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What’s the Problem with SILVER and GOLD prices?

January 3, 2013

Why the sideways trend when markets are being flooded with digital units from our Central Banks? Why haven’t ‘prices’ skyrocketed?

What is the Viewpoint and Philosophy of Central Bankers? That is my Question!
 1. If I were a Central Banker, I would hate the metals we call Gold and Silver. My reason for hating silver and gold is that I desire MY policies and MY money units (digits in the computer) to be accepted by the markets. Also, I desire to promote ‘confidence’ in the markets via MY policies and MY operations. Doesn’t this make sense? Why must I do what is reasonable and feasible to monitor, control, and manipulate the ‘prices’ of these metals?

2. As a Central Banker with ‘tools’ to affect the markets (manipulation policies) what could I do operationally to make sure that these barbarous relics (silver and gold) did not gain real credibility in the vast global markets? I must maintain credibility in MY money units and MY policy operations if the economy is going to grow, prosper, and reach new levels of ‘confidence’. The battle (for me and all Central Bankers) is to ‘fight’ any sustained increase in the ‘price’ of both Silver and Gold. It’s essential!

3. I now have a ‘trading desk’ under MY control at MY Central Bank and I have unlimited units of money (mere digits in the computer screen) to affect (and control) the ‘prices’ of key assets within most markets on this planet. Why not monitor the ‘price’ of Silver and Gold in real-time and then ‘trade’ (via shorts or similar) to manipulate and control the ‘price’ of these precious metals. Is this possible today? And wouldn’t this be a WISE policy (from MY official point of view) considering the dangers which could arise if the markets (traders, investors, and speculators) decided to make a ‘run’ for these metals in real-time?

4. To camouflage MY policy of monitoring and manipulating the ‘price’ of these precious metals, I could work with a ‘trading Desk’ separate and removed from MY Central Banking Operations. After all, we now have HFT traders in locations all around our planet who could be assigned or given this task (to manipulate and control the price of silver and gold within an acceptable range). If there were any leaks from MY ‘plunge protection’ policy, I would be protected and innocent from any legal repercussions.

5. Furthermore, MY goal and the GOAL of all the official policies of key Western Central Banks on this planet is to maintain CONFIDENCE in ‘our’ principles, goals, philosophy, and policies. In fact, WE must do whatever we think prudent to ASSURE that we maintain CONTROL of the markets (including the emotions of traders, investors, and the public at large). Doesn’t this make SENSE given our SITUATION? What would happen IF we didn’t do the above? Our entire belief SYSTEM would crumble and evaporate. The ‘alternative’ to the above is much WORSE (given our plans, desires, goals, and interests) for this planet!

The Barbarous Relic (from the point of view of Central Bankers)

The ‘price’ of GOLD and SILVER (historical items of MONEY in the MINDS of many) are really extremely detrimental and real obstacles for our Central Banking Schemes and future Goals (if we are to create our ONE WORLD ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL SYSTEM). These metals could reverse ALL our plans and goals if they are ALLOWED to gain a foothold within the greater financial markets! This means that we MUST make SURE and these METALS remain subdued as ‘alternative’ options for a new money system. We now have the ‘tools’ under our Virtual Monetary Schemes (and the speed of light transactions which are available to us) to assure that these metals (and their ‘prices’) are contained, controlled, and kept within a range that is ACCEPTABLE to ‘us’. As Central Bankers, WE all agree on this reasoning, don’t we???

This is my cynical view of what might be in the MINDS of some CENTRAL BANKERS and their CARTEL Leaders! Give it some thought at your leisure and see if this does not make SENSE. The Big Question, however, is:  Can this type of monitoring and manipulation continue indefinitely…given that more traders, investors, and the general public are becoming more cynical about these Central Bankers and their policies? The future should be interesting and revealing. That is my missive for today. I am:

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