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‘Consciousness’ creates my ‘Reality’ – how about YOURS?

April 28, 2013

Science has it backwards and so does Religion and Economics!  Science claims that my ‘consciousness’ emerges from matter (my Brain) and most of Religion and Economics follows this identical false model. I am a product of matter and energy (says Science, et al). My BRAIN creates my reality (according to this paradigm)  and fixes my thoughts, ideas, emotions, interpretations, goals, vision, and desires. This has been the view of Science (and most of Religion) during my entire lifetime. Is any of this valid and accurate today? Does ‘matter/energy’…defined within Quantum Physics and most of Science/Religion/Economics…create our REALITY? I don’t think so! Let’s explore some new realities that seem more relevant for today’s world. First a description of Consciousness:

Consciousness:   It has been defined as:  subjectivityawarenesssentience, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind. One’s inner, core, fundamental Source for BEING!

“Consciousness Creates Reality” – A Powerful Idea for Today!

Science clings to the idea that ‘consciousness’ is a phenomenon created by the brain and only through the scientific process can we learn more about the nature of reality. Science views the Brain as the ultimate source of ‘consciousness’. Spirituality, however,  insists that consciousness creates reality…and that consciousness is within a separate realm from observational science (outside one’s Brain…neurons, synapses, et al). Science is looking for some  ‘thing’  that represents ‘consciousness’ to prove its physical reality…so everyone can assume that consciousness is a fact (within material nature). This is a huge mistake of our thinking!

If science can prove that consciousness creates reality, the idea will be accepted by the masses (according to Science) and it will change the way we view reality. A consciousness based reality places each one of us as the creators of our own universe and capable of changing our current destructive trends. We would also see ourselves as active participants in the creation of the collective reality (a better World System). This means we are not only responsible for our own lives (under God), but we are also responsible for the world we create as a whole. Why is Science deceived about ‘consciousness’ and its reality?

How does a policymaker like Ben Bernanke, Mario Draghi, or Mervyn King (all Central Bankers) create our MONEY today? Is our money created from ‘matter’ as Science might claim? Is the concept of ‘money’ a THING derived from ‘matter’? Just what is ‘money’ today and why does understanding this concept help us to discern the nature of CONSCIOUSNESS? First of all, we need to recognize that ‘money’ is a concept of one’s MIND. Look all around you and see if you can scientifically find a concept? I can’t! Look around you (at this moment of now) and see if you can observe the monetary unit that we call our DOLLAR? Can you scientifically discover, find, locate, or observe this unit of currency that we call our DOLLAR? I can’t!

Just what is our currency unit (the dollar) and where does it (the dollar) derive from? Is our dollar a mental abstraction? Is our dollar a unit of consciousness? Is our dollar a non-material item? Is our dollar part of a metaphysical reality separate from our material Universe? Since I can’t locate or find the item that we call our ‘dollar’…maybe you can? If you can then you will disprove my theory of ‘consciousness’! To my way of thinking, the unit that we call our ‘dollar’ is NOT some ‘thing’ that is OUTSIDE my being (thinking). This unit is NOT within nature or our observational Universe. This unit is NOT material or physical. This unit transcends Science and Observation! This unit is, rather, DERIVED (from consciousness)!

While you are LOOKING around for the currency unit called our DOLLAR, keep in mind that the PAPER note in your billfold or purse is NOT a ‘dollar’. This paper note is actually ‘paper and ink’ with numbers and images engraved thereon. Your silver dollar is also NOT a real ‘dollar’ either. Your silver dollar is a metal coin containing the substance called Ag. Paper is created from trees. Silver is created from a vein in a rock. These items can be used as units of money, however, they are actually what science calls ‘matter’. Our ‘dollar’ , however, is a ‘name’ that we derive from our MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS. We then imprint this ‘name’ on a paper note and/or a silver coin. How did the ‘name’ DOLLAR originate?

In reality, this ‘name’ originated with a person(s). When our Nation was being established after the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783, our founders (mostly Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin) chose the ‘name’ DOLLAR as our currency unit. After our Constitution was signed and implemented our Congress then chose to establish this ‘name’ as our Official Monetary Unit. You can read about this origin and history by searching within Google:  the Coinage Act of 1792. You can also plug-in:  the history of the American dollar. I think you will discover that our DOLLAR is DERIVED from CONSCIOUSNESS! Our DOLLAR is NOT some ‘thing’ within our physical Universe (which Science can observe or discover). So what is our DOLLAR today?

Today, our DOLLAR has evolved into its original conception (that is a mental abstraction or a unit of consciousness). You and I use this imaginary unit of consciousness when we purchase goods and services via our Credit Cards. Our banks use this unit of consciousness when they lend us ‘dollars’ via their fractional reserve banking operations. Ben Bernanke derives his QE dollars from his Consciousness…prior to creating bits and bytes from his official master high-speed computer. These bits and bytes then become virtual digits within the computer screen. These bits and bytes are then circulated via speed of light computers from Ben’s computer at the New York Federal Reserve Bank to recipient banks and dealers accounts (now all virtual computer accounts). So what is our DOLLAR today? I would suggest that our DOLLAR is a Unit of Consciousness or a Mental Abstraction!

In fact, I would suggest that all digital fiat currencies (euro, pound, yen, dollar, ruble, etc.) are now mostly bits and bytes (digits) within the computer screen (created from Consciousness) and these digits are circulated via a NETWORK of high-speed computer machines which are interconnected globally. We now have a Global Interconnected digital currency system which operates via information (bits and bytes) from computer to computer. The historical PAPER and COIN system is now mostly history! Since 1998 our Global Interconnected Computer System has emerged for the entire planet. All this happened as a result of the Underwater Fiber Optic Cable System which was installed around our planet. We now have a Global Internet Society and a Global Interconnected Computer operated monetary system.

Some concepts that support this view of reality are:  prices (today) are derived from Consciousness. Derivatives (credit default swaps, etc.) are derived from Consciousness. All our trading Algorithms are derived from Consciousness. The Value(s) of all asset classes and collateral are derived from Consciousness. QE and similar monetary polices are derived from Consciousness. Debt and deficits are derived from Consciousness. Monetary manipulation and price suppressions are derived from Consciousness. The Keynesian economic model was derived from Consciousness. Every human activity is derived from Consciousness. What does this mean going forward? Why do we need to understand Consciousness?

In conclusion, our monetary units are now DERIVED from Consciousness (mostly our Central Bankers and their Banking Operations). Credit is now mostly derived from our Individual Consciousness (via smart cards, mobile devices, and our fractional reserve lending operations). MONEY today derives from CONSCIOUSNESS (not matter or energy). Consciousness creates REALITY for most people on our planet. Isn’t it time to UNDERSTAND consciousness? Consciousness is fundamental to all economic reality, most scientific reality, and also all spiritual (religious) reality. Consciousness creates MY ‘reality – how about YOURS? Our WORLD economic and monetary system is now a SYSTEM of CONSCIOUSNESS!  Give this missive some serious thought and then THINK about the ‘nature’ of CONSCIOUSNESS! Why is our ‘dollar’ today a Unit of Consciousness? I am:

P.S. A great video on Consciousness (do you know who you are?):


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