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The Core Concept in ANY ‘New Economic Model’ is???

November 12, 2012

The concept of ‘NOW’ is this core concept. Let’s get acquainted with this concept of ‘NOW’ and its reality going forward! I would suggest that it is hugely meaningful – especially in todays global internet society!

Our current political and economic systems have been based on the concept of ‘time’. This concept has even been promoted by scientists as a fourth dimension of our Universe. Check out the definition of ‘time’ via this YouTube video:  (it demonstrates the confusion that people associate with ‘time’).  But what are the realities of this concept and what are deceptions and illusions? Is this concept of ‘time’ (as historically presented) really meaningful in today’s world? Let’s think about how we actually LIVE our lives. Does ‘time’ and its implications hold water in today’s world of instant communication and realtime data distribution?  Is ‘time’ (as historically presented) an objective reality or an imaginary illusion (of our mind)?

If I ask most people on the street if the ‘past’ is an objective reality many will respond…yes. If I ask,  is the ‘future’ a real objective reality, many will also respond…yes. We have many economic concepts which reinforce these concepts of ‘past’ and ‘future’. The ‘time’ value of money is one concept that many experience within finance and money. As a valuation consultant, I experienced this concept within most of my valuations. Mortgage lenders were generally more concerned about the ‘future’ than the present moment. Financial pundits, like Larry Kunlow and his guests, talk daily about future expectations about earnings and the implication for higher stock prices as a result of these expectations.

Future expectations (of higher earnings) mean, to him and many others, that stocks and asset values are under valued and headed higher. Others look at ‘past’ charts and financial metrics to imply that ‘future’ trends are leading to growth, prosperity, and higher asset prices. The mindset of many is that ‘time’ is real and that our thinking should be focused on ‘past’ – ‘future’ imaginations. But, let’s think again about these concepts of ‘past’ and ‘future’! Do these concepts relate to how I/you LIVE our lives from day-to-day? Does the ‘past’ have any objective reality to how we live our lives? Does the ‘future’ have any objective reality to how we live our lives? How we THINK (right now) is essential to a healthy body, brain, and mind. Educators, traders, lenders, economists, and everyone else, now need to rethink their philosophy with regard to these important concepts. Why?

Let’s think about how I/you live our lives from moment to moment. Personally, I live my life as ‘successive moments of NOW’. I think always in the NOW. I act always in the NOW. I dream in the NOW. When I reflect on past events, I do this reflection in the NOW. Any past event is a reflection of a ‘now’ memory. This implies that any past event is subjective and imaginary…when compared to each NOW experience. This same mindset is applicable when I think about the future. I never experience the future as an objective reality. Rather, the future is an ‘imaginary’ expectation which is totally uncertain and unpredictable. This means that all my objective experiences are lived within the NOW moment and moments. I describe this process of life as ‘successive moments of Now.

If I create a ‘timeline’ of my life from birth to death, I would describe my life as an experience within the ‘now’ moment (along this timeline). My ‘past’ would change with my memories (always a ‘now’ memory). My ‘future’ expectations would be described as a ‘now’ imagination. All my life from birth to death would be lived as ‘successive moments of now’. There would be NO ‘past’ or ‘future’ (other than visualizations within my mind). What does this mean? To me this means that all my OBJECTIVE life is lived within the NOW moment/moments. My SUBJECTIVE life is lived within my memories and my imaginations (my internal consciousness). So what is REAL (objective) and what is ILLUSIONARY (subjective)? A timeline shows the illusion of ‘time’ (as if past/future are equal with the present) without showing that I live my life as ‘successive moments of now’.

Our current financial/monetary/economic/political systems are designed with the presumption that ‘time’ is real. The ‘past’ is real and the ‘future’ is real. This mindset has created such concepts as the ‘time’ value of money and the ‘present’ value of future benefits, etc. All our Keynesian economic models are based on the idea of ‘uniformity’ and the idea that the ‘future’ is an extension of the ‘past. I would summit that these concepts are now obsolete, deceptive, and illusionary. These concepts deceive the many into thinking that ‘past’ and ‘future’ are objective realities. The immediate or present moment is ignored as irrelevant. What a deception and illusion…which few seem to understand! We are mostly living an illusion within our political and economic system as a result of the education which has been promulgated and advanced as reality. We now need to shed these illusions and deceptions if we desire clear thinking going forward.

A good book to read on this issue of the NOW is:  The Power of NOW, by Eckhart Tolle. Another good reading is the book, Playing the Game the New Way, by Carl Frederick. You can Google these titles and then purchase these books at Also, check out some videos on You Tube on this issue for more clarification. Those who have a spiritual perspective of reality are mostly AWARE of this concept. Spiritual persons generally recognize that one’s MIND or CONSCIOUSNESS is non-material and eternal. This idea (spiritual in nature) immediately leads one to the concept of NOW as a primary reality of life. So, in conclusion, we now need to THINK in terms of objective reality (the NOW moment). Some call this reality the PRESENT moment. Any NEW economic model going forward needs to internalize and understand this core reality of LIFE!  Be, Do, Experience (all in the NOW)…and then continue with additional moments of NOW!

That’s my missive for NOW!   I AM:

   The Future is NOW      
P.S. Many may want to differentiate between the concepts of  ‘time’ and ‘motion’. Motion is objective and real. Motion, however, is not the same as ‘time’. I spin with our planet at some 1000 m.p.h. and I revolve around our Sun at some 67,000 m.p.h. This motion is real and objective. Time, however, emerges from this motion and is then internalized within our imagination. Day and Night are a result of ‘motion’ (not ‘time’). A year is the result of one revolution around our Sun (motion). This reality (motion) created the concept of ‘time’…but this ‘motion’ is NOT the same as ‘time’. We need to differentiate between ‘motion’ and ‘time’! We now live with mostly ‘real-time’ in our internet age!
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