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BARTER – a healthy ‘mindset’ for today! Why?

May 6, 2013

When the collapse of our monetary system arrives…and it surely will…then what emerges as real money is likely to change! Let’s review and consider a scenario which could develop in the very near future. Today, our money units are ‘digits’ and these units are mere virtual images (within the computer screen). These imaginary units (bits and bytes) have a form of reality only as long as our ‘dollar’ has the legal status of ‘legal tender’. So, let’s say that our politicians decide to remove the legal tender status of our ‘dollar’ (this could happen during a transition to a global digital currency or a new World Reserve Currency for the Planet). What happens to our current ‘digital’ dollar if/when ‘legal tender’ status is removed? To understand this possible scenario, we need to understand the ‘nature’ of our current ‘digital dollar’.

Those of us who understand money and our current ‘digital dollar’ realize that this unit is imaginary (it has no physical existence). This imaginary unit, however,  works for the many as long as people have ‘confidence’ in this unit and as long as it has the status of ‘legal tender’. The concept of ‘legal tender’ forces everyone to use this digital unit as a medium of exchange, standard of value, and store of value. Our savings accounts, 401(k) accounts, IRA accounts, investment accounts, trading accounts, forex accounts, checking accounts, etc., all function as long as people and the political system creates the illusion that our ‘dollar’ is real and that it has a long-term legal tender status. After the coming CRASH, however, the wise and discerning will WAKE-UP and realize that this digital dollar is a mirage. Digital units are really an ‘illusion’ of our MINDS (as we only observe these bits/bytes within the computer screen…a form of virtual reality).

Digital units APPEAR real as long as we accept these virtual images (now mere mathematical numbers) within our computer screens. These ‘numbers’, however, DISAPPEAR when the ‘power’ (the electrical grid) is turned off and/or if our POLITICIANS  choose to DECLARE this imaginary unit (this virtual unit) as a non-legal tender unit. It’s the status of ‘legal tender’ which gives our digital dollar its ‘appearance’ of workability as a medium of exchange (and deceives us with reference to its ‘nature’). Removal of the ‘legal tender’ status causes this digital unit to DISAPPEAR into our metaphysical consciousness (money heaven). Why? Because this unit is (in reality) created ‘out of nothing’ (ex nihilo). Our Central Bankers (and the Commercial Banking System) actually create these illusionary units from their inner CONSCIOUSNESS (and our ‘consciousness’ is ‘no thing’). Few understand the NATURE of our money units or the history which caused these units to emerge in the marketplace!

The wise and discerning, however, will discover the reality of our money system and then PREPARE for the days when a global monetary collapse emerges (possibly in 2013). Those who have a store of value (savings that they wish to use during this CRISIS period) ought to think in terms of BARTER. The concept of ‘barter’ is a healthy mentality for understanding money. Barter is how our monetary system started and money is merely a TOOL for assisting with barter (the exchange of goods and services). Money merely serves to provide a ‘price’ or ‘value’ to the items that we buy/sell/exchange/trade/value…within a marketplace.

Money is not a ‘thing’ that physically exists within Space/Time (our physical Universe). Money is a concept of the MIND (it emerges to solve the problem of ‘value’…within a Capitalistic Economic System). Money can ‘disappear’ when it no longer is viewed as viable by our Political Leaders (simply by removable of its ‘legal tender’ status). Basically, money is a legal creation which works if the people view it as something real and viable for valuations and for commerce. What works with the people and gives the people ‘confidence’ will work for a time period. Once a CRASH emerges, however,  and ‘confidence’ is shattered then people will resort to a MINDSET of Barter (a mindset where ‘things’ prevail as money). History demonstrates this reality and many of the wise and discerning public are already using this reality for the exchange of goods and services (now).

The ‘mindset’ of barter is a healthy mentality to develop at this time in our history. Our financial system is really an ‘illusion’ of one’s MIND and at some point down the road, this ‘illusion’ will be exposed (for what it is) to the wise and discerning. The deceived masses may likely not discern these realities as it requires serious thinking and understanding. One needs to think and learn from history and experience to discern these realities. Money has a long history and the wise and discerning understand that items like GOLD and SILVER are sought after as the ultimate forms of money when a FIAT system (now a digital fiat system) breaks down and collapses. The foundation of all Western money systems (since the dawn of the Industrial Age) has been gold and silver. The American $1.00 (Dollar) started out as a mere ‘name’, ‘number’, and ‘symbol’. But it then was DEFINED (via the Coinage Act of 1792) and given meaning when our Congress defined this ‘name’ as 371.25 grains of silver (silver is a ‘thing’ from Nature).

Today, our $$$ ($1.00, etc.) is/are a mental abstraction (also called a unit(s) of consciousness). We all accept it (this mental abstraction) as a tool for valuation/commerce…as it works for the present time period. After a real market CRASH, however, this ‘imaginary’ unit will be exposed for what it really is (NOTHING…or ‘no thing’). In time this illusionary unit will disappear into ‘money heaven’ (our collective consciousness). Now is the time to internalize some of these realities. For a full understanding of these realities one may need to understand the Philosophy of Dualism. Economics and Capitalism is based on this Philosophy that we call Dualism. I will cover this Philosophy in a later missive for your consideration. Now is a good time to get yourself educated and AWARE of what is EMERGING down the road!

In summary, Barter is a mindset that is very appropriate for what is emerging down the road. Our politicians and our Central Bankers can ‘kick the can down the road’ for a limited time period. At some point soon (possibly in 2013) we could witness the Crash and Collapse of our digital currency system. My expectation is that our HFT computers and the trading mentality (herding) will initiate the collapse of our digital currency system at some point down the road. Today, our system is vulnerable to a type of ‘flash crash’ that can happen spontaneously via our high-speed computer trading. All that is needed is the right ‘black swan’ event to set off this negative herding emotion among our global trading community.

Watch the markets and notice the EMOTION within these markets. Emotion can turn rapidly from ‘positive’ to ‘negative’. Selling the markets SHORT via ‘puts’, ‘naked shorts’, ‘margin limitations’, ‘algorithms, and similar strategies can create this ‘flash crash’ mentality instantaneously in real-time. Today, our markets are all WIRED and within a global network that is interconnected. This type of market is ideal for the type of ‘flash crash’ that I expect to happen…some time down the road! Watch and Prepare for a sudden CHANGE in the direction of the markets. That is my missive for today! I am:

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