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Meet the Three ‘Gods’ of World Finance

August 6, 2012

Their ‘modus operandi’ is official Counterfeiting!   Who are they? How do they operate? Where is this leading? Let’s review!

The three most influential policymakers on this planet are currently: Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England; Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank; and Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America. This ‘trinity’ could be compared to the Evangelical Godhead, called the Trinity,  in that they are three ‘persons’ who seem to ‘agree’ on the ‘modus operandi’…counterfeiting of money units to create their vision of economic reality. Let’s meet each up close and review their basic background.


Mervyn is 64 years of age, and is Chairman of the Monetary Policy Committee and also Governor of the Bank of England. He was professor at the London School of Economics and received an honorary degree from this institution. He then served as Chief Economist for the BOE from 1991 and became Governor in 2003. His critics claim that he did not foresee the 2008 financial crisis and that he was basically a protegé of Alan Greenspan and the Fed’s low-interest rate policies. Mervyn is a member of the ‘Group of 30’…a select group of elite central bankers and financial seers: This elite group was founded in 1978 via an initiative by the Rockefeller Foundation. Mervyn has been active with his ‘official’ counterfeiting polices called QE (quantitative easing and/or asset purchases). The bank’s official website is:

Mario is 65 years of age and is President of the European Central Bank and also Chairman of the Financial Stability Board. Prior to his position at the ECB he was Governor of the Bank of Italy (2006-2011).  Mario has a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 1979. He worked for Goldman Sachs from 2002-2005 as Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International. He is known as ‘the craven moneyman’ according to Francesco Cossigna, prior President of Italy. Mario has been active in expanding (via official counterfeiting) the balance sheet of the ECB via his asset purchases and/or quantitative easing policies. Mario is also a member of the Group of 30 ( It appears that he knows Ben Bernanke from his days at MIT as both graduated in 1979. The ‘gods’ of world finance include a very elite and select group who appear to have a collectivist worldview. I would assume that they are fully aware of their role as world rulers of the economic destiny of mankind.
Ben is 59 years of age and is the current Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank (usually called the Fed). Prior to becoming Chairman in 2006 he was a member of the Board of Governors of the Fed from 2002-2005. Ben attended Harvard where he apparently lived with Lloyd Blankfein for a time…the future CEO of Goldman Sachs. Ben also served as a professor at Princeton University (1996-2002). He earned his doctorate in the philosophy of economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1979.
Ben has been criticized for not foreseeing the financial crisis of 2008. Many have ‘nick named’ Ben as…Helicopter Ben…as he referred to the concept of a ‘helicopter drop’ from his readings of Milton Friedman regarding the experiences during the Great Depression of 1929 (where the Fed was accused of not expanding the money supply sufficiently). Ben is deathly afraid of ‘deflation’ and he has stated that the United States Government can solve the issue of ‘deflation’ via the printing press or the new means of creating money units electronically. He has lived up to this philosophy with his ‘official’ counterfeiting operations which he calls ‘asset purchases’ and/or QE (quantitative easing). Bloomberg News has stated that Ben was instrumental in bailing out AIG and many other financial institutions via some $16 trillion of monetary manipulations and accounting gimmicks after the 2008 crisis. He has also expanded the balance sheet of the Fed by some $2 trillion since 2008 via his counterfeiting operations called QE. View the Fed balance sheet at:
The above TRINITY of World Finance ‘Gods’ control and manipulate the global markets via their high-speed digital computers and their trading DESKS. The old days of ‘printing’ money units (dollars, euros, pounds) to increase the MONEY Supply is obsolete. Today, these Central Bankers can manipulate money markets at the speed of light via their computer trading desks (money units are now created ‘out of nothing’…the consciousness of these policymakers). The DESK at the New York Federal Reserve Bank is the centralized station for most QE and Twist policy implementation. The chief actor or operator at this institution is William (Bill) Dudley. Bill is also a member of the Group of 30 ( and has attended Billderberg conferences and other collectivist groups which desire to influence and/or control the World of Finance. Let’s meet William C. Dudley.

Bill is 60 years of age and is the current President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. He is also the Vice Chairman of the FOMC and can be viewed as the ‘right hand’ man of Ben Shalom Bernanke. Bill is in charge of the open market DESK and controls the Fed’s bank account called the System Open Market Account (SOMA). Dudley earned a B.A. degree from New College in 1974, and a PhD in economics from the University of California, Berkeley in 1982.[3][4]  Dudley worked at Goldman Sachs from 1986 to 2007, holding the position of chief economist for ten years before he was hired by then-president of the New York Federal Reserve Timothy Geithner to oversee the department in charge of buying and selling government securities.[5][6]  According to salary figures released in 2010, Dudley is paid “more than $410,000 per year”, making him one of the two highest-paid of the twelve presidents of the Federal Reserve Banks.[7]  

All financial manipulations are now being done via high-speed computers and trading platforms which allow traders to buy and sell in realtime via speed of light transactions. Mathematical algorithms are often used (in lieu of real traders) to execute trades and to manipulate the markets. The operators are opaque and invisible to the public, but none-the-less…these operators and traders can affect the outcomes (prices) within select markets and select commodities. We now live with unheard of financial manipulations and financial corruption in ‘high places’ of authority. Few understand what is happening in realtime.
Uncertainty governs the markets and uncertainty creates new manipulations by the above policymakers…the ‘Gods’ of World Finance! Now is the time to get yourself educated on this NEW world of money and finance. It’s now a VIRTUAL WORLD of ‘immaginary’ numbers and mathematical formulae. The transition from a ‘material’ world to an ‘immaterial’ world is in FRONT of your eyes. Now is the time to WAKE-UP and seek WISDOM!

That is my missive for today! Enjoy!
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  1. jack loach permalink
    July 21, 2014 3:31 pm

    Sods —– Law.
    July.—- 2014.

    For almost two decades we have strived to get justice for the injustice we have suffered at the hands of a world renowned bank— PICTET & CIE. BANK.

    Two yorkshiremen both running their own small family businesses trying to resolve the problem by taking all the correct legal procedures to recover their monies.

    The matter was raised in Parliament – twice– the FSA investigated the matter concluding that PICTET had rogues operating in their London Bank — but the rogues had left —saying no one left to prosecute.??? —– so there.

    We then approached the Financial Ombudsman Service. (FOS) — our case was dealt with by seven different people —- then our numerous E-Mails were ignored — nobody would speak to us ——-so there.

    We then asked the SFO ( Serious Fraud Office.) to investigate our case —- the criteria of our case ticked all their boxes. — we were instructed not to send them
    any documents/evidence.—— in fact they wrote to us advising us to go to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.(CAB.)
    Richard Alderman the SFO boss —- who responded to our letter was the same man who would not investigate the “ Madoff” scandal or the “Libor” fiasco.
    The MP’s committee —- said he was sloppy— and the SFO was run like “ Fred Karno’s Circus” —– it was an office of fraud.—– so there.

    Our M.P. approached our local Chief Constable to investigate—– he was called—- Sir Norman Bettison— Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police —- a force that made “ Dad’s Army” look like the S.A.S. They were inept – corrupt —malicious — from top to bottom. We were criminally dealt with by the Forces Solicitor—- the Head of the Economic Crime Unit —-and the Chief Constable —– so there.

    We were then advised to pass our complaint against West Yorkshire Police to the I.P.C.C. – which we did — they advised us to make our complaint to —- the West Yorkshire Police — we did with reluctance — all we got was abuse and obfuscation. —– so there.

    Sir Norman Bettison —- The Forces solicitor— and the Head of the Economic Crime —- have all been removed from their posts and facing criminal allegations.
    —— so there.

    We even sought justice through the Courts — culminating in a visit to the Court of Appeal-London.— On leaving the Courts of Appeal that day our barrister a “rising star” informed us — that if that was British Justice then you can keep it. He quit the law and moved to Canada —– so there.

    A few years later we learned that one of the judges ( Lord Justice.) in our case at the Court of Appeal was related to a senior executive of the Pictet Bank —–so there.

    The Ministry of Justice passed our case to Lord Myners to investigate — we would rather have had Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck do it. — to this day we don’t know
    —whether he did anything or not —- probably not — seeing that his wife was on the Pictet Prix Board.

    Pictet & Cie .Bank — voted private bank of the year 2013.
    Ivan Pictet —- Voted banker of the year 2012. —- the senior partner — lied on numerous occasions and had documents destroyed — also said genuine documents were forgeries. —– so there.

    Ivan Pictet in Oct. 2013 —- Given the Legion of Honour — but saying that —- honours were given to Hitler — Eichmann — Mussolini —Franco — he’s in fitting company. —-so there.

    MONTY RAPHAEL.Q.C. — Peters & Peters.London. They were the banks lawyers.
    Monty Raphael.Q.C. along with Ivan Pictet withheld crucial documents requested by the High Court —- the FSA —- and the police Fraud Squad. —-so there.

    Monty Raphael.Q.C. became an Honorary Queens Counsellor in March. 2012.
    Monty Raphael.Q.C. became a Master of the Bench in Nov.2012.
    An expert in Fraud —the Doyen of Fraud Lawyers. —– so there.

    This says a lot about Banks — the consensus of opinion is that they are highly paid “crooks” —- no wonder they voted Ivan Pictet banker of the year.

    It appears that crimes in the “establishment.” are honoured by their peers.

    Full Story.—- “google or Yahoo ”


    Ivan Pictet.Banker.
    Monty Raphael.Q.C.
    Ivan Pictet/Monty Raphael.


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