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Physical ‘Goods’ and Virtual ‘Prices’! Who understands?

March 1, 2013

Economics has entered a new paradigm where market ‘prices’ are now determined within the computer screen by traders speculating and/or investing in real-time. Prices are no longer determined by the exchange of printed notes (paper money) or metal coins. Economics has now entered the world of the meta-physical or the realm of consciousness (the human mind). This is the first time in recorded history where our ‘money’ units are virtual bits and bytes (images derived from photon frequencies) which appear in our computer screen, mobile phone screen, or TV screen. These imaginary units do not exist as material objects!

The global internet system has allowed this new economy of virtual money, virtual stocks, virtual securities, and virtual derivatives (swaps, etc.) to emerge as our financial system for the planet. Information technology and high-speed computer distribution of this information is now global and embedded within all economic operations. Traders click their mouse buttons to buy/sell/trade/option/speculate within these global electronic markets. Central Bank trading desks are active in their efforts to monitor all this trading activity and to assure that the global system appears viable, efficient, and ‘transparent’. Select trading desks at select commercial banks and/or hedge funds can manipulate select prices of key commodities/stock/securities to assure that all ‘appears’ sound, efficient, and effective. Have you noticed how the global stock markets are manipulated up/down/sideways by the HFT speculators and by select Commercial Bank trading desks? Who is aware that our markets are now computer controlled?

All this financial manipulation, price suppression, price elevation, and asset valuation changes can be accomplished today as the ‘few’ have control over our money units and the creation/destruction of these units (all via the electronic computer). Also, the official accounting system which is supposed to assure sound logic and consistency in all the bookkeeping records is now manipulated, changed, and adjusted to favor those ‘few’ who are Too Big To Fail (the global TBTF banking cartel institutions). A good example of these ‘shell game’ tricks is what we call Quantitative Easing (really official counterfeiting when fully understood).

If I am Fed Chairman or a Central Bank Minister (or similar) I can create new money units by just thinking up ‘numbers’ (called dollars, euros, yen, pounds, etc.) within my mind…and then increasing my official on-line account by clicking buttons on my Central Official Trading Computer. Magically, money appears in my computer screen in the billions so that I can accomplish some type of manipulation to effect the greater trading markets. I can manipulate ‘prices, ‘currency values’, ‘mortgage interest rates’, ‘government security interest rates’, ‘gold and silver prices’, ‘select corporate stock prices, ‘foreign levels of inflation/deflation’, ‘asset values of select derivative instruments’, etc. All I need is access to unlimited ‘money units’ (which I now create out of nothing) and a high-speed computer that is wired within a closed financial network. Who can discover what I am doing and why? The actions of those in control are mostly ‘secret’ and ‘invisible’…prior to implementation!

The old days of printed checks, printed notes, metal coins, and rules which limited my ability to manipulate the financial system vanished with the emergence of computerization, electronic distribution of funds, real-time wired networks, and real-time (speed of light) connectivity (nationally and globally). I and my select cartel of global policymakers (Central Bankers and select Financial Dealer Institutions) can now use the computer and our wired network of controlling mechanisms to effect, affect, and manipulate any market that needs to be manipulated to accomplish our ends. The financial tools (really Casino type trading devices) which have emerged in recent years allow me to use ‘naked shorts, ‘special option devices’, ‘real-time algorithms’, ‘dark pool trading’, etc. to influence, suppress, elevate, and/or manipulate whatever financial instrument or asset class that I might desire to affect. Does any of this sound like Free Market Capitalism?

All this change in the operations of our markets has emerged in just the past 15 years (mostly in the last 10 years). The Crash of 2008 revealed the nature of our new electronic markets and also those ‘few’ who now CONTROL these markets. Person’s such as Bernard Shalom Bernanke, Mervyn Allister King, or Mario Draghi have emerged as central elite policymaker’s who can create ‘trillions’ of money units to change parameters and metrics within the markets so that their select goals and favored entities remain financially secure. The wealth of our Nation and the Prosperity of our people are now totally ‘dependent’ upon these select elite policymakers for our financial survival. Does any of this sound like real Capitalism or Free Market Economics?

I listen to the Larry Kudlow Show daily and I witness his claim (mantra) that Free Market Capitalism is the Best Road to Prosperity. But does this media person have any idea what he is espousing? Where is our Free Market Capitalism today? Where are the decentralized markets where the people are in control? Where are the physical money units (silver/gold/paper with backing) that made American Capitalism the envy of the World? Where is our Prosperity and the Private Enterprise System which created this Prosperity? Why do we now have some 28% of our GNP represented by the non-producing public sector (and growing daily)? Why do we have unsustainable debts and deficits that can not be repaid? See this website for details: Why are many foreign nations now calling America the GREAT SATAN? Does any of this sound like Kudlow’s Free Market Capitalism?

Finally, who understands the nature of Virtual reality vs. Material reality? Are you aware that Capitalism was based on ‘Materialism’? Today, our money units are ‘Virtual’ (bits/bytes) within the computer screen (derived from the consciousness of select elite bankers). All ‘prices’ (for example silver/gold/wheat/oil, etc.) are now determined (set) by actions of traders via their computer screens (buy/sell/options/shorts/puts/ etc.). We now have a Casino mentality within the trading community globally (the open out-cry system has been abandoned). Algorithms, naked shorts, put options, etc. are used to create ‘price’ changes today (all these ‘price’ changes are within the virtual computer screen). We all live within TWO realms of reality today! A VIRTUAL reality (currencies, prices, values) and a SPACE-TIME reality for Goods, Commodities, and items of Production. None of this represents historical Capitalism or American Economic Values!

What has emerged in recent years is a NEW WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM (centralized and manipulated by just a few elite operators). Select Finance Ministers and Central Bankers control the operations! Where is this leading in the coming months and years? It seems obvious, to me, that this is leading towards a ONE WORLD FINANCIAL SYSTEM (computer controlled) with a select few ELITE pushing the buttons. Do Americans and other FREEDOM loving individuals desire this type of NEW SYSTEM? Is there any CHOICE in the matter? Will this NEW SYSTEM be forced upon all mankind? Must we all adopt this new economic philosophy for our survival? The trends do not favor my philosophy (that is certain)! Think about these factors and then derive your own philosophical conclusions. That is my missive for today. Think for yourself! I am:

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