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Semantic Deceptions that need Correction for 2013!

December 24, 2012

What is difference between the PAPER Market, the DIGITAL Market, and the PHYSICAL Market (especially for silver and gold)?

I just finished listening to an interview with Andrew Mcguire (the Silver baron and whistleblower) and Eric King on King World News. Andrew and Eric continually referred to two different markets that are affecting the price of silver (namely the ‘paper’ market and the ‘physical’ market). Let’s give some thought to these two markets and the ‘names’ given to each. Is there really a ‘paper’ market today? Would it not be more accurate to call this market the ‘digital’ market? Today, all the trading markets have changed from the old days of ‘paper’ and ‘physical’ metals. What is called the ‘paper’ market (by many pundits) is now really the ‘digital’ market. What has changed in recent years is that all the ‘paper’ trading which occurred prior to the computer age, has now been transfigured into our ‘digital’ markets (virtual trading). Trading is now done via the electronic computer and prices are now expressed within our computer screens. This means that the old ‘paper’ market is now a ‘digital’ market (within a virtual computer screen). This semantic difference is important for experts to understand going forward. The TWO markets that affect the price of silver are really the DIGITAL market and the PHYSICAL market. See this website for Andrew’s digital analysis of the silver and gold markets: Notice that he uses all ‘digital’ information on his website!

All the silver and gold markets are now DIGITAL markets (displayed within the computer screen)

The so called ‘Paper’ Market has become Virtual and is now within Cyberspace

 The Daily Silver Fix is derived from data which is digital and within the computer screen (no paper)

Confusion results when financial pundits use ‘words’ and ‘concepts’  (such as ‘Paper’ Market and Central Bank ‘Printing’) which are now outdated and which do not reflect current reality. I witness this at most of the gold bug conferences which I attend. It seems like the speakers are unable to shed themselves from old concepts and ideas which are now obsolete and unreflective of current reality. Today we are dealing with DIGITAL markets and VIRTUAL currencies (all within our computer screens). This reality needs to be reflected in the WORDS that we use when talking to the public and to attendees at our conferences. Who will be the first to shed these ‘old’ ideas and concepts when they present talks to the public?
Will Andrew McGuire and similar pundits change their ‘words’ in 2013 (to reflect today’s reality)?

The ONE person who really understands how the money game works is Ben Shalom Bernanke. Ben has repeated many times that he is NOT ‘printing’ money. He has mentioned that he merely increases his System Open Market Account by increasing the ‘electronic’ units via the computer. Ben understands that money today is ‘virtual’, electronic, and that money units are created via his decision-making (from his consciousness). Ben understands that there is NO ‘paper’ silver or gold market today, rather all is digital and within the computer screen. WATCH this video explanation by BEN for understanding of our current money operations. If you WATCH this two or three times I think you will want to CHANGE your ‘words’ from ‘paper’ and ‘printing’ to DIGITAL, VIRTUAL, and units within the COMPUTER screen

 Watch this VIDEO for official words re: what is happening with our money today!
I leave for the Vancouver Hard Asset Conference in late January, 2013. Will I witness anyone who speaks with these new concepts during their presentations? I doubt it! It is very difficult to change one’s thinking behavior when the leaders at these conferences use obsolete concepts in their presentations. The next time that you listen to well known presenters on TV, video, podcasts, or in real-time talks watch for the WORDS that they enunciate. We can learn much (or get confused) from the WORDS that proceed from the ‘mouths’ of well known pundits. The Words we use can often create more confusion than enlightenment.

WORDS reveal what one is thinking within one’s consciousness!

What Mr. Bernanke now does is merely have his manager of the computer DESK at the New York Federal Reserve Bank TYPE in new ‘numbers’ into their computer screen. The old days of requesting the BEP to ‘print’ up new notes is over. The total new ‘printing’ of notes in 2012 was a mere $40 billion or so. You can find this information at the BEP website: Some 90+% of new printing is now merely replacement of worn out notes. Ben now can create his new dollar symbols (what most pundits call ‘printing’ money) ‘out of nothing’ (his consciousness). What a change from the old days of ‘printing’ as displayed above. Today, money is ‘virtual’, created ‘out of nothing’, displayed within cyberspace, and observed within our computer screens. Money is now mostly ‘imaginary’ and within our ‘consciousness’. This makes most money non-material and mostly meaningless for solving issues of ‘valuation’ and for any ‘stability’ of prices. Does anyone perceive these changes in our marketplace? Watch this video:
Enjoy the Holiday Season and let’s think DIGITAL in 2013!

I am: Enjoy the Holidays!

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