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Core ‘Principles’ which govern the Worldview of Kingdom Economics!

October 9, 2012

What are the core ‘principles’ which make for a New Economic System going forward!

The future is Now…and the time for a New Economic System is Now. Let’s review (for the record) the fundamental concepts underlying Kingdom Economics and then let’s compare these core principles with our current non-System. At some point down the road we all may need to think in terms of a New Economic System for this planet. This thinking could be more important than any other issue…when it comes to our survival as a species. Here are a few of the core principles that I think are essential:

1. We need to view REALITY as successive moments of NOW. The most important principle within Kingdom Economics is the concept of NOW. What do I mean? How do we all experience our lives on this planet? Let’s think on this issue! The ‘past’ is a mindset which we always express within the NOW moment. The ‘past’ is a tool for understanding what has worked and what is not working. But…living in the ‘past’ is an illusion and will lead to a false reality. What I have discovered is that I live my life in the present (called the NOW) always.

There is ‘no escape’ from this present moment. From birth to death I live my life as ‘successive moments of NOW. I would suggest that you and yours do likewise. REALITY is NOW and any New Economic System will need to recognize the importance of this concept. This means that such illusionary concepts as the ‘time value of money’ will need to be abandoned. Long term thinking will need to be abandoned. The NOW moment is all that we experience as human beings…on this planet. Like the ‘past’, the ‘future’ is also an illusion of the mind. The ‘future’ never arrives…but is always experienced within the NOW moment. Therefore, living in the ‘future’ is an illusion and should not be promoted as REALITY.

2.  Our ‘rights’ are derived from our Creator God…not from human rulers and politicians. Rulership needs to be rethought when we think of a New Economic System. The best philosophical support for this concept called Rulership, is the American Declaration of Independence. What does this core historical document announce? Why must we never give ‘man’ the authority to declare who we are as people? Why is our Creator the real Source of our human rights (not political persons or their agents)? Freedom can not be achieved without one’s recognition and acceptance of this core principle. Give this issue some serious consideration!

 In God (our Creator) we TRUST…all others pay cash! This says it all! The principle of Ultimate Authority (God) must be a REALITY which transcends the flawed visions of political leaders and their ideas of rulership (POWER).  Thomas Jefferson and our Founders had this principle correct. Europe and the rest of our world systems (who view the State as a first principle) tend to forget this core American principle and this may be why they desire Socialism or Collectivism as their economic model. Freedom (for each unique individual), however, derives from God…not the State.

 3.  The ‘individual’ (each unique person) must come FIRST in any New Economic System. Currently, all political and economic systems put ‘money’ and ‘property’ as first principles…and each unique individual as subservient to this principle. Money and those who control ‘money’ RULE this planet. We witness this reality as we watch political events, wall street events, and media events. Those with excessive units of money control the decision-making and the political agenda. Most of our WARS and power mongering are initiated and promulgated over money and control issues. It was Baron Rothschild who recognized the reality of money and its power to influence and control political events with these words: 
Any New Economic System, however, needs to abandon the idea that ‘money’ comes first. People (the unique individual) MUST come first. Currently, we have some 7 billion unique individuals living on this planet. Each individual has ‘rights’ equal with every individual. All these ‘human rights’ are given to the individual by our Creator God. God is our SOURCE for all these ‘human rights’. This principle was foundational to the American experience and it was recognized as our Manifest Destiny. Freedom for the individual is paramount in any New Economic System. All those who espouse the Worldview of Collectivism (where the State comes first) create an environment where real ‘freedom’ is impossible. The ‘individual’ must come first if real freedom is to emerge. Give this principle some serious thought!

Any New Economic System must start with the ‘individual’ and then create the Community and economic growth from this principle. This means that power must be decentralized and equality for each unique person must be paramount. Living in the NOW, allowing our Creator God to RULE, and decentralizing power and control so that each unique individual has the opportunity to develop their potential…must be essential principles for any New Economic System. Kingdom Economics is one Alternative which desires to promote this philosophy!

 4.  One interdependent Global System, under God, could be realized if each unique individual desires this result. The American experience was founded on the principle of ONE NATION UNDER GOD. We now need to expand this vision to ONE PLANET UNDER GOD. Who (in reality) ‘owns’ this planet? Who ‘controls’ this planet? Who ‘created’ this planet? Who ‘created’ each unique individual? Who is the ‘prime mover’ and the ‘sustainer’ of all that we experience? Thomas Jefferson had the philosophy that a Creator God was self-evident. Most of the American founding Fathers viewed the ‘providence’ of God as self-evident. Isn’t it now time to recognize these realities?
 The above core principles govern the Worldview of Kingdom Economics. Any New Economic System needs to develop a set of core principles that are meaningful for each unique individual so that ultimate freedom, peace, happiness, and prosperity can emerge. Our current non-System is destined for chaos and collapse as it does not reflect the above core realities. Living in the NOW, recognizing that power derives from a Creator God, recognizing that each unique individual must come first, are ALL core principles of Kingdom Economics. My messages are built around these core realities. If someone has a better set of core principles, then I would be happy to make the above subservient to these better principles. As of now, the above principles seem core and essential to my Worldview! I AM:
 P.S. May 4- 5, 2013 (Saturday/Sunday), is a date to record and remember. The first Kingdom Economics Education Forum will be scheduled at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Dove Mountain, Marana, AZ. 85658. Website:

Come and discuss our economic, philosophical, and monetary situation. Contact Kingdom Economics by sending an email to: Deadline: February 24, 2013 (to register). Cost (of hotel facilities) will be covered by voluntary donations at the event. Registration is free (pay your own costs of transportation and hotel room). Purpose of Forum and Discussion is educational and to promote awareness of our global monetary/economic problems going forward! Abraham Lincoln said: education is the most important area for anyone to be engaged with. James Garfield said: neither freedom nor justice can be maintained without education.

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