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Cashless Society has Arrived! Who Benefits?

March 17, 2013

Government and the Banking System benefit from a Cashless society. These two entities control the digits which we call ‘cash’. Think about the trends toward a Cashless society that have emerged in just these past 40 years. Credit cards have become ubiquitous; on-line banking has become ubiquitous; trading and investing is now mostly electronic; all government securities have now been converted to virtual instruments; stocks and bonds are now mostly virtual; and our entire planet has been wired via the underwater fiber optic cable system. This has created a digital world for everyone. The WWW has changed our World!

I can now receive my Social Security check via a direct deposit from the U.S. Treasury’s algorithmic computer program. All Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, and Pensions payments are now handled via electronic transmissions. The goal these past 40 years has been to create a global internet society along with a Cashless economic society. All this has now arrived for our planet. The positive benefits of this new information (digital) age is that we can communicate with anyone on the planet in mostly real-time.  We can also buy and sell with minimum inventory as we use ‘just in time’ concepts for all our transactions. And all our customers can pay for their products via a digital (cashless) transaction. This transition has occurred without any input from the voting citizens of this planet. Government and Banking have imposed this new Cashless Economic System upon us all. What could be their goals and schemes…going forward?

CONTROL is the key word that comes immediately to my mind. Governments and Banking now Control all the money systems on this planet. The Banking Cartel has the most operational control over our global economy. These elite policymakers scheme with select Governmental elite to create their One World Financial, Economic, and Political System. It’s all emerging on schedule and the common person (individual) is destined to a role of subserviency and slavery to this SYSTEM! Most Americans seem totally unaware of the consequences of this new Cashless World on their personal ‘individual’ freedoms as the elite impose this new Cashless World upon everyone. Those who CONTROL the operational aspects of our money can dictate the end results and the distribution of World Commerce. Our survival will depend on this Centralized Elitist system!

Privacy will  gradually be destroyed as ‘money’ becomes mere digits in the computer screen with select elite policymakers determining who gets what and when. As the Government grows in power and control over the economic system the freedoms enjoyed under Classical Capitalism will vanish for the individual and accrue to the elite in CONTROL of the System. The few will govern the many! Welfare Socialism will replace Free Market Capitalism. Keep in mind that what made Capitalism great for us ‘individuals’ was our freedom to earn real money from our labor and then spend this money as we desired (free from Government interference). This World is now vanishing… and is being replaced with this NEW Centralized Global Elitist Digital System that has ARRIVED!

All of Europe is destined to live under this NEW Centralized Electronic System. The Goal for Europe is that 2015 be the official date for a total Cashless Economy. Asia, Africa, Australia, Latin America will likely adopt this elitist philosophy for their economies. In fact everyone on the planet has a tradition of putting the State (Collective) prior to the ‘individual’ when ‘push comes to shove’. The ONLY Nation which is founded on the idea that the INDIVIDUAL comes prior to the STATE is America. Will America abandon its founding principles and merge with the Collective Elitists on this planet? This is my QUESTION for all Americans! Do Americans really want to abandon the ‘individual’ for a Centralized Elitist System (economically and politically)? It appears that the Obama Administration desires that America merge with the European Elitist Philosophy. The past two elections seem to support the idea that Americans are divided over what direction America should pursue…going forward!

My sense is that the POWERS in CONTROL of our planet desire the Collectivist philosophy (as of now) with a Global Cashless economy as their means for Control and Manipulation of results. The new Global Computer Economy which has emerged these past few years is now in their operational CONTROL. It is unlikely that they will abandon this elitist System for America’s founding philosophy of the ‘individual’ with a Free Market Economy using real silver/gold as money for the Economy. A decentralized System (as proposed by our Founding Fathers) is anathema to those who CONTROL power and money on this planet!

If Americans desire to CHANGE the current intrenched trends, which favor Collectivism and Centralization, they will need to WAKE UP and get involved to change the current trends! This means selecting NEW leaders who desire that the vision of our Founding Fathers be implemented anew. We would need to reeducate all of mankind to the advantages of putting individual freedom (and the sovereign person) prior to the STATE or the COLLECTIVE. Can America WAKE UP and then CHALLENGE all these elitist bankers and government officials so that their current efforts and operations are reversed? My sense is that an ‘abolishment’ of the Federal Reserve System would be a great start for turning the tide! The FED is totally corrupt and this operation is totally unrepresentative of any of our Founding Fathers ideas for promoting freedom and justice for all!

Give this missive some serious thought as you reflect on the current trends towards Centralization and Globalization for the planet! Think about the 7 billion people on this planet who would become servants of the elite and their manipulations! Think about your children and relatives who would need to bow to the few elite (probably administering the System from some location in Europe) for their daily bread, health, and personal destiny! The issues are huge! We all need to WAKE UP and become AWARE of what is now HAPPENING! I am:

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