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How to Create a Global ‘Digital’ Currency Quickly!

May 8, 2013

The Digital Age is now here! Our World is now ‘wired’ and interconnected globally via the internet and via our underwater fiber-optic cable system. How will this new infrastructure and technology change our World.  A global financial crash (let’s assume) occurred in 2013 and has existed for some five years. The World economic system has totally collapsed with pain and chaos everywhere. The new politicians and Central Bankers, who have consolidated power in Basel, Switzerland (at the Bank for International Settlements), now desire to initiate a new global digital currency for the World. This new digital currency will replace the old dollar, euro, pound, yen, and yuan immediately.

The above five Central Banks have all consolidated their Authority within ONE Central Banking Institution which will administer this new digital currency for the Planet.  To start the process of initiation of this new global currency, all old currencies will be cancelled. In other words, the ‘legal tender’ status of these currencies will be removed so that the new digital currency can emerge as the replacement currency for the Planet. The plan is to complete the initiation phase of this process within five real-time days. How might this process be implemented.

Day #1:  All existing accounts (public, private, and business) which are denominated with these old currencies would be placed on ‘hold’ for a limited time period (say five days). No trading, buying, selling, etc. would be allowed during the five-day initiation phase of this new plan. Since some 85% of all trade and GDP are transacted via these five key currencies, all the other digital fiat currencies (globally) would be encouraged to follow this lead (i.e., declare their existing national currency null and void by removing the ‘legal tender’ status immediately). Prepare to convert all old currencies to the new Global Digital Currency.

Day #2:  Notify the Global Society, via the media and internet, that a new Global Digital Currency will be initiated for everyone’s use on the Planet. This new Global Digital Currency will be called DigiCoin. This DigiCoin unit would be a virtual currency for the entire Planet. The entire globe is now interconnected and wired for this type of virtual system. All trade and buy/sell transactions must be done via this new Global Currency. All this is necessary to restart global trade and economic activity after the debilitating financial crash of 2013-2018.

Day #3:  All existing (old) public and private checking and savings accounts would be converted on a 1:1 basis into this new DigiCoin currency. All global employees (public and private) would be paid starting immediately in the new DigiCoin currency. All taxes and fees must be paid to the Global State via this new digital currency. The headquarters of this NWO Financial State would be Basel, Switzerland (the prior BIS facility would serve as the Global Central Bank). This location would also serve as the Global Headquarters for all financial matters (public and private).

Day #4:  To facilitate a new and dynamic start for this new currency and the global economy all old trade balances, public debts, and prior financial and accounting liabilities would be cancelled (declared null and void effective immediately). All old currency and forex transactions (including all derivatives instruments, options contracts, futures contracts, etc.) would be cancelled and eliminated from all accounting records immediately. The purpose of this new start is to encourage new economic activity, public confidence, and economic growth within the new global trading markets.

Day #5:  To facilitate confidence and patriotism for the new global political/economic community, all prior (old) private debts and financial liabilities would be cancelled from the accounting records. This would include mortgage debt, consumer debt, and all entitlement obligations. Basically, a Global Jubilee would be declared cancelling all old debts and obligations. To create fairness within the global system, the NWO State would collect a ‘rent’ payment from everyone who owns any type of property (real, personal, or private). This ‘rent’ payment would act to facilitate new global growth and production for the new economy.

The basic marketing program for the above plan could have been done gradually some months prior to the initiation phase above. Since the majority of people would want a NEW global system after years of depression, anguish, and economic pain; the marketing of this type of plan might not be that difficult. The majority of human beings on the planet would probably ‘fall’ for this logic and plan from the new charismatic planners and financial experts for the New World Order (NWO).

The logistics for this type of transition to a NWO is becoming more feasible now that everyone is interconnected via the Global Internet. Also, electronic money has now been with us for many years and the vast majority of human beings on our planet have accepted this form of monetary manipulation…as reasonable and acceptable. Smart phones and all types of mobile devices are now ubiquitous among the young and growing global community. The key to implementing this type of New Digital Monetary Order is a charismatic leader(s)…with a strong following of elite politicians and financial experts who would market the plan.

To give this plan credence with the people, a vote would be taken via the Global Internet (WWW)…after months of speeches and supporting rhetoric from all the charismatic leaders who are sold on this plan. The plan would propose that a new prosperous Global Economic System could emerge in months provided the people support the plan. The old debts and liabilities would be history as all the old accounting records would be destroyed. A new start for the Global Society would commence after these changes. The plan would be marketed as a form of Democracy for the entire Planet…as everyone could VOTE for the plan and changes via the new Global Internet. The new financial leaders would  create a transparent process for everyone to witness in real-time. This is the PLAN! Who would declare allegiance to this plan of the Ages? Who would not?

Personally, I would not be a supporter for this type of transition or plan after the coming financial crash and collapse. My vision and philosophy could not support a system where select elite leaders administer a Centralized Financial System for the Planet. This type of System is anathema (given human nature and our prior history on this Planet). It could not create real personal freedom, equality, or lasting happiness for our 7 billion citizens…nor would it create real economic prosperity for the many on this Planet. I don’t think this type of plan would work for our global society. My sense, however, is that some type of plan… similar to the above could be in the cards after a Global Financial Crash and Collapse.

There are many elite groups now promoting a NWO for this Planet. The most influential group-think organizations that might promote this type of plan are:  The Council of Foreign Relations (; Bilderberg Group (; The European Community (; Agenda 21 of the United Nations (; and The Party of European Socialists (PES)… We could probably list many others.

Will America follow this lead towards a NWO for our Planet? It seems logical and marketable after a prior period of economic depression, pain, and anguish. It seems like we are heading in this direction as of now. NOW may be a good time to THINK about various alternatives for our Planet given the likely Collapse of our existing Keynesian Economic Model in the near future. Most of us realize that our existing Keynesian Model is flawed and that our current Debt based society can not last. We all witness the numbers for American Debt and Deficits at:

Give this hypothetical scenario some thought at your leisure. The purpose of this missive is to promote thinking about options and alternatives AFTER the coming FINANCIAL CRASH and COLLAPSE (which I envision happening in the not to distant future). I’m sure you may find better options after thinking these issues through. I am:

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