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NEW Economic ‘MODEL’ is now NEEDED!

December 30, 2012

It is obvious that our current Debt Model is bankrupt and obsolete. There is no viable solution to our global Debt issue! Who understands this obvious reality? What happens After a default now needs evaluation, concern, and understanding?

2. We now have reached a threshold level of Debt (globally) as a result of our prior Model of Keynesianism. This Model was based on ‘spending’, ‘debt’, ‘fictional’ money, ‘greed’, ‘mandation’, and ‘selfishness’ (might makes right). This philosophy no longer works given today’s global society. We now must admit that we can not repay all this prior Debt…as is evident at this website: The Model of Keynesianism has worked to a degree (1934 – 2012) however, it created unsustainable Debt and Deficits which now limit its future. The Model called Keynesianism is now mostly ‘dead’ and ‘obsolete’…going forward.

3. Our new technologies (the computer and the internet) have changed reality for our global society. We now transact business and communication within a real-time virtual environment. Virtualization of communication via the WWW and our high-speed computers has created this real-time environment for information and for economic transactions. Trading is now global and 24/7 for most of the world’s traders, investors, and speculators. Political events are now affecting all economic transactions and this creates most of our current stock market volatility. Our new technologies have changed our world!

4. All global currencies now trade within a relative relationship to each other. Since the closing of the ‘gold window’ in 1971 all currencies have evolved into fiat currencies (paper units) and now into virtual currencies (within the computer screen). Money has recently evolved into psychological ‘names’ (euro, dollar, yen, etc.) and ‘symbols’ ($1.00, Y1.00, E1.00, etc.) which trade relative to each other within the computer screen. Traders, Bankers, Investors can now exchange their currencies via virtual platforms and within virtual environments. Virtualization is progressing at warp-speed to encompass the entire globe. All global currencies and Central Banks now use these virtual currencies as reference points for denomination of ‘value’ in the marketplace.

5. The trend for all money transactions and trade is now global and a global monetary regime is emerging rapidly. The money cartels on this planet are now working feverishly to create this One World Financial System (with a single world currency) for the entire planet. All this is emerging and is likely to replace the existing confusing system of some 150 (+-) world currencies in the near future. RFID identification and barcode transactions (via smart phones) are growing daily to replace the existing system of fiat (paper) currencies and metal coins. Gold and Silver are being rejected as having any future role within this new virtualized monetary system. Global trade, virtual currencies, centralization of policy decisions, real-time transactions have become ubiquitous within our wired global markets. Is this what Americans desire for our FUTURE?

6. The human family has exceeded 7 billion within some 193 nations on planet Earth as of 2012. When I was born in 1943 the human family was approximately 2.4 billion. At the time of our Civil War (1865) the human family was around 1.25 billion. At the time of our American Revolution (1776) the human family was only 850 million. This number was only 200 million at the time of Mohammed (1632) and 170 million during the time of Herod the Great, Jesus, and Augustus Caesar. If we go back to the time of Abraham this family was only around 27 million. And if we continue back in time we start with only two beginning individuals (lets call them Adam and Eve). What a change in our human family since our start some 6000 years ago. This change in numbers now means that we need to think differently going forward. A New Economic Model is now needed for our growing human family. The question, however, is WHO’S economic model will prevail? Keep reading below for discernment of current trends!

The following websites and videos will provide you with some evidence for this New Monetary Regime that is emerging globally:,,, (RFID chip is trend that is ominous).

Watch the above YouTube video to discern how RFID chips are embedded within credit/debit cards for identification purposes going forward. These chips are now embedded within many USA credit cards as a result of the virtual money system which most consumers now use. Who is Aware of where this leads!  Will the authorities create BioChips down the road to replace the RFID chips now in use? The technology is here and everyone may eventually need some type of Chip to Buy and/or Sell in the future (if a global monetary regime is fully implemented). Keep in mind that Governments must have CONTROL to maintain their governing powers. Money is the best and only real method for CONTROLING the populations on this planet. To survive in the future Governments may need both RFID and BIO Chips as mechanisms of CONTROL Our new technologies have beneficial and also terrifying implications!!! Will the American people buy into these new technologies for economic survival (after the coming economic collapse)?

BioChips are now also available for implant into animals and humans. Could this lead to a global controlling money system? Many think that our world is heading towards this situation (given the imaginary money of today) plus our fear of ‘terrorism’…and the Governments NEED to CONTROL their populations!

Biochips are getting used for human identification purposes in the Nation of India now.
Everyone needs to get educated on all the NEW technologies and mechanisms which Governments now have for controlling their citizens. Our virtual money system of today is becoming a Global System rapidly and this is leading towards a One World Financial Hierarchy as the policymakers for the entire planet. Current authorities are promoting this philosophy as a Solution for our economic problems and also for controlling the 7 billion people now needing economic survival. Those who have wisdom and understanding will reject this trend and also this philosophy of the Money Cartels and Political Cartels running our planet. That is my missive for today. Keep watching events as they emerge and then THINK for yourself! I am:

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  1. One of our valued listeners, Don Swenson, posted this today in Kingdom Economics. As a reminder, it is worth a read. « Korelin Economics Report

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