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Neither Obama nor Romney will Solve our Economic Problems! Why?

October 22, 2012

Both desire to perpetuate the philosophy of ‘Might makes Right’…a philosophy which leads to Armageddon! We now need an entire NEW philosophy for our planet!

After listening to all the presidential debates, I have concluded that neither Obama nor Romney have a mindset which will lead us to peace, liberty, or collective happiness. Both desire to perpetuate the American concept of ‘Might makes Right’…a detrimental philosophy for our Nation and our World. The clear evidence of history shows that this philosophy leads to more conflict and more wars. The idea behind this philosophy is that the ‘strongest’ will dominate and then RULE this planet…including all the 7 billion people. This is a losers philosophy and it will become evident to everyone in the coming years (that is my opinion). Might makes Right is a philosophy for war and conflict…not a philosophy which brings people into friendship and cooperation. Our Muslim brothers (and others) now recognize that America has become the Great Satan…given their policies and mindset!

The entire philosophy of man’s Rulership is based on conquering, conflict, and domination. This mindset leads to Dictatorship over other’s and War with those who disagree with the Dictator’s edicts. We now live in an interdependent and interconnected world where realtime events are broadcast instantaneously to all people on this planet. The idea that a select few elite Rulers can Dominate the decision-making of this world is a clear form of INSANITY…a mental illness (in my opinion). If we observe our own Nation we can discern that our policies are not working and our Nation is in confusion and disarray. Why would leaders desire to inflict this disarray on other Nations and other Peoples? This is a clear form of INSANITY (to my way of thinking)!

History shows that Leaders need to first-of-all get their ‘own’ house in order. For America this means solving our own economic and political problems before we try to RULE others. We Americans have a Debt and Deficit problem that is more serious than all the other countries on this planet. Yet we desire to impose our policies on this entire planet. Did you watch the presidential debates tonight? Do these leaders have our best interests in mind? We now have some 800 military bases on this planet. We have the largest military budget of any Nation on this planet. We desire to impose our VALUES on everyone in the ‘name’ of Democracy and Freedom. We have collective debts of some $200 trillion. The world desires to abandon our ‘dollar’ as the reserve currency. Do any of our leaders recognize these realities?  Is this SANITY or INSANITY? Is this mindset leading to world peace and prosperity? Do we have our own HOUSE in ORDER so that others desire to follow our lead? I don’t think so! What we are doing and pursuing will most likely lead us directly to ARMAGEDDON (financial and political)!

We are now at a point where we need to ANNOUNCE our problems and INFORM the WORLD that we are bankrupt. Our entire monetary system is beyond salvation. Those who understand economics and history are well aware of this reality. Yet our presidential candidates are acting like they will create a new utopia in the next 4 years. All we need to do is elect Obama or Romney and the issues will get resolved. Is any of this reality or is this a form of collective INSANITY? We now live with a ‘wired’ financial system where a few elite Central Bankers ‘counterfeit’ currencies to create an impression that the books are balanced. This is a total illusion and fantasy if we dig into the details. We need to ANNOUNCE that we are bankrupt and that our past policies were impotent and illusionary. This result will happen in time and those who are informed understand this reality!

What appears to be happening is a close election of two unaware leaders who will attempt to manage our downfall as a Nation State. Neither Obama nor Romney seem to be  AWARE of what is emerging economically. We now have imaginary money, a wired financial system, central planning with primarily one person at the helm (Mr. Bernanke), debt and deficits at record levels with declining tax receipts, and a Congress which is in stalemate (loggerheads). We have a fiscal-cliff and a debt ceiling on the immediate horizon and no leadership to change the collapsing situation that is evident to many. Were any of these realities debated or discussed by our presidential contenders in their three debates? Did any of the moderators ask any of these hard questions? NO! NO! NO!
 What we now need is transparency and a media which provides details and substance for the people. We also need to review our history and past philosophy to discover where we went wrong. Basically, we need to get back to ‘first’ principles and fundamental restructuring of our entire System. Will any of this happen in the near future? Probably not…until we actually experience a substantial financial collapse and Armageddon. This seems to be emerging for 2013 and 2014. Now is the time to get yourself educated on what is really happening ‘beneath’ the rhetoric of our political debate. It now seems likely that the coming election will be razor close. As of this writing, it seems to me that Romney could win over Obama in a very close election. A Romney win will likely lead to a financial Armageddon within his four-year term. An Obama win will also likely lead in the same direction. I do not ‘see’ any real solution coming from either of these political puppets. Money controls politics and money tends to rule this planet. This has been my view from doing research on our economic history these past 40 years! History shows that ‘money’ rules over those in political power.

 Watch the markets as a major financial crash is on the horizon. We could witness this crash in 2013 and 2014 as our wired markets head for safe havens. The best alternative for the immediate future is paper notes (cash) under your mattress. Silver and Gold coins are also excellent items for barter and for exchange into cash. All our virtual financial assets could be in trouble given the nature of our financial system today. CASH is KING when the markets crash and debt is liquidated. Good luck and watch the markets for more immediate evidence of trends! I am:
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