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WATCH these videos…Education is key to Survival!

September 9, 2012

Our monetary system is now almost 100% digital and our money is mostly ‘computer generated’. What does this mean going forward? Are we all becoming ‘slaves’ to our money rulers?

Over the past 15 years, computer technology has completely changed economics and our monetary policy. Just what is a ‘computer generated’ money system? Why do Central Banks now Control the System and each of us? Following is a brief description of how monetary policy is implemented today: 

In economics and especially macroeconomics, the effects of proposed policy actions, such as fiscal policy changes or monetary policy changes, are simulated to judge their desirability. A mathematical model of the economy, having been fitted to historical economic data, is used as a proxy for the actual economy; proposed values of government spending, taxation, open market operations, etc. are used as inputs to the simulation of the model, and various variables of interest such as the inflation rate, the unemployment rate, the balance of trade deficit, the government budget deficit, etc. are the outputs of the simulation. The simulated values of these variables of interest are compared for different proposed policy inputs to determine which set of outcomes is most desirable. Basically, a mathematical algorithm now provides the model for most policy decisions by the Fed. This model will lead to our soon coming Monetary Collapse!


What the Fed is now doing involves central planning by using mathematical ASSUMPTIONS to model our economy and the behavior of consumers, investors, and traders. This econometric modeling is based on the idea that human behavior acts rationally and logically and that the past behavior of people will be replicated in the future. Is any of this econometric modeling valid in todays high-speed computer markets? Are the markets ‘rational’ and ‘logical’? Does the Fed actually understand how the markets now work? I don’t think so! What they do understand is how to Control human behavior via their money schemes. How do global traders operate…now that all markets are electronic and global?
First of all, most traders today simply follow money flows and price changes and then implement their trading strategies based on these basic factors. Most traders could care less about the fundamentals of a company, the strength and/or weaknesses of management, or the book value of the assets held by companies. If the Fed thinks that trading today is rational and logical based on past history…I think they are deceived! This video shows the global nature of todays computer generated markets: Watch this video for the big picture!
The best overview of high-speed computer trading is this video: This is must see video for understanding todays stock and financial markets. I leave for Las Vegas this week to learn more about computer trading and the strategies being used to manipulate prices on the global markets. Some say that up to 70% of trading volume is now done via HFT trading. If we add all the retail traders who use their computers to trade we can assume that near 100% of trading is now electronic and digital (high-speed). 
A great video for understanding the history that has emerged in the past 5 years and which now has created all our manipulated markets is this video: Watch this video and I will assure you that your understanding will grow exponentially. You will also understand why Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, and other financial institutions failed from their bets and unsecured derivative instruments. What has emerged in recent years (mostly due to our imaginary money) are complex mathematical contracts that became our ‘weapons of mass destruction’. Imaginary money and math has taken over the profession of economics. All this has happened since the closing of the gold window in 1971.

What is now developing is a major financial CRASH and COLLAPSE that could start later this year (certainly by early 2013). The growing awareness of investors, traders, and policy makers is likely to bring our ‘house of cards’ crashing to the ground in the near future. What is holding off this crash for the moment are select elite trading desks which are manipulating the markets via their HFT computers. This is possible today as our money units are merely ‘numbers’ within our computer screen. Numbers and algorithms can manipulate various sectors of our markets for the short-term. Longer term this will not work as global players will Challenge these manipulators.
Money rules this planet and the few elite who Control our money creation operations also CONTROL our elected politicians. The Fed is legally a private organization which puts the interests of Banksters over the common citizen. When push comes to shove, the TBTF financial entities get bailed out with ‘free’ money from our Central Bank. All this is done so that CONTROL is maintained by the Money Interests (now the Global Banksters). The Power and Control exercised by Ben Bernanke, Mario Draghi, and Mervyn King, and others, needs to be check-mated. The Federal Reserve Act needs to be abolished. The current System is beyond repair!
Everyone needs to understand the HISTORY of our money systems so that we can participate in the process of eliminating our current CORRUPT System. This needs to be done after the coming CRASH. Now is the time to get yourself educated on money, banking, and the history of money manipulations. Take the time to watch this video, it covers the HISTORY of money manipulations since our founding: Money rules this planet but FEW understand how this is accomplished. Get yourself educated on this important subject! We need to be thinking in terms of a NEW SYSTEM down the road!
Few Americans understand the history and role of money. This subject has not be taught within our institutions of higher learning. All my education has come from self-study and from self-education. Each person will need to get educated on their own…so they can vote intelligently on this important issue going forward. Watch the above videos and also read a good book on money cartels and/or the history of American money interests. Your survival may depend upon this education. Good luck!
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