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Gold is ‘not’ Imaginary – Why?

January 26, 2013

Silver and Gold coins are ‘not’ imaginary but ‘bits’ and ‘bytes’ and ‘digits’ in our computer screen are ‘virtual’ units (imaginary)!

The history of money is a history of physical items (wampum, tobacco, silver, copper, gold, etc.) serving as proxies for valuing other items of wealth. The first physical item chosen for money was probably grains of oats (derived from farming grains in ancient Sumer). This desire to invent some item for ‘valuing’ other items demands that we select something that people desire (psychologically) as our money unit. All of human history reveals that people choose some physical item for their money unit. After choosing a money item, then valuation of other items of wealth becomes practical and efficient. Today, however, our money unit has become non-physical, non-material, and a unit which is created ‘out of nothing’ (one’s consciousness). This unit has ‘no’ value and no physical/material existence. Imaginary (funny money) has emerged in recent years. Who can discern this reality?

Gold is an element (Au) derived from nature and it exists independent of our MINDS…(it therefore qualifies as one option for money). Additional items which qualify as options for money are:  silver, copper, platinum, palladium, or paper notes (backed by silver or gold). Today, our ‘dollar’ is derived from the consciousness of our Central Bank policymakers. These policymakers then type in digits (via the computer) into their System Open Market Account (SOMA) to artificially increase their account. Many of us would view this process as a form of official counterfeiting. These digits (called dollars) after appearing in the virtual computer checking account (SOMA) can then be transferred to other entities for the purchase of financial assets. The official ‘name’ for this operation is called QE or quantitative easing. To date our Central Bank policymakers have artificially created $trillions to save our economy from collapse. Presently some $85 billion of QE money is being created to manipulate our markets. All this is done via the computer. Virtual money has arrived!

Our FED is now the prime source of ‘money’ from heaven (funny money).  Ben has been ‘thinking’ up creation schemes (QE) and then sending a ‘directive’ to the trading desk at the New York Federal Reserve Bank for implementation. Money is now created ‘out of thin air’ or more precisely ‘out of  Ben’s consciousness’. The MIND of Ben has created all these $trillions which has allowed our stock market to reach exponential levels (currently 13,895). Our FED has purchased most of the Government Debt which our Treasury issues…to maintain their spending levels.  There is no ‘PRINTING’ of money units today. Our FED now has a computer desk and a manager that can ‘type’ new dollars (digits) into their checking account (at no cost and at no effort). All this is declared ‘legal tender’ for the payment of all debts (public and private). It’s a great scheme for the elite and their dealer bank friends.
Funny money and trader herding is now creating a bubble in our stock markets, our bond markets, and our derivative markets. All this is possible due to the imaginary money that we now live with. Typing numbers into the computer screen gets converted to bits and bytes which then get transferred at near the speed of light from our Central Bank trading desk to designated recipients. It’s a new world of finance. Virtual reality has replaced physical reality. Paper files are now scanned into the computer screen and stored as virtual documents. Stocks are now virtual symbols and names. Bonds are now virtual symbols and names. Mortgages are now virtual symbols and names. Cyberspace is the new location for all legal contracts and instruments. Think virtual reality and cloud storage going forward. Trading is now concerned mostly with algorithms and electronic platforms. The entire planet is being ‘virtualized. Watch CNBC on FOX Business on your trading platform. Trade stocks and financial instruments via our mobile phone. We live in an imaginary world of numbers, names, and symbols. Who understands what has emerged these past 15 years? Probably not many!
Virtualization of our money (the dollar) and all world currencies is now ubiquitous worldwide. Gold is a physical commodity. Silver is a physical commodity. These precious metals have been the foundation of money for most of human history. Capitalism is based on physical money units. Now that all our money units are becoming virtual units within the computer screen this creates a new and different philosophy in the minds of traders, investors, lenders, and bankers. We now need to think differently given what has developed in recent years. We need to rethink all our concepts of traditional Capitalism.
We need to notice that current trends are leading us towards a One World Financial System with select elites governing the planet. Keep your eye on the Central Bankers on this planet. What will they do as market conditions change and collapse. Watch where ‘money’ flows and who creates and distributes these money flows. Watch the politicians as they scramble to manipulate their budgets and accounting rules going forward. The game of money has changed dramatically. Watch and then THINK for yourself. That is my missive for today. I am:
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