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Is Ben Bernanke playing God (YHVH)?

September 13, 2012

Ben creates money ‘out of NOTHING’ and thinks up new schemes with ‘no input’ from the American public! Is this the American Way? Are our politicians ‘puppets’ of the global money cartel?

The FOMC voted 11-1 today (September 13, 2012) to create some $40 billion monthly to purchase new ‘mortgage assets’ for the SOMA (the Fed’s System Open Market Account). With operation twist this results in some $85 billion monthly (of new counterfeiting) for the remainder of 2012. Where does Ben get these ‘dollars’ for this operation? Did he just THINK up this number of $40 billion monthly…to be created into perpetuity?

What happens today is our ‘dollar’ (a no thing unit) is created from the ‘consciousness’ of mostly ONE person, Ben Shalom Bernanke. Notice that his Committee voted 11-1 for this operation (is this ‘group think’ in action or not?). What is Ben and his Committee doing to our money? Will any of this lead to growth and prosperity for our economy? Personally, I don’t think this will lead to any real growth, prosperity, or meaningful employment!

Those who have been reading my blog recognize that our money unit today is mostly ‘imaginary’ (a product of the human mind). Ben creates money from his MIND and then actualizes these money units by ‘typing’ in numbers into his On-line Fed Checking Account (now all digital)…called SOMA. All this is done at the New York Federal Reserve building via their Computer (trading) Desk.

Who understands this process and is it Constitutional and Legal? Personally, I don’t think that this operation of Ben’s is Constitutional nor is it representative of Legal Tender (based on our history). To my way of thinking, this operation of Ben’s is simply OFFICIAL Counterfeiting! How can ‘imaginary’ money (derived from the MIND of a Central Banker) be viewed as official Legal Tender?

 What seems realistic is that Ben’s actions (he is the key decision-maker) are representative of immanent power and also financial omnipotence (similar to playing God)…and he now can bail-out or not bail-out practically any American entity with his powers (all given to him via the Federal Reserve Act). This power seems to approach God-like powers (totally un-American based on our Founders). Who else in the USA can create the most important item for our economy (money) ‘out of nothing’ or ‘out of thin-air’ (his personal consciousness).

Ben can think up a scheme to increase or decrease the money units within our economy and then get his FOMC committee to implement this scheme. A review of past FOMC actions suggests that Ben’s view on money schemes (called official policy) prevails over those who might disagree (see past votes of the Committee). Most votes suggest that the FOMC Committee follows the precise lead of their Chairman (where is the independent thinking on this Committee). Why does this ONE person have these special powers and authority? Does anyone notice or care? Will Ben’s policies lead to prosperity and wealth for the 99% of Americans? I don’t think so!

The American Constitution did not provide for a Central Planning Authority over all financial decisions and transactions. Our founding Fathers created a monetary system which was mostly DECENTRALIZED and based on material money units (paper, silver, and gold). See Article I, Section 8 and 10, of our Constitution. Gradually, over our history, however, elite and powerful money interests (a global cartel of bankers) gained control over our American financial system. One of the key individuals who was very instrumental in changing our decentralized monetary system to a CENTRALIZED SYSTEM was this individual (Paul Moritz Warburg along with Rockefeller and Morgan).

Paul Warburg appears to have been the key intellectual or MIND behind the scheme to create a Centralized banking system. Here is some info on this individual from Wikipedia: 

Warburg’s ideas gained a wider hearing after the panic of 1907 engulfed the country’s financial system,[14] and he subsequently published two more articles elaborating and defending his plans, “A Plan for a Modified Central Bank”[15] and “A United Reserve Bank of the United States.”[16] At the same time, he appeared at conferences hosted by Columbia University, the American Economic Society, and the Academy of Political Science.[17]By 1908, Warburg had gained enough recognition that Nelson Aldrich, the prominent Republican senator from Rhode Island, consulted him for advice on currency reform. The National Monetary Commission, which Aldrich chaired, subsequently interviewed Warburg on multiple occasions.[18] In 1910, Aldrich invited Warburg to attend a secretive meeting with other influential bankers on Jekyll Island in Georgia, where the draft of a bill to establish a central bank was worked out.[19] This bill was close enough to the outline that he enumerated in his three articles that Harold Kellock could write, “Five years from the time Mr. Warburg had begun his single-handed crusade, his ideas were place before Congress in the form of the Aldrich Bill.”[20]

Additional history on Paul Moritz Warburg: 

All of the men who met on Jekyll Island in 1910 had been strongly in favor of a central bank for several years leading up to the Jekyll Island meeting. Warburg, highly regarded as a banker and banking theorist in Germany before coming to the United States, was knowledgeable and experienced with successful central banks elsewhere. His views were respected by Aldrich, Davison, Andrew, Strong, and Vanderlip. They were in agreement. The work on Jekyll Island would be to devise a plan to organize and implement centralized banking and a plan to introduce it in such a way that it would be accepted by the American people. The six men at the Jekyll Island meeting had reasons, collectively, for wanting this system, and individually each had a set of reasons relating to his business involvements. According to several sources, Warburg was probably the “architect” of the plan the group on Jekyll Island created.

What has emerged since Woodrow Wilson (deluded by elite special interests) signed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is a Centralized Bank which is structured (legally) as a private entity. The legal structure was created to make sure that this Central Banking Authority would be separate or independent from Congress and our Constitutional government. The rationale for this legal arrangement is that all this was meant (by the elite schemers) to create a BETTER system for our country and the world.

In reality, however, this scheme was founded in secrecy and deception…created for control purposes…and was surreptitiously manipulated through our Congress on the night of December 23, 1913, when many of our elected representatives were unavailable to vote on the legislation. Additionally, there were ‘inner’ schemes (world government thoughts) that were philosophical in nature and which probably were ‘hidden’ from the American public when this legislation was passed. All this was done with NO amendment to our Constitution.

One patriot who ‘smelled’ out the dark inner thoughts of the elite creators was Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. The elite in our Congress, however, ignored his prophetic voice. Notice his words below: 

“This [Federal Reserve Act] establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. When the President [Wilson} signs this bill, the invisible government of the monetary power will be legalized….the worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.” — Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. , 1913.

Why did Congressman Charles Lindbergh and many other patriots (Wright Patman, Louis McFadden, Barry Goldwater, Buckminster Fuller, Henry Ford, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc.) all ‘smell’ out this scheme of Centralized banking and Central planning? Why was there NO Amendment to our Constitution for this key legislation and transfer of CONTROL? Why was the RULE of LAW not followed? Let’s think further about this!

We are now experiencing the consequences of all the shenanigans which prior schemers created. Our money units are now ‘units’ of nothing. Ben and his committee now creates and bails-out the TBTF institutions so that this corrupt non-SYSTEM can continue. The American people are mostly in the DARK on all this history and the elites in power have no interest in revealing this history to the American people.
We now have a corrupt Central Bank and corrupt  policymakers who probably don’t fully understand the corruption which has emerged over the years. Where is all this leading going forward? It appears that the schemers have had a desire for a NEW WORLD ORDER with select elites in CONTROL. Money does RULE this planet and those who CONTROL the issuance, distribution, and transmission of this item, will CONTROL the masses on this planet. We all could end-up as economic SLAVES to the money interests and their political and philosophical SCHEMES. God help us!

What we now need is to teach the American public the history BEHIND our current non-System. There are a number of websites which help with this objective. Here are just a couple for those who desire to learn more.
1.  (exposes the con-men within our banking system)
2.  (education for the American public on banking and money)
3.  (excellent info and history)
Is it time to abolish the FED and fire the current operational schemers?  I say YES! Mismanagement of MONEY is the ‘root’ of most evil!  Who wants a NEW WORLD ORDER with elite money schemers (behind the scenes) and select politicians as our rulers? 

One patriot who has done yeoman’s work on the history and operation of the Fed and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is G. Edward Griffin. Every American needs to read his book and also hear him expound on the history of the Fed and their pseudo money creation schemes.
This YouTube video gives one a comprehensive overview of this history: Now is the time to get yourself educated on economics and money…as a major crash and collapse of our current non-System is coming! Enjoy and learn! I AM..
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  1. Sjay Kafri permalink
    September 15, 2012 1:08 pm

    Is it impossible to hear the truth or do we just roll with the punches?  Thank you so much for writing me about this.



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