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Do ‘Money Units’ derive from Brain activity or Mind activity?

April 3, 2013

President Obama reported on Tuesday that he is proposing $100 million (of fiat digital dollars) to map the human brain (according to the Associated Press). He wants a study of the ethical, legal, and societal implications from this brain mapping. Evidently, Obama and his Administration thinks that Brain mapping will reveal something important about human behavior and human actions. This new study will be designed to track activity down to the individual cell connections (our neurons and synapses). Would this study reveal any details about our ‘Mind’ activity (my/your thinking such as the origin of our ‘words’, ‘concepts’, ‘notions’, ‘ideas’, or ‘imaginations’)? I would suggest NO (absolutely No)! Today, many scientists and neuro-specialists think that my/your Brain is the Source of my/your thinking! But is this reality or illusion? Let’s explore!

I would suggest that my Brain is a physical organ (some three pounds of matter/energy) inside my skull. This organ is very important in helping me operate physically and functionally…but it (my Brain) is Not the source of my thinking (words, concepts, ideas, imagination, etc.). The real Source of my thinking is my CONSCIOUSNESS (also called my MIND). For those of us who desire to understand monetary policy and the actions of Central Bankers (such as Bernanke, et al) and their QE operations…going forward, we need to understand the difference between BRAIN and MIND. Let’s delve into some of these differences and speculate about the implications! This missive should be viewed as MY personal perspective on these issues!

First of all, my Brain (this is my personal viewpoint) is not the SOURCE of my thoughts, plans, goals, intentions, schemes, and similar conceptions. In reality, my Brain (some 100 billion cells and trillions of connections) is neutral (uninvolved) when it comes to thought, word, idea generation. My ideas and words derive from my Consciousness (also called my Mind). In reality, my Consciousness is what ACTIVATES my Brain (neurons and synapses). Without my Consciousness, my Brain and all these cells and connections would not function or operate. What we need to understand is that MIND activates BRAIN. My MIND (also called Consciousness) is the Source of all my thoughts, plans, schemes, conceptions, imaginations, and plans. A good website for understanding the philosophy of Mind or Consciousness is: This website will enlighten you on the basic nature of Consciousness and why this concept is essential for understanding reality.

Briefly, Consciousness is immaterial and metaphysical. Consciousness is not a ‘thing’ which I/you can identify within our Space/Time Universe. Consciousness is ‘outside’ the human skull and therefore can not be located for study by any instrument or mechanical device. Science can study any ‘thing’ within the human ‘skin’ and ‘skull’. Science, however, is impotent when it comes to discerning the ideas, thoughts, conceptions, or schemes within my MIND (or anyone’s ‘mind’). This reality is very important (to understand) today if we desire to understand the thinking and conceptions of policymakers such as our Central Bankers and their Schemes (Bernanke, Draghi, et al).

Mr. Bernanke or any other Central Banker is not likely to reveal what is within their inner Consciousness or Mind. This information is invisible and private information that can ONLY be revealed AFTER some overt action is taken (such as his current $85 billion of QE operations and his subsequent distribution of these digital dollars within the Financial System). Did anyone perceive or KNOW anything about Bernanke’s QE operations prior to his implementation? I don’t think so! What about Mario Draghi’s policymaking operations or that of Mervyn King, etc.? What about those who implement monetary policy in Japan, China, Brazil, Russia, or  any other Nation on this planet? Who can discern the inner thinking of these finance/monetary policy operators?

The schemes, ideas, conceptions, plans, goals, and future actions of our Central Bankers (and Politicians, etc.), can NOT be discerned precisely even if their entire BRAIN activity could be mapped and detailed (per Obama’a $100 million proposal). Brain activity does not reveal Mind activity. This difference (between Brain and Mind) is very important if we want to understand future actions of key leaders and policymakers within our Global Financial System. Those of you who have done some study within philosophy will perceive that all the above are ‘part and parcel’ of the philosophy of DUALISM. Dualism (which originated with philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Descartes is the core philosophy of historical Capitalism and Economics).  Each of us uses Dualism daily as we shop, invest, and trade in the marketplace.

Dualism proposes that concepts of the MIND are separate and distinct from objects observed in Space/Time. For example: a silver or gold coin is an ‘object’ within Space/Time. We dig this metal up from our earth and then create a physical coin. The ‘name’ we give a currency derived from a selection of silver or gold as our money unit, however, is derived from MIND. This demonstrates that Dualism is how we all think on economic/financial issues. Furthermore, ‘prices’ and ‘values’ are also derived from one’s MIND. Prices and Values are NOT physical objects or things…rather they are concepts derived from our Consciousness (Mind). Any discerning person needs to recognize that Brain activity is neutral and impotent when it comes to human decision-making.  Can a human being (person) who dies instantaneously via a gun-shot to the skull (with a still active brain) create any conversation or communication? I don’t think so! The Brain is worthless without active CONSCIOUSNESS (life)!

In Conclusion, let’s summarize some important concepts and ideas that apply within economic and financial philosophy:

1.  Brain activity is part of Space/Time reality and can be discerned via mapping and other mechanical devices. We can learn much about the cells and synapses within our Brain (some 100 billion cells and trillions of connections).

2.  Brain activity, however, does NOT generate our ideas, words, concepts, schemes, plans, goals, or imaginations. Our ideas, et al are invisible, metaphysical, and spiritual. Ideas derive from Consciousness (all part of MIND).

3. Within Economics and Finance, all ‘numbers’ and ‘math’ concepts derive from MIND activity (not our Brain). All the current fiat (digital) currencies in circulation are really derived from MIND (consciousness) and then human behavior (now via the computer) creates these fiat (digital) currencies for distribution within the computer screens of our World Wide Computer Network. Digital currencies are really ‘virtual’ currencies (an extension of the Human MIND).

4.  The concepts we call ‘value’, ‘valuation’, ‘price discovery’, and similar are now derived within the computer screens of our marketplace. All this is really derived from our inner imagination which derives from our non-material CONSCIOUSNESS (MIND). This also includes all our virtual (imaginary) stocks, bonds, securities, derivatives, and algorithmic formulae used to create our ‘values’ and ‘prices’ (now within a global marketplace). Most of financial and economic activity is now VIRTUAL!

5.  Today, our marketplace is a network of virtual information distributed via the WWW and our internet connections. Goods and items of production are physical and material BUT all our prices and values are derived phenomena. All derived phenomena comes from our Consciousness (our inner life force). This life force is really metaphysical or spiritual!

6.  What this means is that Dualism is our reality in the marketplace. Dualism reveals the differences between Body, Brain, and MIND. Every human being on this planet (I propose) lives and acts via Dualism daily! When we shop in a store we choose some physical item to purchase (say milk) and we then must confirm that the ‘value’ or ‘price’ is proper and fair. This process involves MIND and/or CONSCIOUSNESS (our inner life force).

7.  Obama’s proposal to spend $100 million in fiat (digital) dollars to map the BRAIN and all its connections WILL NOT help him or us evaluate or discern our ethical, legal, and/or societal behavior. I applaud the attempt and effort to gain new knowledge about our brain activities…however, I seriously doubt that any of this mapping will help us discern or understand human behavior or the inner workings of the human MIND.

8.  Money (historically) is a concept of one’s MIND (an idea). Money does not EXIST as a ‘thing’ within Nature (our physical Universe). As human beings we INVENT (derive) Money from our Conscious thinking and then use Money as a ‘tool’ for VALUATION of goods. To understand money, finance, economics…we need to understand our inner thinking (all derived from our Mind). Our Brain is within our skull but our Mind is outside our skull. That is my view!

There is a DIFFERENCE between Brain and Mind. Watch the actions of our Central Bankers and Politicians going forward. We can NOT discern their THINKING…but we can evaluate their ACTIONS (after the fact). That is my missive for today. I am: Check out this website on Consciousness: Enjoy!

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