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BEN ‘speaks’ and ‘PRICES’ soar! Why?

September 3, 2012

Price increases immediately after Ben speaks:  Silver (4%+), Gold (1.5%+), Gas…at the pump (7%+)…amazing!

How can the ‘words’ of one world banking Authority create ‘price increases’ to world commodities…to this degree? Isn’t it amazing that Ben (our Fed Chairman) can affect the markets just by enunciating a few words from his mouth? What was happening (within the MINDS of traders) that created these changes in ‘prices’ with NO change in actual FED POLICY? Could a similar (but opposite) result happen if different ‘words’ were spoken? Is this Capitalism or ‘Rhetoricalism’? How can this be viewed as OBJECTIVE reality by any thinking person?

After Ben finishes his finance meetings at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on August 31, 2012, he provides the trading markets with some inner thoughts. These thoughts and words are then broadcast immediately to the world markets. Traders think about these ‘words’ and then give each word their own subjective ‘spin’. What emerges are ‘speed of light’ operations within the world’s electronic markets…leading to buy signals for commodities like gold, silver, and oil. These actions then gets translated into ‘PRICE’ changes for these commodities. Based on WHAT?

LISTEN TO THIS VIDEO FROM Jackson Hole:  (Bernanke seems confident yet totally uncommitted to any specific POLICY)!

Today’s ‘wired’ markets respond to ‘words’ of key financial AUTHORITIES immediately in ‘realtime’. With the ‘click’ of a mouse button a trader can respond to mere ‘words’ to speculate on the future ‘price changes’ of key commodities and/or financial assets. What a world we now live in! Authorities SPEAK and MONEY emerges. Supply/Demand and Company Management ARE of little concern to traders today! EMOTION now moves the markets! Our economic condition is rapidly deteriorating yet the stock/bond/future markets continue to act like its BUBBLE HEAVEN.

Where is all this EMOTION within the markets leading going forward? Will Ben follow-up this speech with actual policies that confirm the traders speculations? Is QE3 coming on September 13, 2012, when our FOMC has its next official meeting? Many think So…and many think NOT. My view is that traders mostly interpreted the ‘words’ of Ben’s Jackson Hole speech as strongly indicating that he will start a NEW QE3 operation? Some could be assuming new counterfeiting to the tune of billions…others may be assuming trillions. Who really knows? Are there any objective facts to evaluate? Who can discern the ‘inner’ mindset of Ben Shalom Bernanke? Why is ONE unelected banker creating all this action in the markets? Does it make any SENSE?
What has Capitalism become now that basically subjective ‘speeches’ move PRICES and MONEY FLOWS within the global markets? Do we need any REAL economic growth (production) when many can grow rich by acting on the emotional ‘words’ of key BANKING authorities in realtime? Money (digital dollars) now emerges from mere TALK, WORDS, SPECULATIONS, and EMOTION!
I wonder what all our POLITICIANS and CANDIDATES are thinking about these markets? Who is discerning what is really happening on this planet so that the public can become informed? There is one Candidate for public office that appears to be aware and conscious about many current trends and potential events. His name is GARY JOHNSON.

 This video will give you the opportunity to meet this Candidate for President of USA from the Libertarian Party. Take the time to listen: What we now need if any type of reality is to emerge within our political system are leaders who use ‘words’ that reflect an understanding of what is happening. Most of our current leaders and politicians seem rather UNAWARE of ‘what is happening’ in the real economy and within our ‘halls of power’. Gary seems to have a better understanding than most…in my opinion! Enjoy and let’s keep watching the MARKETS for signals of the coming TRENDS.  HTTP://KINGDOMECON.WORDPRESS.COM.
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