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Who Officially ‘Owns’ our Planet? Let’s Review History!

October 20, 2012

Do politicians or money cartels ‘own’ the planet’s resources and its productive capacity? Let’s think about WHO really ‘owns’ this planet (land and resources) which we enjoy!

Since we now need to think globally about our economic future…we need to ask new questions about our situation on this planet. Does any single Nation or group of Nations ‘own’ the planet we call Earth? Does discovery and political ‘claim’ to the land create real ownership of the resources and the land? When our American Nation was started (back in the 1600’s) the authorities from Europe (primarily England, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, etc.) claimed our land in the ‘name’ of their political authority (usually the King). This claim became a legal claim and those with ‘guns’ were able to maintain the ‘claim’. Our Native Indians who occupied our land (at that time) were eliminated if they offered resistance to this political  ‘claim’. Might and Guns created the ‘claim’ to our resources and the land and ‘might’ and ‘guns’ maintained the ‘claim’.

 But is this process of  ‘might’ and ‘guns’ really a legitimate claim to the planet’s resources and the land which controls these resources? I would suggest that we now need to ask this question and derive a different answer. Those of us who view our Creator as an ‘intelligent’ being…who is in ‘control’ of our Universe…would challenge this idea that politicians and Kings can ‘claim’ that their decisions are final and everlasting. In reality, all people on this planet are less than totally ‘sovereign’ and less than in complete ‘control’ of this planet. In reality, this planet and all its resources must revert back to that Source which Created this planet. Our intelligent CREATOR is the ‘real’ OWNER of our PLANET and ALL its RESOURCES! This means that all political claims are ‘subserviant’ to our CREATOR and his/her agenda!

 Any new economic System which we create in the future needs to recognize this philosophy of ‘WHO’ owns this planet. If our CREATOR owns this planet and all that derives therefrom, then we can challenge the ‘claim’ of politicians and their surrogates who want to ‘claim’ ownership and control of this planet. In reality, GOD owns and controls this planet and GOD can change any ‘rules’ or ‘legal’ claims of man. Going forward, we need to recognize this reality and develop a philosophy which honors our CREATOR’S rights. Our Founding Fathers spelled out this reality in our Declaration of Independence with these words:
 What all this means is that our Creator needs to be the sole ‘owner’ of this planet and its natural resources. This means that those who now have a legal claim will need to make this claim subservient to the real ‘owner’. To move forward we need to recognize that our Creator owns this planet and we humans are servants who occupy the land. One way to internalize this reality is to think of occupation as a form of rental contract that is valid for a life term. After one’s life term, the rental contact reverts back to our Creator. This principle is essential if we desire to create a world of plenty for everyone. The reality is that we humans do not own anything. Rather we occupy and rent while we live on this planet.

 The International Space Station which flies around our planet at some 250 miles above earth gives us a perspective of how our Creator views our planet. The planet is meant for man to occupy and enjoy but it is not meant for man’s control and manipulation. The land and resources were meant for humans to occupy and enjoy (provided that they maintained it and encouraged positive growth for all the people). Another view of our planet developed in the 1960’s with the moon trip which shows the moon as another body which is not owned by man. Pictures of planet Earth from the perspective of our moon show that our planet is capable of providing for all the needs of the people (on the planet). The size of planet Earth, the water bodies, the precise location of this planet from our Sun, and all the precise constants which maintain this planet in orbit are beyond man’s ken. We all need to recognize that this planet is God’s planet and man must be a caretaker for the planet (not the owner).

Kingdom economics assumes that man is caretaker and a steward of this planet but NOT the legal owner. We are entitled to occupy and enjoy all that is provided, but we are not entitled to control, manipulate, or rule this planet. Rulership is for the Creator and man’s role is stewardship. This means that everyone has an equal right to enjoy the fruits of the planet. This seems obvious when ownership and rulership is relinquished. We now have some 7 billion people on this planet. We have plentiful natural resources for everyone to exploit and enjoy. There need be no shortage of wealth if people work to create wealth for the whole of mankind. Let God be God (Ruler and Sovereign) and man can then focus on development, stewardship, and caretaking. This will result in wealth for all and equality for all. The intention of the Declaration of Independence can then be achieved fully.


Our American Founding Fathers created a Republic which was founded upon core philosophical principles. Basically, they viewed Government (those who serve as our elected representatives) as a problem…who needed to be subservient to the desires of the American people (the real Government). They recognized that an individual’s ‘rights’ (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) derives its official authority from our CREATOR (not elected politicians and their mandates). Many also felt that the Providence of God created America and many viewed God as the official SOVEREIGN of our Universe.
These Founders included:  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin (plus countless others who had varying concepts of God and his/her influence within human affairs). There is no doubt, however, that our foundational concepts of government and economics derived their philosophical substance from the idea that a Creator God was real and evident to a discerning mind. This Creator, however, was not viewed as Evangelical Christians view God (an elevated human/divine being). This Creator was divorced from any type of partisanship or special provisions based on man’s doctrines, dogmas, or theologies! This Creator imparted ‘no image’ to one’s mind! And Religion was not necessary to recognize this spiritual reality. Thomas Jefferson viewed the concept of a Creator God as ‘self-evident’ to a discerning MIND. Nature revealed this self-evident reality!

 The idea of man being totally Sovereign and in Control of reality was rejected as superficial and impotent. This led to the idea that a Creator God is the real Sovereign and Ruler of this planet and our greater Universe. The American experience from its initial discovery and founding recognized that there were spiritual powers and authorities which were superior to man’s authority. This reality was confirmed by the majority of the people as they lived their lives and as they established their economic and political ideas. The expansion of our land from East to West was part of this spiritual heritage which started with the Jamestown and Plymouth Rock communities and then continued during our expansion as a Nation. Most Americans recognized that Government was limited and that ultimate Authority derived from Providence (our Creator).



 In conclusion, we now need to recognize that any NEW System of Government needs to allow God our Creator to be The Ruler and The Sovereign of our Planet. This reality opens up the opportunity for real freedom for everyone and a world where peace, liberty, and happiness can be realized for everyone. Man’s ideas of rulership, manipulation, and control needs to be abandoned and viewed as impotent and fruitless for solving any of the real problems now confronting us.  One Planet under our Creator God is what Kingdom Economics is all about. Enjoy! I AM:
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