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Vancouver Investment Conference Report (January 20-21, 2013)!

January 24, 2013

Best presentations were:  Michael Berry, the GATA group, and John Embry of Sprott Asset Management!

Michael Berry, Economist (best presentation)

Chris Powell, (great presentation)
The Vancouver Investment Conference attracted some 10,000 attendee’s. This two-day conference was mostly excellent and the presenters were mostly well-informed. The best presentation was from Economist Michael Berry. Michael presented an overview of the philosophy which is now developing in Washington D.C. He senses that the Obama Administration is leading us directly into Socialism and this means that spending and debt will continue until the entire monetary system implodes (some years down the road). He sees an increase in the Debt Ceiling (now and in the future) with the Republicans caving in to maintain their positions of authority within the overall political system. Since there is no solution to our Debt issues, kicking the can down the road will continue!
Vancouver, British Columbia (location of Cambridge Hard Asset Conference)

The GATA  group presented a solid case for the ‘price’ suppression of silver and gold by the Western Banking Authorities. This ‘price’ suppression will likely continue until market traders and the American public gain greater support and political clout…to counter this ‘price’ suppression. GATA has gained solid support from a growing group of traders and investors who recognize that the Banking Authorities are ‘manipulating’ the silver and gold markets with their HFT computers. The real-time observations of GATA and their supporters demonstrate that silver and gold prices are manipulated and suppressed on a daily basis. The reason for this ‘price’ suppression is most likely because Western Central Banks desire that their ‘fiat’ (digital) currencies continue to grow in confidence within the greater marketplace. Gold and Silver (historical money) presents a huge obstacle to these Banking Authorities.
John Embry, Sprott Asset Management  (excellent presentation)

The third presentation that was excellent (although incomplete) was the talk by John Embry of Sprott Asset Management. John presented a historical overview of our monetary system and the changes which have occurred since the Bretton Woods Agreement, after WWII. He recognizes that the closing of the gold window by Richard Nixon in 1971 was key to the excessive ‘printing’ of money that has occurred these past 40 + years. He also recognizes that Western Central Banks have a self-interest in the suppression of silver and gold prices to maintain confidence in their paper ‘fiat’ currencies. John fully supports the efforts of the GATA group to expose this price suppression and manipulation. John senses that the price of silver could explode to historical highs in the near future as more pressure is placed on those who manipulate the price. We could see $200 silver in the future if price suppression is eliminated.

Many attendees at this Conference and similar events now seem to agree that our markets are ‘rigged’ and ‘manipulated’. This rigging is possible now that our monetary unit is a virtual digit within our computer screen. High Frequency Computer Trading along with actions by our Central Bank Trading Desks can manipulate prices with their algorithmic formulae and real-time shorts. Central Banks have unlimited digits (dollars) which they can lend and/or artificially create for purposes of price manipulations. With the ‘click’ of a mouse button these Trading Desks can sell ‘short’ any virtual stock, option, or future contract. All this was made possible with the ‘virtualization’ of money these past 15 years.
Watch the markets and notice the virtual nature of all money units today. Money units are created by the actions of our Central Banks via their computer desks.  Bits and Bytes become ‘digits’ (numbers) within the computer screen. Traders then trade these bits and bytes (digits) via their HFT computers at near the speed of light. All this was made possible as a result of the underwater submarine fiber optic cable networks which have been installed to create our WWW or internet.
Thousands of miles of underwater cables are the infrastructure which allows our real-time communication (text, video, voice) via our computers. What a change for our Global markets. We now live in a NEW GLOBAL VILLAGE of real-time connectivity.

Finally, notice what happens as our Central Bankers continue with their QE manipulations going forward. Also, watch as our Regulators create new ‘circuit breakers’ to prevent a major market crash. The newest proposal appears to be starting in April and August 2013, according to the NYSE Euronext website. Our Central Bankers desire that any market crash be limited by stopping all trading after a small decline in the Stock Markets. All these policies, however, show that our Current System is very fragile and unworkable for the longer run. Go to: for more details. That is my missive for today. I am:

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