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Why is Economics different…from most Science disciplines?

November 25, 2012

The discipline of Economics is much different from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology which are mostly based on Materialism! Why?

When we study the science of Physics we are dealing with material objects and the substance of matter/energy. Physics deals with objects within our Spacetime Universe and which are outside our minds (consciousness). Everything that we observe within our Universe is some ‘thing’ or ‘object’ and all of these items are composed of matter/energy. This makes Physics a science and philosophy of Materialism. Chemistry and Biology also use mostly the philosophy of Physics within their disciplines to study their elements, chemicals, cells, and DNA information. Science has now identified some 118 elements (in total) with copper, silver, gold being unique elements within this total.

The important point to understand is that the entire discipline within Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are mostly a study of ‘material’ objects and substances. Many historical economists have attempted to adopt the model of the materialistic science as an applicable  model for Economics and Monetary issues.  The model which we call Keynesianism was mostly conceived and then presented as a materialistic model…with ‘numbers’ and ‘math’ viewed as ‘material’ things.

This model, however, is really fallacious as (in reality) ‘numbers’, ‘math’, and all the ‘equations’, ‘index’ number  representations,  and ‘derivative’ concepts utilized within Keynesianism should be viewed as psychological (non-material) phenomena. Keynesians have used ‘math’ as if ‘numbers’ were items of matter/energy (and not ‘forms’ within our minds). The philosophy of Dualism (which started with Socrates/Plato and later Descartes) is clearly revealed when human beings act within an environment of a marketplace.

Human beings are much more than material objects and material substances (as represented within Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). Human beings live and act within TWO realms of reality (a duality) and this action is obvious when we observe human behavior within a marketplace. Let’s look at a couple of examples where the philosophy of Dualism is evident and prevalent. When we go to a Super-market environment (say like Wal-Mart) and shop for food, clothing, and items of shelter we experience all kinds and quantities of objects (goods) within this environment. We could call this environment a type of marketplace. What do we do and experience within this marketplace?

First of all, we use our Mind‘s to evaluate the ‘prices’ of goods as we do our shopping. We think about the ‘value’ of each item that we plan to purchase. Is this ‘value’ right for our immediate needs and wants? We witness the ‘prices’ for alternative items and do comparison shopping prior to selecting a final item(s) for our shopping basket. This process of evaluation and contemplation transcends all of the sciences of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The ‘prices’ which we observe are really subjective units which were derived by the management of Wal-Mart. Also, the quality and ‘value’ which we contemplated during our shopping experience was an internal process which we experienced within our non-material consciousness.  What does this suggest for the discipline of economics and money?

This process of thinking, contemplation, planning, and evaluating is really a psychological process which transcends materialism and physical science. Prices are non-material derivations. Value contemplation is a non-material process. Our eventual decision to buy goods or products at given ‘prices’ reveals the ‘Dualistic’ nature of our shopping experience. The objects and goods which we purchased were all part of the science of Physics. The mental decision-making processes, however, transcends Physics. The ‘name’ for this philosophy within economics can be called DUALISM. The philosophy of Dualism recognizes what Keynesianism has ignored and attempted to hide from their MODEL of reality. Human beings are NOT material creatures. Rather, human beings, are psychological/spiritual beings who experience TWO realms of reality as they live and act within a marketplace.

The philosophy of Dualism was given meaning by the Greek philosopher Plato. Plato revealed most of his philosophy after learning reality from his mentor Socrates. Later in the 1600’s the French philosopher that we call Rene Descartes expounded his view of reality which also suggested that Dualism was a meaningful philosophy. Basically, Dualsim proposes that human beings live and act within TWO realms. These two realms are different as one realm consists of matter/energy (the material) and the other consists of a psychological realm of mind (non-material). This philosophy gradually developed into what we now call the ‘Mind/Body’ problem. What is the difference and can this difference be demonstrated in the marketplace?

Economics and money reveal the reality of Dualism in the marketplace. Money emerged as an ‘idea’ of one’s Mind (some 6000 years ago) and then became a ‘name’ for some commodity that was traded in a marketplace. Later this commodity became a ‘proxy’ for valuation of other goods within a marketplace. Then a currency ‘name’ emerged as the money commodity was defined precisely.  This led to specific ‘names’ for a currency (like Shekel, Denarius, Drachma, Dollar, Pound, Yen, etc.). This ‘name’ is then defined in terms of the material commodity so it can serve as a ‘counting’ or ‘pricing’ tool within a marketplace negotiation. Later, the currency ‘name’ was redefined and changed as politicians and money cartels emerged to manipulate ‘value’ and ‘prices’ for various intended goals. New ‘shell’ games emerged to confuse and control the marketplace.

Anyway, the philosophy of Dualism has been part of economics and money since ‘day one’. Money is a tool which allows participants in a marketplace to ‘value’ other goods, assets, and concepts. Money also allows ‘power’ brokers (politicians, money manipulators, and money speculators) to further confuse and deceive those within a marketplace. Today, we have specific Central Bankers who have access to the process of money creation. These Central Bankers have an operational system which allows them to create ‘money’ proxies ‘Out of Nothing’…simply typing in virtual numbers (digits) into a computer screen and then calling these ‘numbers’ legal tender for all debts (public and private). This operational process further reveals the philosophy of Dualism in action.

For the United States of America, we have a policymaker by the name of Ben Shalom Bernanke (Central Banker and FED Chairman). Mr. Ben Bernanke has exercised a policy called Quantitative Easing (QE) in recent years where he creates virtual numbers (called dollars) for his System Open Market Account. He is allowed to create these ‘numbers’ (digits) via this process of typing…with no operational oversight from any of our elected representatives within our Congress. All this is considered legal and lawful as this operation by Ben and Company is being allowed under the legal authority of an Act called the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. Ben and Company (also called the Federal Open Market Committee) can act and operate similar to a Centralized Dictatorship via their ‘independent’ legal cover called the Federal Reserve Act.

The philosophy of Dualism is revealed by Ben and Company as they create new ‘money’ units from their ‘thinking’ (mind) and then ‘type’ in virtual ‘numbers’ into their computer screen (all this is done at the New York Federal Reserve Building by the trading Desk manager). Ben gives the Directive as it emerges from the Federal Open Market Committee’s secret meeting and the Desk Manager types in the digits (called legal tender dollars) into the System Open Market Checking Account. Is there anyone in the United States of America who understands this ‘shell’ game as it is being played? Does Ben even understand what he is doing and the role he is playing as our Fed Chairman, as our Money Dictator, and as our Shell Game Operator? My observation suggests that his behavior  is difficult to discern. Few other than select elites can even talk to him or challenge his policies or behavior.

So what is my conclusion given all this past history and information? Personally, I would suggest that our American Capitalistic Economic System is ‘Over and Done’. We now have ‘imaginary’ money created via the MIND or Consciousness of mostly ONE person (Ben Shalom Bernanke). Ben operates a Shell Game System where he is ‘independent’ from any real-time Congressional Oversight. He thinks up his schemes and machinations and calls this process Lawful and Legal and Constitutional and Just. Ben hates any real commodity (like gold or silver) as lawful money (as specified in Article I, Section 8, Clause 5 of our Constitution). Our entire Economic System has evolved into a DEBT system where DEBT has become unsustainable and impossible to repay.

The one website which reveals our current unsustainable situation is: This site shows that our current deficit is $1.1 trillion, our National Debt is now nearly $16.3 trillion, our Total Public and Private Debt is nearly $59 trillion, and our Unfunded Liabilities are $121.6 trillion. We have some 47.7 million Americans on Food Stamps and some 68.7 million on Social Security. Our demographics show that the over 55 group is growing and our S.S. payers (those who fund our retirees) is shrinking. When will this debt and operationally bankrupt system collapse or start to collapse? We can witness the beginnings of a collapse as of today. Our representatives and the financial elites are at logger heads over any process or procedure for dealing with our situation. There is no mathematical solution to all these issues.

We now need to recognize that we NEED a New Economic Model going forward. Keynesianism is basically over and done. Our World financial situation can be categorized with one word:  DEBT. This ‘debt’ is unpayable and most informed experts now recognize this reality. We all need to get ready for a change that is revolutionary and Global in nature. Now is the time to get your DUAL nature (mind and body) ready for this coming CHANGE. Dualism is reality and Mind over Matter must prevail with any New Economic System. That is my missive for today:  I AM,

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