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The ‘Dollar’ Delusion – let’s compare to The ‘God’ Delusion!

April 8, 2013

Atheists are absolutely correct…God does NOT ‘exist’! Those of you who have read or listened to Richard Dawkins, author of the God Delusion (a very popular book which is currently being read and discussed by millions worldwide) might like to compare his theory (that God does not ‘exist’) with my theory called the Dollar Delusion (which proposes that our current $ does not ‘exist’). Others who agree with Dawkins such as Daniel Dennett (philosopher), Steven Weinberg (Nobel laureate in Physics), Steven Pinker (psychologist/cognitive scientist) and Sam Harris (philosopher/neuroscientist) might just agree with me that our ‘dollar’ (now a unit of Consciousness) does not ‘exist’ in Space/Time (our outer Universe). Let’s explore further!

Richard Dawkins has ‘framed’ the debate about God under the historical idea which we call ‘Existence’. He uses the concept of ‘Existence’ to assert that God is a delusion of the Mind. Personally, I would agree with Dawkins that God does not ‘Exist’ within our Space/Time Universe. God is not some ‘thing’ which ‘Exists’ out in our Natural Universe (that which we observe with our eyes). God, however, does not need to be ‘framed’ under the historical concept of ‘Existence’. Personally, I view God as real and ever-present in the Now Moment (within one’s inner consciousness/spirit). God can be ‘real’ yet invisible and without any physical ‘existence’ in Space/Time. The mistake of many writers and philosophers IMO is their FRAMING of the debate. The concept of ‘Existence’ implies that God is a ‘thing’ who is within some location (of our Universe) that can be ‘discovered’ by human beings!

The ‘framing’ of the debate creates false implications! Now let’s talk about our current DOLLAR. Why do I claim that our current $ is a delusion of the Mind? Our current $ is much like the concept of God…merely a ‘name’…but we have become accustomed to thinking of this ‘name’ (Dollar) as a THING which ‘exists’. But do mere ‘names’ within one’s Mind ‘exist’ within our Space/Time Universe? Do mental Symbols ‘exist’ within our Space/Time Universe? Do mathematical Numbers ‘exist’ within our Space/Time Universe. I do not think so! Why? I would propose that mental ‘names’, ‘symbols’, and ‘numbers’ are units within our Consciousness (our inner invisible mind). These units are invisible and non-physical. If this is accurate, then what is my/your Consciousness?

Consciousness (in my philosophy) is the Source which gives me life, movement, and personality. Consciousness also activates my physical BRAIN. I could not talk, think, or move without my Consciousness. I could also say that ‘I live, move, and have my being’…in God…the Supreme Consciousness! Yes, Consciousness does NOT ‘exist’ and neither do the contents of our Consciousness (words, ideas, concepts, symbols, imaginations, notions, numbers, names, etc.). All this content (within Consciousness) can be ‘framed’ under the idea of an invisible, non-physical, immaterial, metaphysical reality. What emerges from this worldview is what I call DUALISM (two realms of reality). Philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Descartes initiated this Worldview. Also, most philosophers of theology would adopt a Worldview of Dualism.

I would propose that economics, finance, valuation and trading concepts need the philosophy of Dualism as their Worldview. The origin of money serves the purpose for the ‘valuation’ of goods which we produce and then trade with others. Money emerges from an ‘idea’ of one’s Consciousness and then this WORD becomes a ‘name’ for some physical item (say silver) which does EXIST. This example reveals the Dualism within economics, finance, and trading. Money starts as an ‘idea’ (of one’s mind) and then this ‘idea’ becomes concrete with the selection of a ‘thing’ (physical) for valuation purposes. The purpose of ‘money’ is to serve as a tool for the valuation of goods and other items that we exchange in our various marketplaces. Mind and Matter are both involved in this human process. Dualism is the philosophy which expresses this Worldview.

So let’s summarize the Worldview of Dualism for those of you who desire to understand this philosophy:

1. I agree with the above Atheists (Dawkins, Dennett, Weinberg, Harris, and Pinker) that God does not EXIST (in our material/physical Universe).

2. I disagree with the above Atheists about the reality of God, however. God is real and present in the NOW moment (within our Consciousness). This means that we need to ‘frame’ the debate about a Higher Source differently!

3. I would ‘frame’ the debate about our Dollar within these guidelines. Our original dollar created via the philosophy of Thomas Jefferson and our first Congress (1792) started with a ‘name’ and then this ‘name’ was used to denote a weight of physical SILVER. Then the specific weight of silver was chosen as 371.25 grains of Ag. This created a ‘dollar’ which EXISTED within Space/Time.

4. Since this original ‘dollar’ which ‘existed’ in Space/Time, we have changed our ‘dollar’ into merely a ‘name’, symbol, and a number (this emerged after the closing of the gold window in 1971). Today, our dollar is merely a ‘name’, ‘symbol’, and ‘number’ which is derived (from Consciousness) and then actualized into virtual images within the computer screen.  Dollars are created by select Banking Authorities who can use their imagination to create dollars (now virtual digits) OUT OF NOTHING (their inner Consciousness).

5. We witness all this money creation as we watch the operations of our Central Bankers on this planet. QE has become ubiquitous as Central Bankers desire to keep their virtual currencies from collapse. In reality, however, all these virtual currencies are mere fictions derived from the thinking Mind of select policymakers. Done of these currencies Exist within our Space/Time Universe!

6. To understand today’s fictional and imaginary markets we need to understand the philosophy of Dualism. Unfortunately, most of economics and science has rejected this philosophy and Worldview.

7. How we ‘frame’ an issue can be ‘key’ to how we perceive reality. I have learned much from the Atheistic mindset over the years. I do reject the implications derived from some Atheistic conclusions but I do respect their rationality in many areas of philosophy and economics.

Finally, I would suggest that there is a huge DELUSION over money and our various digital currencies today. The Dollar Delusion seems very real to me. To understand this Delusion one needs to follow the history of how our money units originated. First Principles are key to understanding what has evolved and where we are today! Enjoy! I am:

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