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The Authorities want us to ‘Believe’ in the Digital $ !

April 15, 2013

The suppression of the silver and gold prices seems rather natural if you desire the masses to buy into our Digital $. In these past 15 years we have  created a new $ for our economy. Some 97% of all monetary transactions are now done via a Digital $. Stocks, bonds, and all kinds of derivatives are purchased from virtual investment accounts. All global currencies are now mostly digital currencies (within the computer screen). We now have mostly VIRTUAL accounts for most of our savings, bill paying, and investments. All the stock exchanges and the brokerage houses have been transitioned into electronic markets. Electronic markets are digital, virtual, and within Cyberspace (our computer screens). The DIGITAL AGE has arrived!

If this is the mindset of our Authorities, then why would they desire for anyone to have confidence in our historical money units (gold and silver)? They need to change our perceptions on money so that we ALL believe in their new Digital currencies for all our money transactions. We are now mostly a Digital World and the full transition must be encouraged by our elite AUTHORITIES. This, to me, is what is now being promoted by attempting to SUPPRESS the prices of gold and silver so that GOLD BUGS will become disillusioned with these metals. Our elite friends in Europe and our elite policymakers in the U.S.A. desire this outcome for our World. So will this attempt at price suppression create confidence and faith in our Digital $?

Yes, it may work for the unaware and uninformed. These masses will likely support any attempt to rid our world of it historical money and our memory of this past history. The well-informed and those who understand history and philosophy, however, will not follow this lead from our Authorities. What we need to understand is the following:

1. Digital money is Centralized money. Centralized money results in CONTROL over the people and the decisions made by people.

2. Digital money is imaginary money. It derives from the Consciousness of  select policymakers who control and administer this money via their computer desk.

3. Digital money leads to a One World Financial System administered by a global digital currency and a Central Bank for the planet.

4. Digital units have no VALUE in and of themselves. This means that prices will continue to be volatile and distorted. Huge malinvestments develop over time with this type of money. Digital money can not bring us abundance and prosperity.

5. Digital money creates a class society where the elite become rich and powerful and the masses become their slaves (knowingly or unknowingly).

6. Personal freedoms (self-directed decision-making)  become subservient to the Politically correct views of those in POWER.

7. The American Constitution and the historical American values must change so that the elite can CONTROL our economy and the Political Systems. A new Constitution for the Planet is now being planned via Agenda 21 and this agenda is being promoted by our United Nations establishment now. Many of the elite policymakers in our Government and within Europe desire to create this new reality for our planet and for each of us.

If any of you do not like this trend in motion going forward, I would suggest that you reject the Digital $ and continue to own, purchase, and promote our historical money units (gold and silver). The Authorities hate these metals as money…and if the elite’s dream is to fail, we need to let it fail via economic conditions. Gold and silver needs to be promoted for now to bring the current Casino Economy and the Digital $ to its destiny. This destiny is abolishment and elimination…during the coming period of transition to a New World Economic System. Gold can play a huge role during the coming years to restore Freedom and Individualism to our planet. The ‘fight’ will be difficult but, personally, I am ready for this ‘fight’. I hope many of you will join the effort to restore our personal (individual) freedoms going forward! That is my missive for today! I am:

For details on Agenda 21 see these websites:



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