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Unelected ‘Technocrats’ and ‘Money Cartels’ seem to rule the Financial Markets!

August 9, 2012

Our political leaders are beholden to these ‘technocrats’ and ‘money cartels’ and this is why we can not create real ‘freedom’ for the individual person! Think critically about this issue!

Money seems to rule our Planet and our elected Representatives!  Let’s do some critical thinking on the issue of ‘who’ rules this planet. I realize that our Creator God is the ‘ultimate’ Ruler, but let’s speculate on ‘who’ among us humans ‘rules’ over the masses. It seems obvious to me that ‘money’ rules’ and ‘controls’ us…as we all must survive first. The ‘money’ interests on this planet are mostly the 1% which have access to the ‘money’ centers (the Central Banks and those who influence these centralized ‘authorities’). Our elected representatives (the Obama’s and Romney’s, et al) are beholden to those who have the intellectual control over decision-making and the global money markets. Let’s speculate on some of the top 300 individuals and the various key organizations who influence and direct events on this planet. We are servants to these power centers!

 If ‘money’ rules this planet and directs all our resources to specific ends, than which money cartels seem to have the most influence on our markets? What organizations seem to have the most influence and intellectual control over our politicians? Are there certain wealthy billionaires who play a major role in influencing our politicians and those who occupy positions of authority? Let’s identify a few for the record.

George Soros certainly is attempting to influence events in the area of both the money markets and also political events. His recent ‘economic forum’ at Bretton Woods, N.H., attracted hundreds of economists, politicians, central bankers, educators, and billionaires. George has started numerous LLC’s that are designed to influence and direct events in specific directions. His Center for American Progress works to influence political events. His recent book, The Age of Fallibility, attempts to influence intellectual trends. George was so influential in the financial markets that he single handily created a ‘crash’ in the British pound back in September 1992 when he sold the sterling short and made 1 billion$ on the trade. Money does create change! (Soros Institute for New Economic Thinking) and (Fox News interviews George on politics, George Bush, etc.).
Another billionaire with exceptional influence on the markets and financial events is Warren Buffet. Warren likes Keynesian economic policies and he is the most influential person on economic issues for the Obama administration. In 2008 he attended a $28,500 per plate fundraiser for Obama in Chicago. In 2002, Buffett entered into a $11 billion worth of forward contracts to deliver U.S. dollars against other currencies. By April 2006, his total gain on these contracts was over $2 billion. Money does affect politicians and also political events. Warren is the ‘Wizard from Omaha’ who let’s his influence affect the markets!
Now let’s identify a couple of organizations that have major influence on monetary events on this planet. The Bilderberg Group is probably the most secretive and yet influential group on our planet. This Group includes European Royalty, European Bankers, top 50 CEO’s, U.S. Senators, sitting Politicians, etc. Politicians like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Mitt Romney, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, and David Rockefeller are just a few who have attended these secret conclaves and meetings. This brief media report covers some of the history of this Group: Again its ‘money’ and ‘money interests’ which rule this planet! 

Those who are not AWARE of the above people and groups understand that the masses of people have little influence on real events, trends, and decisions. Many still think that their VOTES  (for a particular politician) will change the world. In reality, our voting is mostly a ‘mirage’ and an ‘illusion’. The ‘money interests’ RULE this planet and we can witness another spectacle this fall with the ‘media parade’ over who gets nominated for the next American President. Will it be Romney or Obama? Who can provide the most ‘money’ and who will get the most influence when another ‘puppet’ gets elected?

 Our ‘puppets’ that we elect provide us with rhetoric and words which make it ‘appear’ that they want to represent our interests. But do they? No, they don’t! After some 70 years on this planet I now realize that our elected politicians are merely out to promote their OWN agenda (and the agenda of those intellectuals who program their thinking). The battle on this planet is ‘intellectual’ (spiritual)! Those in control and those who occupy positions of POWER will perpetuate their own agenda at the expense of everyone else…when ‘push comes to shove’. We are the pawns and we need to WAKE UP to this reality!


 Our hope for the future is to acquire AWARENESS and CONSCIOUSNESS. This is how we ‘overcome’ the forces that desire to RULE over us. With the internet we finally have an opportunity to become fully informed and AWARE! This must be our goal going forward! THINK independently and THINK critically! That is my missive for today!
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