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‘Money’ is now INSIDE the Computer Screen!

February 11, 2013

Our money units are now mostly virtual items within a ‘closed’ network which we observe via our computer screen. Control over inputs to this ‘closed’ (invisible) network are centralized and few have access to the control switches. What has emerged in the past 15 +- years is a centralized computer network (global system) where a few elite policymakers (mostly Central Bankers and/or Finance Ministers) create and destroy money units per their whims, policies,  and concepts of market manipulation. Few understand what has emerged these past 15 years…and the consequences of this type of centralized/virtualized network. The old days of ‘free’ decentralized markets have vanished and disappeared.

Let’s ask and answer a few key questions to gain some understanding of what we now call our global monetary system. 

#1:  What is a ‘closed’ network of virtual money units?

Ans.:  What we call money today is mostly a virtual unit (digit) which appears as a number(s) within our computer screen. Select bankers and finance ministers have access to this ‘closed’ network via their access to the greater network of commercial banks called the Federal Reserve System (or similar in other nations). Within this  ‘closed’ system of bits and bytes that transform themselves into our money units (called dollars) we witness the ‘prices’ of stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and all the other virtual items which get distributed within this ‘closed’ electronic network. The network is mostly invisible (as bits and bytes are not tangible items) and the output can only be observed within our computer screen as visual images. These visual images give us the ‘illusion’ that these virtual items are real and tangible. In reality, however, all these virtual images (within our computer screen) are extensions of our ‘imagination’ and ‘thinking’…which originates all this information. The human ‘mind’ or ‘consciousness’ is the source for all information which gets embedded within this closed network.

#2:  Who mostly has ‘input’ and ‘access’ to this global network of money units and how do these elite policymakers create money units for their real-time financial manipulations (interest rate manipulations, price manipulations, volume manipulations, etc., etc.?

Ans.:  What we need to understand is that our money units today are ‘no thing’ units which do not exist in space/time as material objects. Money today is an ‘idea’ or ‘concept’ of the mind (consciousness). Money is ‘invented’ (within the mind) by those in special authority positions who have access to the special trading desks and high-speed computers which direct the overall network. For a good example in understanding how money units are used to manipulate and affect the global markets we need to understand the operation called QE (quantitative easing). A better ‘name’ for these operations would be ‘official counterfeiting’ IMO.

#3:  What is QE and how do select elite policymakers ‘create’ new money units (dollars, euros, yen, pounds, yuan, etc.) with their special access to their private high-speed computers (at their hidden and invisible trading desks within their Central Bank facilities)?

Ans.:  What happens today is that a select group of policymakers can meet in private (via cell phones, email, group phone conversations, internal video communications, or formal settings within established financial institutions) and then ‘think’ up financial schemes which might manipulate key financial metrics to accomplish their select visions (their mindset) of what they desire to effect or accomplish. QE is merely an acronym for what many common people would call ‘official counterfeiting’. A Central Banker and his/her private committee might ‘think’ up a scheme to manipulate interest rates in a particular direction…or they may desire to increase money units for their select dealer banks at zero risk and zero interest rate so these financial institutions can further create new manipulations of the markets (stock, commodity, currency, mortgage, and bond markets).

Since the new methods for manipulation are now done within a ‘closed’ system of virtual reality (the computer screen) and since select master computers ‘control’ this system and manipulate the ‘inputs’, all this now happens in milliseconds and at near the speed of light. Mathematical ‘algorithms’ (with no human real-time control) can act out various IF/THEN scenarios for all this manipulation in real-time. The global inter-connected fiber optic cable network allows these select private Central Banks (and their bankster friends) to operate (invisibly) within this ‘closed’ and mostly private network (system). Traders, investors, politicians and the retail investor public may have ZERO understanding or awareness of what these select private banking manipulators are doing, planning, or scheming.

#4: Who are the policymakers that have authority to input new metrics and create new money units for the markets? Is the Federal Reserve System and the key elite who operate this network of electronic digits (called money) under any real-time oversight by our elected leaders (say the President or members of our Congress)?

Ans.: Currently, there are just a few elite global policymakers that have near absolute control over the master control switches which determine when and how much ‘money’ enters the global system (network). The three most powerful global policymakers (none are publicly elected by voters) are: Ben Bernanke, USA; Mario Draghi, EUROPE; and Mervyn King, GREAT BRITAIN. These three individuals (appointed but not elected) act to monitor and then manipulate the overall ‘closed’ network of money creation and money scheme ideation, GLOBALLY. These three can create new emotions and actions from traders and investors with mere ‘words’ coming from their ‘mouths’. The ‘words’ from the mouths of these elite can cause a market change of direction or an emotional uptrend or downtrend in the prices of MOST virtual assets (those that trade within the computer screen). Today, some 96% of all monetary transactions take place within our computer screens. Can you discern the ‘closed’ nature of this system (network)?

We also need to recognize that our American Congress does not have real-time oversight over the actions of Ben Bernanke and his Federal Open Market Committee. This centralized Committee operates mostly in secret and without any real-time transparency which the American public can witness. Our President, Barrack Obama, also does not have operational control over these elite policymakers and their real-time manipulations. What has emerged in recent years is a ‘closed’ computer network of money creation and manipulation which is administered by unelected elites and personnel who have no real transparency (light) on their actions and thinking which determine decisions. The actions of the master computer desk operation (under the supervision of William Dudley) at the New York Federal Reserve Bank is another operation that receives little public transparency in real-time. This trading desk is fundamental to all QE and similar financial manipulations by our Fed.

In conclusion, I would suggest that everyone watch the behavior of the elite who control our ‘closed’ global markets. These policymakers have virtual control over all the global markets including price trends, volatility trends, emotional trends, sentiment trends, confidence trends, and eventually a reversal of all the above trends from the current manipulated direction. What we have today are manipulated markets, centralized planning, and unelected elite controlling and ruling over all economic activity on this planet. What would be a good ‘name’ for today’s economic model? Economics ruled by a few? A money cartel which manipulates the markets? A casino of bits and bytes that create our imaginary markets? A network of fiber optic cables and speed of light transactions?

Thomas Jefferson and the founding Fathers of American Capitalism would not approve of our current economic and monetary model. Our founders established a decentralized system which allowed the common citizen input into our markets and the price structure which emerged. Today, all is central planning and market manipulation by unelected elite. Give this missive some thought and then think up your own label for today’s economic and monetary network. I am:

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