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Understanding ‘Consciousness’ and ‘Money’!

December 1, 2012

Today, ‘money’ is mostly ‘invisible’ and is initiated within the sub-conscious MIND of Central Bankers. What does this mean for our financial markets, prices, values, volatility, and our economic future?

Where does Ben Bernanke, Mervyn King, and Mario Draghi obtain their ‘millions’, ‘billions’, and ‘trillions’ of money units for their QE operations? Have the financial markets digested this question? Do the American people understand this question? We now know that Ben Bernanke has created ‘trillions’ of money units (called dollars) for his various loan facilities (in 2008 -2010) and for his QE operations (2008-2012). The balance sheet of the FED has also increased some 2 + trillion and this amount has allowed large dealer financial entities to flood the global markets with new loans and investments for certain select clients. All these new money units (called dollars) by Ben and his FED system must derive from some SOURCE. Let’s think deeply about where Ben, Mervyn, and Mario obtain their new money units (dollars, pounds, euros) for their various financial operations.

 In reality, ‘money’ is invented by people in a marketplace. Money starts out initially as a concept of one’s MIND and then gradually becomes a ‘name’ or ‘word’ for a chosen object (silver, wampum, tobacco, tulip bulbs, barley,  etc.). This means that ‘money’ is not some object itself which we discover within our material Universe (space and time). The first object used as money could have been a shekel of barley (a unit of weight measured in grains) in Sumer (the Sumerian civilization of some 4000 years B.C.). Later the Hebrews (around 2,700 B.C.) used this ‘name’ (shekel) for a unit of silver and this name became identified with a silver coin (approx. 1/2 ounce of Ag) for traders to exchange for other items of ‘value’. This history suggests that objects (items from nature) were selected by traders to serve as a ‘proxy’ for ‘value’ (‘value’ is another subjective concept of our MIND).

Throughout history, various markets (the people who traded natural resources) selected some object that everyone agreed was generally ‘valuable’ to the group as their ‘money’ unit(s). Indians selected beads (called wampum), Tennessee hunters selected deerskins, Alaskan traders selected beaver skins, and Colonial Americans selected tobacco and later silver coins. As political government’s formed leaders desired to ‘centralize’ money creation and this gradually led to paper notes, bills, script, certificates, minted coins, etc. as objects and proxies for ‘value’ determination (money). These items were often mandated to be used as official legal tender (money). Gradually, new ‘shell games’  and money ‘manipulation’ schemes emerged between centralized money cartels and the general public. Those who understand human nature also understand that human beings can be manipulated and deceived.

Clipping of coins (reducing the silver content) to deceive the public emerged (in many cultures) so that political entities could accomplish their economic goals, wars, conquests, and increase their positions of POWER. Then printing and engraving ‘names’ and numbers’ on paper units emerged…with pictures (visual images) of authoritative leaders on the paper units to imply authenticity and honesty. All these gimmicks, shell games, and mental tricks  emerged to further increase money transactions within a marketplace and allow the centralized authorities to accumulate more POWER, WEALTH, and CONTROL. Leaders recognized that control of the MONEY unit (the selected item and its value) could help them achieve their immediate goals, conquests, and material wealth… and also allow them to CONTROL the general public and their economic behavior. Money, Power, and Control are the key goals of political leaders so they can accomplish their RULE (schemes of conquest) over the marketplace and the general public.

Historical personages who understood the ‘power’ of money and its deceptive intrigue were individuals like: King Solomon, Caesar Augustus, Osman Ali Khan, Nikolai Romanov, David Sassoon,  Nathan Mayor Rothschild, John D. Rockefeller, Nelson Aldrich, J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg, John Maynard Keynes, and J. Paul Getty. Others who desired to prevent elite money interests from gaining control over the marketplace were individuals like: Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Charles Lindbergh, Daniel Webster, Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, Buckminster Fuller, and Barry Goldwater. Today, we have individuals like Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffet, David Koch, Sheldon Adelson, and Michael Bloomberg as our elite money barons. So what allows so many elite power-brokers, bankers, politicians, and money cartels to influence our markets, economic decision-making,  and personal destiny?

The nature of our ‘money’ today is partly the issue. Today, we have an elite group of mostly unelected power-brokers in control of the World’s money system. Those with the most power and control over money we call Central Bankers. There are only a few select Central Bankers, however, that seem to have the MOST influence, power, and control over our global marketplace. The United States of America is the major Super-power on our planet as of 2012. The Central Bank of the United States of America is called the Federal Reserve System. This System was established in 1913 via the Federal Reserve Act. What has evolved since 1913 is a Centralized monetary operation (called the FED) which involves mostly a select few unelected power-brokers (also called policymakers) who have emerged as Dictators and Manipulators of our entire Monetary and Financial System. Few understand this recent evolution and the nature of the OPERATION. Is the Federal Reserve Act a constitutional piece of legislation?

What has evolved since the closing of the Gold Window in 1971 (a decision of the Nixon Administration) is an entire new monetary operation. What happened first was the establishment of an index currency system globally. This emerged in 1973 with the index dollar (a weighted average number) with no material foundation. Since gold was dropped as a psychological tie to material reality, the end result was the establishment of pure psychological numbers and math as our currency and pricing mechanism. Money became mostly psychological and internal (within one’s consciousness). Today, we have only 4% of all money transactions done via paper currencies. The remainder of money transactions today (some 96%) are now the result of virtual currencies (within our computer screens). Our ‘dollar’ is a virtual currency today. The British ‘pound’ is a virtual currency. The European ‘euro’ is now mostly a virtual currency. And the other some 175 currencies on this planet are developing into virtual currencies rapidly.

All this change has been the result of our new technology called the electronic computer. Today, high-speed computers are used by most everyone to invest, buy, sell, trade, and value assets globally. The use of paper notes, metal coins, silver, and gold is minimal and not sufficient to affect the trends within our global marketplace significantly. Today some 70% of all the volume within our stock, currency, and commodity markets are the result of HFT computers or retail computers. Virtual currencies within Cyberspace (the computer screen) are becoming ubiquitous globally. The current trend is for everyone to transact business via the computer and within Cyberspace. Reality is real-time and mostly VIRTUAL. This new development, mostly since the 1990’s, is now allowing select elite policymakers to control and manipulate all the global markets via their CONSCIOUSNESS.
The concept of ‘consciousness’ and the inner thinking of select Central Bankers now creates new money units, real-time volatility, global inflation, asset deflation, value flucuations, temporary confidence, lack of confidence, moral hazards,  and price manipulations in the global marketplace. We witness this daily as we wait and watch for new decisions emerging from our FED, the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, the Peoples Bank of China, and all the other Central Banks on this planet. New debt, credit, loan programs, and new currency units now emerge via the conscious decisions of these unelected bureaucrats. Bureaucrats like, Ben Bernanke, Mervyn King, Mario Draghi, Zhou Xiauchuan, Alex Tombini, and Sergei Ignatyev can create new money units via their CONSCIOUSNESS (their inner thinking, ideas, and perceptions). What a major change in our MONEY, its CREATION, and the EFFECT on our global markets!

Money is now ‘created’ OUT-OF-NOTHING (another word for the inner ‘consciousness’ of Central Bankers). Ron Paul calls this process creating money ‘out of thin air’. Others mis-label this process as ‘printing’ new money via the printing press. In reality, money is now an ‘invisible’ unit of consciousness. We experience this ‘invisible’ unit when we use our credit/debit cards for our financial transactions. We experience this ‘invisible’ unit when we look at the virtual numbers (digital images) in our IRA accounts, our bank savings accounts, our mutual fund accounts, and all the governmental web accounts ( Money has become virtual, immaterial, and a non-physical unit of our consciousness. Few understand this reality today!

Where could all these new developments be LEADING? Is the ‘mark of the beast’ emerging as some Christians suggest? Is a ‘one world government emerging as some conspiracy personages suggest? Is a ‘one world virtual currency’ emerging that will be administered by a single central bank? Will everyone on this planet be forced to use virutal currencies as mandated legal tender? Just what is emerging given these new developments within our global financial markets? Is Capitalism as we’ve know it ‘over and done’? Will a few elite Central Bankers govern the entire planet? The next decade or so should be interesting and instructive as we watch all these changes taking place. Change is occuring at warp speed.
Watch what happens with U.S. Fiscal Cliff legislation, U.S. Debt Ceiling legislation, European Debt and Monetary situation, China currency/value situation, Dollar as World  Reserve Currency situation, Gold/Silver manipulation by Central Banks, and Middle East economic and political situation. Check back to this blog for more information  on all these issues going forward. I am:
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