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Financial Deception is Rampant (on planet Earth)!

February 9, 2013

Financial Pundits seem unable to separate MONEY from material ‘Things’ of Value!

The vast majority of financial pundits (including most financial advisers) seem ‘deceived’ on the nature of our money units today. If I said (to any pundit) that a silver coin was our only money unit (our currency) then I think all would agree that our money unit was a ‘thing’ which existed. If I then asked each pundit if the ‘number’ or ‘name’ on the silver coin (say it is the ‘symbol’ $1.00 or the ‘name’ dollar) was a valid money unit (independent of the silver coin), I think everyone would laugh and say ‘no deal’ Don (this is nothing but your imagination). Yet, today, most of our money units are derived from the consciousness of Central Bankers (their minds) and reside within their consciousness as monetary symbols and currency names. Our ‘dollar’ is now mostly created ‘out of the mind’ and then numbers are typed into a financial account to represent a monetary transaction. All this is mental gymnastics, accounting symbols, and our imagination at work…yet none of the financial pundits seem to understand or notice! Why?

My sense is that most people are not aware of their own consciousness (mind). When most people see an image of money units within their computer screen, they assume (mentally) that these images are REAL (not imaginary). This assumption, however, is false and this may be why our entire global monetary system is now mostly an ILLUSION (but seems real to the many who lack the discernment to differentiate). This ILLUSION appears ‘real’ to most people’s minds and they give it no further thought. This ‘deception’ (of our mind) is re-enforced by the media and our financial pundits as they THINK of money as a ‘printed’ note. They also THINK that our Central Bank (the Fed) is ‘printing’ new paper money units to continue their quantitative easing operations. This deception (of the mind) is continually re-enforced by all the media and most financial advisers who have not discerned this difference.

What we need to understand is that we live within TWO realms of reality (called Dualism). The realm of our consciousness (mind) and the realm of matter (which is outside our mind). A silver coin that I can hold in my hand is an item of ‘matter’ (a material substance). The symbols and names engraved on this coin, however, are derived from the realm of ‘mind’. These symbols and names are actually ‘imaginary’ and non-material. Today, all currency symbols are traded within our computer screens as ‘imaginary’ virtual money units. These virtual units originate from information theory called ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’. These ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’ create the numbers and words which we observe within our computer screen. This gives us the ‘illusion’ that these words and numbers are material (physical) units. In reality, however, bits and bytes are mere units of logic derived from our consciousness (mind). They are not physical/material/matter.

In conclusion, the vast majority of financial pundits, financial media, bankers, politicians, elite policymakers, etc. seem totally deceived (but unaware of their deception). Since most are unaware and deceived the financial system tends to work on this illusionary phenomena. Reality, however, is likely to continually emerge as more traders and financial pundits start to discern this reality. Keep in mind that silver coins and gold coins and items from nature are material objects which exist in space/time. Most of our currency units, however, are virtual, imaginary, and likely to disappear as people discern the reality of Dualism (the two realms of reality that we all live with). Think about the Dualistic nature of reality to discern this difference. That is my missive for today. I am:

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