Watch the Video:

There is much talk today of Conspiracies. When you watch the details and the history exposed in the above video, the natural perception is that we live under the power and control of human conspirators…scam artists and Ponzi schemers.  The strong and powerful have taken control over centers of power to maximize their control over the common people. Those in control of banking and money use subtle deception and positive word psychology to ‘fool’, ‘deceive’, and control the people. They can use their ‘positions’ of Power to purchase politicians who then act and create legislation…in the personal self-interest of the Money Changers and their controlling interests. Positive mental psychology (word games) is also a prevalent methodology for hiding their underlying motives!

The history of politicians and the ‘money changers’ demonstrates that the strong and powerful tend to seek control over the masses. These strong men then maintain control via a group-think psychology and via a perpetuating of their entrenched positions of POWER. Once in control, these Power Brokers maintain control by making sure that new power brokers have the identical psychology and philosophy of their predecessors. This system becomes a ‘game’ of musical chairs where the strong perpetuate their ‘power and control’ over the common people. To perpetuate this Power and Control…’guns’ and a ‘central military’…play a role to prevent any real opposition to their schemes and plans (watch what is now happening over in Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Russia, etc., for a reference point).

Since our Founding as a Nation the centers of monetary power and control have been London, England and New York, USA. These two Centers of Monetary Power and their Central Banking Policymakers’ have maintained this power and control right up until today. The British pound and the American dollar have dominated trade and economic activity for our planet for some 300 years. This means that the strong men from mostly London and New York have dominated finance, money, and political events for our entire history as a Nation (now some 237 years). Does our voting really make any real difference when it comes to meaningful change?

The Ponzi schemes, shell games, deceptive psychology, and controlling philosophy of the Money Changers have dominated our Planet for most of its 6000 year history. We now need to get ourselves educated on all these schemes and shell games so we can construct a better economic system going forward. We MUST understand money, politics, and human nature prior to moving forward with a New Economic Model. We now have some 7 billion people on this planet. Many are suffering because of the SYSTEM which governs them. We need a NEW System and a NEW economic model for this planet. Now is the time to learn about our Past History and all the deceptions and shenanigans which have perpetuated this corrupt money System.

Watch this video in its entirety and then pass this missive on to others for their consideration and education. Keep in mind that this video and the history is NOT taught in any school of higher education. The economics now taught in our colleges and universities is no longer relevant or accurate for our days going forward. The Keynesian economic model is also not relevant as it is built on mostly deception and illusion. This model assumes that money can be mostly a unit of ‘nothing’ and can be created ‘out of nothing’ to create wealth and prosperity. This illusion and deception needs to be exposed so that the common people can choose new options going forward. That is my missive for today. Watch the video:

I am: Enjoy and pass this video on to all Americans and Foreigners that might desire a new view of history and reality. Some philosophical questions to ponder are:  Is there a Conspiracy at Work on this Planet? Are there groups and institutions which desire to Rule this Planet and the 7 billion people for their own personal self-interest? Could there be ‘invisible powers’ at work that are designed to DECEIVE and CONTROL the human species? Does Holy Scripture (Ephesians 6:12), have any relevance. It states:  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Does this philosophy have relevance for today? Think for yourself and then derive your own conclusions on these matters!

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