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Fox News Reports: Fed creates ‘money’ out of nothing!

August 3, 2012

Take the time to listen to the following video by Ben Swann of Fox News!

Finally, some of our media heads are becoming educated on the nature of the Fed, its history, and there operations. We need much more education if the American people are to become informed on the corruption that surrounds this institution and its operations. The Fed is viewed by most Americans as a beneficial operation which acts independently to further the interests of all Americans. But is this so? Who really runs this operation and who do these administrators report to for their operations? G. Edward Griffin has written a book on the history of the Fed that every American needs to read. What appears to be an institution for all Americans is really not the case when the details are exposed!
What we call THE FED is not as ‘federal’ as it seems (given its ‘name’). This institution was created by bankers and a few politicians who had a self-interest in promoting their own schemes first and the interests of the American people second or third. The legal structure reveals that this organization is totally independent of Congress (from a legal viewpoint) and this allows just a FEW elite administrators the CONTROL over its core operations. The two most powerful administrators (unelected by us Americans) are the President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank (the lead bank in all Fed operations) and the Chairman of the Fed (who rarely or never is overruled via the Committee he heads…called the FOMC). Who are the current operational leaders and manipulators?
The ‘trinity’ leading and manipulating all core economic events for Americans (and much of the world) are currently, Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary; Ben Bernanke, Fed Chairman; and Bill Dudley, President of NY Fed. Since the Fed is independent (legally) from our Treasury Department, this means that Bill Dudley and Ben Bernanke are the key administrators of most monetary manipulations in realtime. These two individuals have the power and control over the OPERATIONS within this Central banking system. As many patriots have stated in the past, HE who controls the money operations needs no political acknowledgment from the voting public. Money rules over this planet and those in CONTROL recognize this reality!
Currently, our Fed operates with little oversight by any of our elected representatives. This was designed within the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The key operations of the Fed are now administrated via high-speed computers located within the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The head administrator of these operations in realtime is Bill Dudley…and those who operated the trading DESK within this building. Bill Dudley, however, is aware of what the general markets are doing and his knowledge allows him to report events to Chairman Bernanke and other insiders. 

 Let’s think about this ‘private’ operation and its influence on the markets and the destiny of our economy. Why should TWO key (unelected) bureaucrats have such power and control over the entire American economy, employment, interest rates, price levels, wages, inflation, deflation, and all monetary events (for Americans and much of the World)? Does any of this sound like sound practical policy? Why should these two bureaucrats have such influence over all Americans and their economic destiny? Does it make any sense?
Furthermore, why should these bureaucrats and their private insiders (who most Americans have no awareness of in ‘name’ or ‘position’) have the power and ability to create our money units (the dollar)…’out of nothing’? Doesn’t the principle of ‘human nature’ suggest that this is absurd? Isn’t it totally logical and understandable that these bureaucrats would and will create money units for their friends and insiders…when push comes to shove? Isn’t this what they are NOW DOING? Who is benefiting from all their current manipulations, QE policies, Twist policies, interest rate policies, etc.?

 Is not NOW the time to get educated and informed on the OPERATION that we call the FED? Think about it and those who operate this manipulative non-SYSTEM!
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