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Financial ‘Truth Tellers’ worth following!

September 6, 2012

With all the diverse views today…those who are ‘telling the truth’ re: financial issues are difficult to discern?

Philosophically, ‘truth’ is a relative concept. Every expert on an issue has THEIR particular spin on an issue. Spin is usually based on one’s WORLDVIEW, cultural background, education, discernment ability, and self-interest. My personal goal (with respect to our financial and money issues) is to listen to many different viewpoints…to ‘discern’ TRUTH. I do this because I realize that ‘truth’ is subjective, relative, and slippery. Who can really ‘tell the absolute truth’ on any controversial issue (financial or otherwise)? Probably, no-one! God is not on this planet in bodily form so ABSOLUTE TRUTH is not possible! Given this preamble, however, who and whom do I view as ‘desiring’ to TELL the TRUTH on financial issues?

Following are some names that I listen to on a regular basis and whom I discern as ‘desiring’ to TELL the TRUTH (publicly). Take the time to check out these links below and then develop your own version of financial TRUTH:

1. Bill Murphy, I have listened to Bill for many years now and I discern that he ‘desires’ to inform the American people and also to ‘tell’ the truth to the extent of his ability. Bill also will change or adjust his position as NEW truth emerges on the issues important to him. This quality is admirable and we need more Bill Murphy’s. Bill is also one who follows the sources which manipulate our silver/gold markets and then reports on his findings!

2. Webster Tarpley, Webster is a philosopher of history and also extremely astute on most financial and political issues. Webster ‘desires’ to inform and to TELL the TRUTH. Personally, I agree with much of his perspective but not all. This goes for all these individuals who I believe have a ‘desire’ for financial TRUTH.

3. Jeff Berwick, Jeff is a young ‘buck’ when it comes to financial history, but his mindset is focused on ‘telling the truth’ to the extent of his ability. Keep in mind that each person who has a ‘desire’ for TRUTH also is limited to some extend by their WORLDVIEW. One’s view of ‘reality’ (whether materialism/idealism/or other) is always subjective/limited/uncertain (to some degree) as none of us are GOD ALMIGHTY!

4. Gerald Celente, Gerald seems to have a correct view of HUMAN NATURE and this gives him a great perspective on issues of financial/political corruption and deceptions in ‘high’ places of power. Gerald is bold and convincing with his projections as he seems to follow what has previously happened in our past HISTORY. Gerald’s view is definitely worth following…as a person who ‘desires’ to inform and TELL the TRUTH!

5. Dr. Marc Faber, Marc is an economist with great discernment of HUMAN NATURE. This makes him an economist who is worth following. Marc’s view of our financial history is quite complete and he seems to understand bankers, banking, and financial manipulations. I disagree with some of his perceptions on issues going forward, but I also learn from those who differ with my own view! I continually need to be challenged!

6. Doug Casey, Doug seems well-informed on the issues of money, economic history, and politics. He also has a valid view of HUMAN NATURE (in my opinion). This gives him a worthwhile perspective (to follow) on  most financial issues. I should emphasize that one’s WORLDVIEW on ‘reality’ is also important when it comes to issues of TRUTH. We all need to recognize that our views on ‘what is reality’ affect our perspective on issues of TRUTH. Doug derives his views from a philosophy of ‘materialism’!

7. Bill Gross, Bill may be the best at discerning what is happening within the government sectors of our economy (bonds, etc.). Bill seems to discern how our current non-System operates and why it is destined to implode down the road. Bill desires to inform the public about details that few others want to ‘touch’. He is bold and has a valid view of our current debt based global markets (in my opinion).

The above individuals are definitely worth following and there are many others (Martin Weiss, Richard Russell, Jim Sinclair, James Turk, Eric Sprott, David McAlvany) who also seem to ‘desire’ to search out TRUTH within the financial markets. As I said above, I personally listen to hundreds of different perspectives on each issue of economics, politics, and history. I then filter each person’s perspective through my own WORLDVIEW and philosophical background to DISCERN what is ‘truth’ and what are mostly ‘lies’. I would suggest that most experts (individually) believe that their VIEW is ‘the truth’ and everyone elses is mostly false…BUT I would suggest that we can learn from everyone who has a DESIRE to search out THE TRUTH on an issue.

The vast majority of pundits, economists, politicians, philosophers, historians, and educators tend to SPIN their ‘truth’ so that it APPEARS valid. Real TRUTH, however, is slippery and difficult to discern with certainty. Let’s take my view that our entire monetary/accounting system is IMAGINARY and ILLUSIONARY. My view is based on my discernment that our ‘monetary unit’ (the dollar) is a NO THING unit (psychological and mental with no material thingness). Our ‘dollar’ is an illusionary image within our MINDS!

All my interpretations are mostly BASED on this assumption. Am I discerning REALITY correctly or not? I, personally, THINK that I am. Could I be deceived and unaware of my deception? Yes, this is always possible as TRUTH is slippery and I am limited. My core view of our financial issues, however, is based on the IDEA that our monetary unit (think QE dollar creation) is based on the inner psychology of the money creator (a NO THING financial operation)! Money today derives from the MIND (a spiritual entity of consciousness) NOT from any MATERIAL object (say silver, gold, paper, or some item of matter/energy). That’s my sense of REALITY!

Take the time to listen to some of the viewpoints above and then compare them with my view on a particular issue. After comparison and evaluation, then derive your own view. Suggestion:  any view that you derive on any issue should be held tentatively. Why? Truth (in reality) is slippery and relative and any view (no matter how absolute it may feel at the moment) might CHANGE over time (think of our philosophical history and all the changes which evolved over historical time). The ONLY constant in my philosophy is CHANGE over time. That is why I must ALWAYS remain a STUDENT at heart. I must change with new knowledge and discernment of TRUTH! That is my missive for today. Enjoy!

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