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Money $$$…now a ‘Unit’ of Consciousness!

May 5, 2013

Central Banks create money ex nihilo (out of nothing).  Commercial Banks create loans ex nihilo (out of nothing).  What has happened to our money these past 15 years? Why is our money ‘imaginary’ (a unit of consciousness) and without any physical existence? Has money entered a new metaphysical World? Where is this monetary fiction leading our Nation and the World? Let’s think about the concept of ‘MONEY’ and the ‘nature’ of our money. To understand this phenomena we need to understand some philosophy. We need to dig into our own ‘consciousness’!

Today, we have the World’s Central Banks (via there centralized policymaker’s) creating money from their Consciousness (their Mind). Money is now created ‘ex nihilo’ for the first time in recorded history. Money has become a ‘symbol’ (of the Mind), a ‘name’ (of the Mind), and a ‘number’ (of the Mind). All this emerged with the advent of our computer technology and the digital age of information flow. We have entered a new world…and few seem to discern what is happening.

Today, we live in an information age where bits and bytes (photon frequencies) are distributed via a global network of computers…at near the speed of light…and throughout the World in real-time. These new technologies have created a new world of finance and new strategies for money manipulation within our global markets. All this has occurred in just the past 15 years (mostly). Today, mobile devices and credit/debit cards have replaced physical money units.

We no longer have silver coins, gold coins, or paper notes as our money units (except for minor unofficial transactions). Practically all our new money creations are now the result of our digital computers. Money creation and money circulation is now mostly a result of digital units circulating within computer screens (a form of virtual reality). These digital units are created by the Commercial Banking System and controlled by the World’s Central Banks (and their key policymakers). How should we understand this new phenomena?

The best way to understand today’s money creation process is to think about the policies of Ben Shalom Bernanke (the U.S.A. Fed Chairman) and Ben’s  creative QE manipulations. This new trend in Central Banking was mostly initiated by our Fed Chairman after the financial Crash of 2008. This policy of QE (the short name for ‘quantitative easing’) is now becoming ubiquitous globally (with Japan, Great Britain, China, and other Central Banks desiring to follow the lead of our Fed Chairman).

Prior to 2008, our Central Bank (the Fed) was mostly manipulating key short-term interest rates to effect monetary policy in the greater markets. But after the Crash of 2008, Ben introduced a policy which became known as QE (the short name for ‘quantitative easing’). Since the old methods for manipulating the markets via short-term interest rates wasn’t working, Ben initiated his new policy called ‘asset purchases’ (QE). Ben’s image of ‘helicopter Ben’ emerged after his appointment to the position of Fed Chairman. Personally, I call this policy of QE… ‘Official Counterfeiting’…of our Dollar.

This policy has expanded into a new standard policy for manipulating short and long-term interest rates within the markets…as well as asset prices and asset values within the markets. This new and creative process was initiated to keep our markets solvent and to avoid another financial Crash. Ben and his FOMC members have promoted this policy so that the TBTF banks and other foreign financial interests are protected from insolvency and eventual bankruptcy. We now can ‘see’ where his self-interest lies when ‘push comes to shove’. The TBTF entities survive via financial gimmicks (accounting tricks) and the masses of consumers suffer.

The policies of Ben and the other Central Bankers has revealed the corruption within the entire global financial system. We can now discern the strategies employed by the elite controllers to save their vested interests at the expense of the American people and the common citizens on our planet. We now witness how the 1% and their controlling embedded wealth is favored over the broader interests of the public and the common people. Ben is doing us a favor…unintentionally! We can now ‘see’ the corruption and manipulation which occurs within the elite establishment.

The policies of Ben Shalom Bernanke and his Central Bank friends globally (Mario Draghi, Mervyn King, Haruhiko Kuroda, etc.) , reveals WHO controls our monetary system and the World System. And as Baron Rothschild stated in the past…he who controls the money controls the political system. The precise quote of Mr. Rothschild was:  “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire, … The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire. And I control the money supply.” This quote makes the issue quite clear! Money rules and those who control the money flow control those who are subservient to money (the common people).

Today, our global money flows are controlled by the Consciousness of those that occupy positions of Authority within the Central Banks of this planet. Since money today is non-physical (a unit of consciousness) and since the master Computers which create the ‘digits’ circulating as currency units are controlled by select elite banking policymakers, this creates a new World of Centralized control over the entire global marketplace as our new REALITY. We now live in a World where the FEW control the MANY. Money RULES our planet and the few elite who occupy these special positions of Authority (within our Central Banks) CONTROL us all via their policies, manipulations, and financial schemes.

Will this new World of metaphysical money lead to a better and more prosperous World? Is it sound philosophy for the FEW elite (say:  Ben Bernanke, Mario Draghi, Mervyn King, and Haruhiko Kuroda, etc.) and their private backers (insiders) to CONTROL the MANY? Does this lead to ‘freedom’, ‘equality’, and ‘happiness’ for our now 7 billion people on this Planet? My sense is that we have evolved into precisely the OPPOSITE…less freedom, less equality, and diminishing happiness. What can we do to change this EVOLUTIONARY trend?

My sense is that we first need to get ourselves educated and informed on all these new philosophical issues. The history of money reveals that money controls people. Our current System is called Capitalism. Capitalism is based on ‘capital’ (money) as the means for creating wealth and prosperity. Money started out as a physical item chosen by the general public. This physical money (silver/gold et al) started out within a decentralized marketplace. When America started back in 1776 and thereafter, money was less concentrated and centralized. Those who discovered silver and gold in the marketplace became wealthy. Today, we have a CENTRALIZED monetary system where a few select and chosen elite control the entire populace. This, to me, is not a viable SYSTEM for our future.

Take the time to understand our history of money and the evolution of our dollar. I think you will discover the answers to many of the problems which now confront our planet. We now NEED ‘new money’ or ‘none’! That is my view. Pass this missive on to others for their philosophical consumption. I am:

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